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Tevez performs City U-turn

Tevez performs City U-turn

Carlos Tevez has withdrawn his transfer request and expressed his 'absolute commitment' to Manchester City following clear-the-air talks.

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Rob Blaze (Manchester United fan) says...

" his relationship with 'certain executives and individuals' had broken down beyond repair". Grow up Tevez. You are getting paid an OBSCENE amount of money for the privilege of playing sport. A sport that millions of people can only dream about playing professionally. Nurses, Police, Firemen, Social workers, soliders¿¿..these are the people who are important in this world, just do what you get paid handsomely to do and stop whinging. Same goes for you Rooney. I am sick of self-involved, prima donna players moaning about how unfair it all is. Try living on a pittance of a pension for a while¿. It may give you some perspective.

Posted 01:13 21st December 2010

Louis Higgins (Manchester City fan) says...

How can people say he is in it for the money? Did you read the statement, the contract is unchanged. He's recieving no more money. The Manchester City chairman had a part to play in this, as for Everton, im disappointed about the loss but if you said that City could be third for Christmas,at the starts of the season, I would of went for it, upwards and onwards, CTID.

Posted 23:53 20th December 2010

Paul Hunt says...

To all the City fans!!! Who's top at xmas? hahahahaha!!! Anyway... Tevez will leave in the summer, as will Rooney.. these ugly money grabbers will not destroy our clubs though!!! The English game does not need these idiots!!!

Posted 23:05 20th December 2010

Paul K (Manchester United fan) says...

Matthew Coe (Manchester City fan) says... Who's the turkey now. United are still top and City have played 2 games more.

Posted 22:44 20th December 2010

John Rimmer (Manchester United fan) says...

Nothing to do with Tevez ... as we all know he'll be gone in the summer it just means he's dedicated for a season ... To Matthew Coe (Manchester City fan) ... MUFC No.1 At XMAS with how many? 2 games in hand? Good Old Everton!! HaHa ... Santa wears Red and White this christmas as per!

Posted 22:16 20th December 2010

John Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

@Matthew Coe, what a fool you really are, its fans like you that make ur team a laughing stock, get with the real world, ur a pretender, just like your squad, full of average players earning a fortune, united have more talent on there bench then you do in ur starting 11, and thats coming from an arsenal fan, when will you realise, manchester has been red for 30 odd years even longer, a few hit n miss results over the corse of a season will not turn it blue, no matter how hard you try, your ignorance and arrogance is your downfall im afraid, and same goes for your team.... by the way, whats the city everton score ?? yeah thought so ;) merry christmas ha ha

Posted 21:54 20th December 2010

Matt Pols (Manchester United fan) says...

Oh god bless the power of money!! Once Mr Rooney got away with it, Mr T figures he can do the same :-/ Do we need these sort of players in the PL?

Posted 21:28 20th December 2010

David Celebicanin (Chelsea fan) says...

We all know that he want's more money and he has obviously got the money otherwise he would still be moaning and saying he wants to go back to Argentina to see his family, bet its just a excuse for Man.City to beg for him to stay and give him more money. Football is turning into a joke. And as for Gerrard on the list of loyal players, almost came to Chelsea twice.

Posted 21:21 20th December 2010

L Turton (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

he is the type of payer that is ruining football due to players high wage demands and power,yes he is a good player but clubs must be strong and stamp out this power they think they have ,city dump him!

Posted 21:01 20th December 2010

Hassan Ahmed (Arsenal fan) says...

we all knw footballers are greedy bt they nt da only one. as for Tavez he is jst doing wat many of them in da game do. let us nt go over da top simply becouse of his nationality GERRAD did da same recently ROONEY did it so let us put our house in order b4 we jump on da wagon

Posted 20:38 20th December 2010

Paul Smith (Newcastle United fan) says...

I give it 3 weeks before he's whining that he's homesick and wants to leave again.

Posted 20:23 20th December 2010

Andy Singh (Manchester United fan) says...

i do not respect Rooney's sudden U-Turn but at least he had the decency to come out and face the cameras and explain his reasons. I very much doubt Tevez will do the samething.

Posted 19:53 20th December 2010

Michael M (Manchester City fan) says...

Can i get the Skybet odds on Fabregas doing this next week? Because i think i'm on to a top earner! First Rooney, then Tevez. Just glad City have put their foot down and not been held to randsome.. So we are to believe at least

Posted 19:48 20th December 2010

Bobby Smith (Barcelona fan) says...

Money rules football and is also ruining football! Tevez done a Rooney, threw the toys and sapt the dummy, then get's more pocket money to stop whinging! Seriously, a wage cap would sort greedy players out. Paying over 1/4 of a million a week to any football player is crazy! I can see Man City fading away in the next few years through spending and paying too much on players. City fans, enjoy it while you can. It'll be hard for City to sell any players on massive wages. The team will stagnate as will the players. As I said, cap wages at teams. This should then show what players at any team are worth even £100k a week! Players sign a contract with a weekly wage. They then get, performance depending, a 'rise' if they and the team do well! If you want commitment, value for money and no whinging players who are actually happy for what they get paid for, look to Barcelona!

Posted 19:35 20th December 2010

Ken Hill says...

just after he found out UNITED do,nt want him back.

Posted 19:34 20th December 2010

Leon Quinn (Liverpool fan) says...

there has to be a behind the scenes situation here, i dont think he wants more money! i think he is losing the plot! first rooney, now tevez!! maybe torres will get in on the act and start complaining too as its pretty clear he doesnt want to be here anymore either!

Posted 19:31 20th December 2010

Martyn Arthur (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

'nearly' He didnt go and thats all that matters. To say Gerrard isnt loyal is a false comment.

Posted 19:23 20th December 2010

Jason Harrison says...

Tevez its only a bit of snow you don't have to leave the country to avoid it! On a more serious note we will see how commited Tevez is to City come the summer transfer window. That would make more sense to leave then so he can get more money which appears to be the case of what he wants. Lets see what club he is at Sept 1st 2011 i will bet money it's not Man City.

Posted 19:17 20th December 2010

K Parr says...

tevez as seen sense.give him back the captain,s badge.and be NO 1 OVER XMAS.

Posted 19:11 20th December 2010

Nathan Philipps (Manchester United fan) says...

The guy cupped his ears and ran to Fergie on the United bench when he scored against United in Carling Cup....! Now he is cupping his hands in front of himself so City can fill it with extra cash....! The guy is more interested in Money than Football....!

Posted 19:04 20th December 2010

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