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Houllier targets 'new era'

Houllier targets 'new era'

New Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier claims his arrival at the club marks the start of a new era.

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Amar Rassak (Aston Villa fan) says...

im a villa sporter and i think Gerard Houllier good manger for villa.

Posted 11:26 11th September 2010

Kenneth Rapz (Manchester United fan) says...

i think he is a good choice, im still sad about martin O''Neills departure, i think alot of people are really underestimating what he has done for aston villa, he brought soo many unknown players out and i think the problem was he wanted to move villa up to the next level, like spurs have now under harry, he is every good as great as harry but what separates them is the mentality of the club chairmen,

Posted 10:09 11th September 2010

Stephen Rake (Aston Villa fan) says...

I think we need to give this guy a chance he has not stuffed anything up at Villa yet so get behind him and lets see where he takes us. Judge him for what he does for us not what he''s done in the past. Lets stop being the moaners everyone thinks we are and start raising the roof at Villa park like we used in the 70''s and 80''s. Encourage NOT discourage!!! Godzvilla!!!

Posted 03:08 11th September 2010

Rory James webb (Ipswich Town fan) says...


Posted 02:10 11th September 2010

Keith Duckworth says...

Good luck Gerard. I''ll never forget what you did at LFC. We might have played counter attack but you played to the strengths of the squad and it worked. 5 trophies in one season. I''m sure you''ll do well at Villa without having to buy too many in the transfer window. Could you give us YOUNG though.

Posted 00:45 11th September 2010

David Munden (Newcastle United fan) says...

What is there to discuss with the FFF? The guy has just decided to leave his position to become a full time Premiership boss again. Surely he wasn''t forced to leave his job at the FFF so he can''t surely be looking for a pay-off???? Someone please let me know the answer. Ridiculous!

Posted 18:34 10th September 2010

Erwan Le doze (Arsenal fan) says...

houiller is a quality manager,he did a good job while at liverpool and won them silverware.whatever the villas fans are saying his cv speaks for itself

Posted 17:51 10th September 2010

John Mcglade (Aston Villa fan) says...

Im happy kevin mc is staying at th club but wish he had taken the assistant managers post!Lets hope houllier takes us that extra step forward that mon could not do and probably wouldnt of even if he had stayed at the club...Any silverware would be nice even the tesco trolley trophy!!!

Posted 17:46 10th September 2010

Jai Hill says...

Bienvenue Mr Houllier! I think he is going to put us back where we belong in the top four! Sad to see Martin O''Neil go, but Houliier is a man of commanding presence and football pedigree. Let''s get behind the new boss and welcome him to Villa Park!!!!!!!! AVFC 1874 Jai

Posted 17:26 10th September 2010

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