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Tevez performs City U-turn

Tevez performs City U-turn

Carlos Tevez has withdrawn his transfer request and expressed his 'absolute commitment' to Manchester City following clear-the-air talks.

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Errol Brathwaite (Liverpool fan) says...

Thank god for this! I'm so happy now that he gonna stay because Man City are a great team who in the future are going places. Well done Man City for keeping hold of him! You'll need him tonight. Fantastic.

Posted 18:01 20th December 2010

John Holt (Manchester United fan) says...

If anyone actually truly believes he has not been paid off in this deal... You need to get your heads sorted. Just because his contract may be the same, it does not mean they havent thrown him money somewhere else

Posted 17:59 20th December 2010

Perry Jessemey (Chelsea fan) says...

I know he wants to emulate Wayne Rooney's success at his former club, but this is ridiculous...

Posted 17:58 20th December 2010

Alan Shields (Manchester United fan) says...


Posted 17:56 20th December 2010

Matt Hodges (Manchester City fan) says...

well done tevez......there is nowhere better than the beloved blue' lets do the toffee's

Posted 17:55 20th December 2010

Jamie Millington says...

Anyone who genuinely believes Tevez will stay has got to be crazy, you don't create all that fuss for nothing. I think it is the same with Rooney and unfortunately, Fabregas. At least Fabregas wants to join his boyhood club. Pro footballers need to learn not to sign big contracts if they cannot fulfil them. Its a shame because the Premier League has some great players, but loyalty has gone these days. Respect to the real pro's like Giggs, Scholes, Gerrard etc...

Posted 17:51 20th December 2010

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