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Walt to forget

Walt to forget

Martin Tyler has stats on woe for Jon Walters and where Man Utd would be without Robin van Persie...

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Tom O'neil (Manchester United fan) says...

I really dont get why people compare where a team would be without their star player - yes that player has contributed massively to their team but who delivers him these balls? and if this player was out there would be someone else there who may even score more? Everyone said where would Man Utd be without Ronaldo, then we lost him and Rooney became the main striker and look how his goals increased? It is a stupid futile question. If RVP wasnt there then Rooney would be playing further up and scoring more goals.

Posted 09:38 16th January 2013

Paras Sindhi (Chelsea fan) says...

Hello MARTIN..Im a fan of chelsea ,but wat concern sme is the current interim manager of the club..stoke is not the team to experiment the lads like bertrand in a premier league match..and also his substitutions are way out of sigth and ferrera was introduced in the match was a bizzard benitez a right man 4 the job ,or he has just been got into the club keeping in mind the the form of torres during his reign at liverpool..if possible sir,let benitez know that if wants to achieve as a manager so he should now think something BETTER but out of the box..atleast he can possibly think of better subs during the course of the game...thankss

Posted 08:26 16th January 2013

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