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Tevez performs City U-turn

Tevez performs City U-turn

Carlos Tevez has withdrawn his transfer request and expressed his 'absolute commitment' to Manchester City following clear-the-air talks.

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Adam Wynn (Birmingham City fan) says...

Seeing Gerrard's name in a list of loyal players is complete tosh. Are we referring to the same Steven Gerrard who nearly went to Chelsea TWICE!?

Posted 18:57 20th December 2010

Rae Crosland (Newcastle United fan) says...

I think players need to be cut some slack in regards to the long contracts, these are in place to protect the club more than the player so they can claim a transfer fee when they do decide to leave. And to Alan Shields, have you read the article? His contract stays the same so not really money related is it, unlike a certain Mr Rooney.

Posted 18:46 20th December 2010

Ryan Allison (Arsenal fan) says...

Wooow yet another rooney saga... just wanting attention and money. I actually felt for carlos as his family is half way accross the world. not any more 2 hours ago it was a im going situation now what are we reading... tevez is fully dedicated to city and hes only thinking of football. Shouldnt all professionals whatever the situation is? MONEY MONEY ATTENTION MONEY these days!!!!

Posted 18:44 20th December 2010

Sean Johnson (Liverpool fan) says...

I don't understand tevez anymore. I think he has got some serious issues other than money.

Posted 18:43 20th December 2010

Sandeep Sandhu (Arsenal fan) says...

Whats he on now, £300,000 a week? everyone apart from a city fan has been fed up on how they flaunt there cash in the modern game and bring in players like Yaya Toure or Barry who are as average as they get and pay them vast wages but City could of done something good for the game by saying no to Tevez's wage demands and saying if you want to leave then buy out the rest of your contract or sit in the reserves,but what do they do they pay him off. Im willing to bet a fair amount then in between 2-3 years a player will be on £1,000,000

Posted 18:41 20th December 2010

Matthew Coe (Manchester City fan) says...

Tevez thought carefully about his future and realised that City are gonna go places. The thought of going back to United made him feel sick and he saw the light! City to win tonight! City to be Number One for Christmas! Let's get behind him tonight! Wear the Blue Santa outfits and turn Manchester United Blue for their Christmas Dinner! To think City at the top at Christmas??? Enough to put you off your turket dinner!!!! Ha Ha!!!! City! City!

Posted 18:41 20th December 2010

Chris Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

And this is why I'm so proud to have players like Gerrard and Carragher in my team. Loyalty goes a long way. Earns you respect. This man is absolutely pathetic, in other words City wouldn't let him leave and therefore he's staying because he has to. If you don't want to see out contracts, don't sign the thing in the first place. Football players are becoming so stupid these days.

Posted 18:37 20th December 2010

Lee Edwards (Manchester United fan) says...

Find it funny how he comes out and says this tonight knowing that he has to face the fans tonight, ill have a bet that he aint there to see out his contract like all the other overpaid over rated premier league footballers!

Posted 18:34 20th December 2010

Chris Kelly (Arsenal fan) says...

Is anyone else tired of these half-wits with their ''I want to leave, no money is going to make me stay, I'm homesick, I hate the weather'' garbage, and then 5 minutes later it's ''nope I love this club, I'm not going anywhere, there is only one club I ever wanted to play for, I love the fans, I love the city'' I mean which is it? Is Schizophrenia on the increase in Manchester or is it just me?

Posted 18:32 20th December 2010

Mark Pendlebury (Manchester City fan) says...

Oh Carlos, it doesnt matter how good a player you are if you dont want to play just go and let someone in the team that does want to wear our shirt, be careful not to stretch the wage rope too much, it may break !!

Posted 18:31 20th December 2010

Ody John (Liverpool fan) says...

Glad Tevez is staying at City and I hope they go top tonight.

Posted 18:31 20th December 2010

Lee Blyth (Newcastle United fan) says...

Finally!. A club has put their foot down and a player has backed down. I hope this serves as wake up call for all the other clubs who have let players dictate the length of their stay. If you happy to take the signing on bonus, the house, the car and the fat wage every week. You should be prepared to honour it. His payout would have been equivalent to his contract length. Signing for 5 for more money and only staying for less than 2 years is nothing short of theft. Players need to grow up and act like men. What kind of a role rodel are they when they cannot even honour their word. Well done City!

Posted 18:24 20th December 2010

Alan Smith says...

I partly agree with Jamie. I think Tevez is an unstable personality, isolated from his family and country for 5 years, unable to communicate in English, and is actually cracking up before our eyes. I very much doubt this saga is over, and believe that this suddenly issued statement is mostly an act of manipulation by the club., simply because they are scared Tevez is going to be booed and jeered for disloyalty by the Man City fans in tonight's game, and they are worried it might lose them their unique chance to get to the top of the Premier league over Xmas. At best, I'd guess if Tevez really has agreed to stay, there's probably a promise he can go at the end of the season. I don't think anybody really cares about Tevez's feelings however, there's just an almost violent demand he has to stay and help City win trophies and help them quality for the Champions League next season, regardless of the personal cost to Tevez. The fans think it's all about money, but that's really a very small minded view of things, and uncaring of Tevez as a human being also. What annoys me the most is all this talk of greedy overpaid footballers, when it's only since the start of the 1960s that footballers have been allowed to earn more than £20 per week, and nobody criticizes pop or movie stars when they make millions very easily, because the public goes to see them, as they do Premier League footballers. I think personally that the main reason Tevez wants to go is because he doesn't get on with Mancini and Mancini has bought Balotelli probably with an eventual plan to replace him, so Tevez won't be the big star at Eastlands any more, which was one of the few things that gave him solace from his underlying unhappiness at Man City and England. e.g. he organized the Man City Xmas party, but was about the only player who didn't attend it. What does that tell you about his mental state? But nobody's listening.

Posted 18:21 20th December 2010

Wayne Love (Leeds United fan) says...

I smell a Christiano Ronaldo situation happening, so Carlos good luck in Madrid next season!!!!

Posted 18:17 20th December 2010

Martin Sommers says...

Do Utd fans still trust Rooney - no? Do City fans still trust Tevez - they shouldn't? Do we trust any of them - less and less? Would I like to see all players have the dedication, modesty, and above all the loyalty of Giggs, Scholes, Gary Neville and Wes Brown - without question, YES!

Posted 18:14 20th December 2010

Andy Campbell (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Absolutely pathetic. Throws his toys out the pram and sulks., then decides he wants to stay after getting lots of attention and being told how much he's wanted. These players don't know they're born

Posted 18:13 20th December 2010

Ethan Ginger (Arsenal fan) says...

I wonder how much that cost City! Maybe they brought Argentina so he can be closer to his family!

Posted 18:10 20th December 2010

Matt Watson (Liverpool fan) says...

Oh, another Rooney saga. How fantastic, football is becoming stupid.

Posted 18:08 20th December 2010

Karl Bowman (Manchester United fan) says...

I wonder how much more money they have offered him to stay until the summer?

Posted 18:05 20th December 2010

Matt Prince (Manchester United fan) says...

he has just done a rooney trying to get more money

Posted 18:02 20th December 2010

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