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Tevez performs City U-turn

Tevez performs City U-turn

Carlos Tevez has withdrawn his transfer request and expressed his 'absolute commitment' to Manchester City following clear-the-air talks.

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John Musarra (Liverpool fan) says...

Youve gota laugh or as fans we'd just end up crying!!As much as it pains us all to see our top players act the way some of them do, lets not forget that these idiots are the minority. There are a lot of quality professionals who respect theyre clubs and show loyalty through difficult times. As far as im concerned as a Liverpool fan, and am sure I speak for a lot of fans at other top clubs, no one player is bigger than the club, seriously if a player wants to go, as wrenching as it may be at the time, guess what, clubs will get on with things and most will be better off without these so called stars!! Also @Buti Tlhoaele - The masses generally go to games to watch the TEAMS and not individuals, Also there is no comparison between footballers and the rest of us in the normal world. Being a footballer is not the same as working in a call centre and being unervalued. Put yourself in players shoes haha, my sides are killing me. So hard done by. Players should put themselves in our shoes. Personally when I go to the match as much as I admire certain players I dont buy my match ticket to watch Stevie G as great as he is, I buy it to watch Liverpool FC(For my sins ha). I wouldnt also call it victimising players, im sure Tevez doesnt give 2 monkeys what you or I think of him. I wouldnt mind being a victim and being on the amount of money hes on, am telling ya!! Eddie Fitz makes a good point about Fabregas too!!! I love the fact that we are all entitled to our opinions but as ive said before today, some opinions are less biased and worth more than others. What are your thoughts all??

Posted 21:17 21st December 2010

Matthew Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

United fans blabbing about Tevez moving on in the summer ought to wind their necks in a bit, since their own greedy, disloyal, superstar twerp Wayne Rooney could be the marquee signing of next year. Unless the Glazers accept a huge offer from Quatar they will find it very hard to resist Barcelona, Madrid, or even City, if a big enough carrot is dangled in front of them. Somewhere in the region of 70 million should do it, then watch Ferguson give his notice lol. Oh and Everton caught City with their pants down last night, so much for the David Moyes doubters, he showed what he's made of last night and so did the team.

Posted 20:28 21st December 2010

James Newsholme (chelsea fan) (Chelsea fan) says...

It's all about the money, the thing is which separates him from Rooney is that Rooney EVENTUALLY apologized but with Tevez he is already on a massive wage and I suppose if earlier in the season came out and said the team were behind the manager and then he could have said he has done truly everything and showed his REAL commitment. all man city fans just accept that he came to man city for the money..not criticizing the club in anyway but just accept it.

Posted 18:01 21st December 2010

Gary Phillips says...

city have bought a pile of big named rejects. look at most of the teams these players have be bought from, most r doing and playing better without them. team spirit, priceless!!! city will be like chelsea of old (90's) spending big money on players and wages with perhaps a trophy such as the FA cup. whoop. all/ most of them r just trouble makers and city will find it hard to get rid of. city played much better under mark hughes, more goals and attrative football which beats me to say as a man u fan. plus well done everton. city's record could be 82's not at top for xmass. poor babies!!!

Posted 17:10 21st December 2010

Steve Blake says...

Balotelli's headgear:- a feathers McGraw impersonation? (re The Wrong Trousers, Wallace & Grommit)

Posted 14:57 21st December 2010

Eddie Fitz (Arsenal fan) says...

How dare some of you mention Fabregas in the same vain as Tevez and Rooney. Fabregas has been with Arsenal for 8 years. Barcelona is his boyhood and home club (setting aside disgraceful behaviour). Fabregas NEVER handed in a transfer, never went to the papers with a greviance and certainly NEVER asked for more money because he has more sense of loyalty in his left boot than most of these so called footballers have in their bodies. A lot of this comes down to intelligence. Players like Rooney and Tevez are too thick to make decisions and get their heads turned at the slightest thing. FABREGAS in his spare time is studying to become a sports Lawyer when he finishes. His fiancee (along with RVP & Vermallen's wives) is a university graduate who set up a charity and run it with inmmense dignity and humility. They dont flash their bits every two seconds in the media, they dont fall out of pubs every saturday night. They all earn money the hard way. When was the last time one of these so called WAGS did anything that wasnt for the front page of the tabloids. It sickens me the way these guys behave.

Posted 13:47 21st December 2010

Nick Gray says...

The Manchester City team and their captain in particular Carlos Tevez looked well at home in last night¿s game, because they were simply frozen out by an Everton team who performed magnificently. Now some City players will be wondering if they will become scapegoats in the January transfer window, because the club¿s owners would not have been happy chappies watching their chance to finally top the table melt into the night time air.

Posted 12:40 21st December 2010

Michael Fagan (Manchester United fan) says...

Firstly, Tevez can't come out and face the cameras because he still can't speak a word of english despite being here for 4 years, such is his 'commitment' to remaining here. Secondly, despite the 'contract remaining unchanged thats not to say a large one off payment hasnt been made, as mentioned in the statement by City last week. This situation has been created and manipulated by Kia Joorabchian in order to unsettle the player. He will leave in the summer, no doubt about it!!

