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Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Toffees clinch Beckford deal

Everton have confirmed the signing of Jermaine Beckford on a four-year contract following his departure from Leeds United.

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David Rudd (Everton fan) says...

I don't why the Everton fans are so happy. Ok he is a free transfer but it just shows we have no money to spend this season on top players. I think we will lose some of our top players this summer but I want to see better come in than a coca cola standard player.

Posted 19:29 31st May 2010

Richard Ingilby (Leeds United fan) says...

Thanks for the memories Jermaine... I hope that you succeed in the prem. You played a vital role in our promotion, even if it didn't end well for you. I hope that your first return game to Elland road comes quickly!

Posted 19:19 31st May 2010

Peter Foakes (Bristol City fan) says...

Good signing by Moyes again, but word of caution Everton fans, why do you think no-one has touched him before?? His reputation as a bit of a 'bad-boy' and disruptive influence, will test Moyes well. It's no surprise he didn't re-sign at Leeds and let them cash in, more £££ for him.

Posted 15:46 31st May 2010

Trevor Vickers says...

Best wishes to Mr. Beckford for a successful career at Everton.In the early days of Leeds Uniteds transformation into one of the great sidesin the 1960's and 1970's probably the most influentialplayer transferred from Everton was Bobby Collins.He was an insperational signing and the driving force before Billy Bremner and John Giles.

Posted 15:40 31st May 2010

Neil Mccay (Leeds United fan) says...

Becks, good luck and thanks for all the goals! Out of all the teams in the premiership, I honestly feel he's chosen the best club for him, Jagielka and Cahill prove this! Moyes is a great manager and he'll only get the best out of him! Everton have made a great signing(without breaking the bank) and I hope we play against the toffees in a season or two, with Beckford spearing the attack! MOT!!

Posted 15:30 31st May 2010

Damian Staniforth (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Jermaine all the best for the future thanks for the memories. Marching on Together

Posted 15:22 31st May 2010

Patrick Gunn (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Becks, really hope he can do well in the Premiership. However, I will bite the bullet and say that I really don't think he's good enough. I'm sure he'll score a few goals but I don't think Everton will ever see the form we've seen these past few seasons, Jermaine's just not a good enough footballer. His finishing is second to none in the lower leagues, but once Premiership defenders get the hang of him, his poor touch and lack of power in the air WILL be exploited, and his pace won't last forever. That being said, thank you Jermaine, you'll be a Leeds legend and we'll miss you a hell of a lot. Oh, and Dan Mckaay; Learn to spell properly before you go round slagging off fans that are wishing Becks well. You think he'd have a better chance of winning anything at Arsenal? Don't make me laugh.

Posted 15:21 31st May 2010

Ryan Edwards (Everton fan) says...

Superb news to have signed beckford and for free as well. Hopefully he settles well and gets loads of goals next season

Posted 15:12 31st May 2010

Tony Allen says...

Beckford goes with most Leeds fans best wishes, his goals over the last couple of seasons have helped us get back to the championship.It will take a lot to replace him and his goals next season but hopfully SG will find someone capable. Leeds will move on after Beckford and continue their climb towards. the Premeirship. Leeds a small club I think not Mr Arsenal.

Posted 15:10 31st May 2010

Paul Smith (Everton fan) says...

Most Evertonians are underwelmed by this but see it as a no risk move. We still have international class strikers if it doesnt work out and we havent paid a fee. Judging that the 4 comments on here are all by Leeds fans who want to make out that they are not too bothered,it begs the question why are they following his fortunes if they are so unconcerned? Maybe he is better than they are claiming and there is some bitterness??

Posted 15:06 31st May 2010

Tom Wilkinson (Everton fan) says...

Glad we've finally signed him! needed another good striker for a while, he showed that he could play premier league standard this season against united and spurs! Good luck Leeds next season. IMWT!

Posted 15:00 31st May 2010

Chris Murch (Norwich City fan) says...

Would not be surprised to see a loan back to Leeds happening sometime next season, because lets be honest if Beckford was Prem quality he would have gone after his loan spell at Scunthorpe. Beck did score a lot this season but he had players supplying him against teams which were in the grand scheme of things very poor. He did score against Man U yes, but any Man U fan will point out that good as they are they do lose silly games against inferior teams once in a while, usually twice a season. Beckford should have gone to Blackpool, Wigan, West Brom or maybe Stoke to get games every week. Going to Everton he will be limited to substitute appearances and the reserves before ultimately going on loan to keep sharpness up.

Posted 14:59 31st May 2010

Tony Sheard (Leeds United fan) says...

4 year contract is a joke! I would love to know how much money he is on because he's laughing all the way to the bank. David Moyles has done some good deals over the years with Saha, Jagielka and Phil "i'll be giving pens away all day" Neville as they were all hungry to succeed and proved prem players. With Beckford Everton will be getting a sulk and although he may want to succeed he will have to be happy succeeding in the reserves. All that to one side good luck to Jermaine and the money he earns. MOT

Posted 14:38 31st May 2010

E Mc (Everton fan) says...

I really hope he can get the goals in the premiership that he looks capable of getting. Have to say, as usual i'm really impressed with the vast majority of Leeds fans in respecting what Beckford did for their club and wishing him well in the future. There'll always be people who won't want him to suceed in the same way that a lot of evertonians were bitter about Rooney. A 15 goal return next season from this man would be a fantastic contribution. Good luck to LUFC in the championship next season and I hope to see them in the PL for 2011/12.

Posted 14:35 31st May 2010

Stephen Mccomb (Leeds United fan) says...

Did a fantastic job for us wish him all the best but he may struggle in the premiership maybe should have played one season in the championship with leeds its a huge step up?

Posted 14:35 31st May 2010

Will Matthews (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck Jermaine thanks for the goal against Man United and all the other goals that helped us get promotion!!! Just make sure you take this chance you have been given and show that you can do it at the top level in English footaball looking forward to seeing you in an England shirt in a couple of years!!!!

Posted 14:30 31st May 2010

James Forshaw (Everton fan) says...

Yes!!!! we got Beckford... LETS HOPE HE SCORES PLENTY for us

Posted 14:27 31st May 2010

Ryan Leadbeater (Leeds United fan) says...

Good luck beckford, you will be missed very much. You will do well with everton and hoepfully you score agaisnt Manu again and make even better by getting one against Chelsea, but all the best thanks for a great impact at leeds.

Posted 14:23 31st May 2010

Gary Marsh (Leeds United fan) says...

85 reasons to say thank you becks all the best in the premiership,david moyes will hopefully get the best out of you and stick it to man utd again

Posted 14:20 31st May 2010

Allan Hudson says...

Whatever way you look at it, how can Everton go wrong? Beckford won't get 20 goals in the Prem but every one he does get will have cost Everton nothing, whilst it will cost Leeds £1m to replace him and a £1m won't buy us much!

Posted 14:14 31st May 2010

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