Posted 12:21 21st December 2010

David Line says...

This is just a comprimise until the summer to keep the fans off of his back until the club allows him to move on. Goodbye from Manchester to the mercenary!!!!!!

Posted 12:18 21st December 2010

Josh Brough (Manchester City fan) says...

Carlos has never looked unhappy wearing a city shirt!

Posted 11:54 21st December 2010

Martin Sommers (Manchester United fan) says...

Carlos (how much is that in Spanish please) Tevez gives 'absolute commitment' to City - yeah right. Played last night like a player going through the motions, he'll be gone in the summer if not before.

Posted 11:11 21st December 2010

David Lockie (Manchester City fan) says...

I'm sure this will unfold in the summer I will reserve my judgements until then and see if he is around then as I think one of two things has probably happened here... 1) Deal done similar to Ronaldo and he will leave in summer as nobody will want to pay the price during Jan with him being tied in Europe etc... 2) He is unhappy with commitments as captain, does this mean by getting Chairman etc... involved he has demanded bigger name stars at the club which could mean silly money being spent in Jan. Either way he has lost a lot of respect for his childish behaviour and the fans should continue to get behind the TEAM and remind players it is a team game and we have had our ups and downs before and still followed our club in the lower divisions - all fans need to remember club before players.. Finally I do think that the captaincy should be changed on the back of this and given to a player like Kompany who was signed before all this silly money was being dished out and not complained once and has probably been one of our most consistent performers. P.S. Respect to the fans who have been constructive with their comments on here... (others have short memories!!)

Posted 09:47 21st December 2010

Buti Tlhoaele (Barcelona fan) says...

Who do the masses come to the stadiums to see anyway? Is it the board members or the players. Why are there always complains when players want more money, are they not the crowd pullers? Maybe I am mistaken but in your/my job if I feel undervalued, do I hide it? Or do I come out say clearly say so? Or do I get scared because people will think I am greedy? The multitude of the money the clubs make from gate takings and attendance and the sponsorships is also influenced by the players on the team, the players as a brand themselves and what they deliver on the pitch and the fact that fans want to see those players. Please give players credit where it is due. The notion that people should keep quite when experiencing hardships, whether how they related to their employers or monetory or whatever the situation is irrelevant and invalid. Is Rooney wrong to worry about the future of Man U, certainly not. Please stop victimising the players and put yourself in their shoes.

Posted 08:41 21st December 2010

Mark White (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think the time has come for multi-footballer swap shop! Football players from every premiership club swap jobs for 2 weeks with fans and the wages are swapped as well! This could be done in the summer or at the end of the season, using squad players, injured players and so on! The people swapping with the players woud do everything a player does, except play! The player would have a mentor to show him how the new job works etc! Maybe then players would realise how lucky they are!!

Posted 08:36 21st December 2010

John Musarra (Liverpool fan) says...

Makes me laugh, has had clear the air talks!!! I know he supposed to have had falling out with certain non playing staff individuals but was my understanding that this was mainly due to the fact he was homesick???? How can this now not be an issue? PS on an another note, Everton where well worth the 3 points yday and personally am made up CIty arent top of the table. Also @ Adam Wynn - Yes Gerrard in a list of loyal players - take a look at your comment you numpty Are we referring to the same Steven Gerrard who NEARLY went to Chelsea TWICE!?- The word nearly completely devalues your point ya fool, hes been a 1 club man. And for the record he nearly went to Chelsea ONCE but had a change of heart because he loves the club he plays for. For the record Gerrard is as loyal as they come - a complete Legend who realistically could have played for pretty much whatever team he wanted - Gerrard flirted with the idea of leaving for footballing reasons not financial. Finally hes till a red so yes loyal Stevie is, point proved ya muppet!!!

Posted 07:52 21st December 2010

Ian Renwick (Newcastle United fan) says...

Rooney...MONEY...MONEY...MONEY!!! Tevez...MONEY...MONEY...MONEY!!! Who's next?

Posted 04:55 21st December 2010

Marc Jose (Manchester United fan) says...

City is a small club with no history like Chelsea,,,in one of the poorest parts of manchester,,, thats why a player will never really care about these clubs It's like comparing a hollywood movie star to someone on bigbrother Tevez wants money and champions lg football,, now he knows he will never win champions lg at city

Posted 04:39 21st December 2010

Craig Mcbride (Manchester United fan) says...

A publicity stunt of Weah proportions. Its as if Carlos watched what happened with Rooney and thought it was time to put the spotlight on himself. A petulant child and a hypocrite, who will be off to warmer climates the next time he throws his toys out of the pram.

Posted 03:38 21st December 2010

Christophe Merchant (Manchester United fan) says...

Can't take this player revolt anymore, makes me sick how much money they are being payed,they ( Rooney, Tevez and anyother so called big player) say it's all about winning things and family issues, absolute rubbish. MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Posted 01:52 21st December 2010

Gordon William (Manchester United fan) says...

Matthew Coe - Ha Ha!!! City! City! Your Turkey has been well and truly stuffed Ha Ha.

Posted 01:45 21st December 2010

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