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Hammers line-up O'Neill

Hammers line-up O'Neill

West Ham United are ready to sack Avram Grant and replace him with Martin O'Neill this weekend, sources have told Sky Sports.

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Joe Merj (Aston Villa fan) says...

Well, you might as well get rid of your subs because they won't get a game. You might as well get rid of your youth also. Can't see MON pulling this off, when you've lost your first 3 games he will be on his way out to protect brand "oneill"

Posted 11:42 15th January 2011

Graham Turner (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Dear Lee Burkwood, To say the way West Ham are treating Grant is disresectful is a bit of a joke, dont you remember how we treated JOL ? If West Ham want to stay up they need to get Grant out now, Although im a spurs fan the premier league needs west ham in it.

Posted 11:41 15th January 2011

Nick Clifford (West Ham United fan) says...

Give us a Martin, any Martin. O'Niel or Jol it doesn't matter, either would be better than Grant.

Posted 11:36 15th January 2011

Stuart Sayer (Norwich City fan) says...

West Ham don't seem to know how to treat their staff (citing Zola) - Martin O'Neill will never tolerate the shinanigans there surely? I see nothing but unhappiness all round should this proposal be true...

Posted 11:35 15th January 2011

Andy Little (West Ham United fan) says...

All i want in a manager is someone who can speak english, someone who will get the players motivated before every game and not just cup games. If the board were going to build stability, why didnt they keep zola ?

Posted 11:34 15th January 2011

Chris Faulkes (Aston Villa fan) says...

to all the westham fans o;neil should get you out of trouble, the price you'll pay is simple....over priced players on huge wages that never play, consist predictable subs, and alienation of some offence but how much cash do you have. i'd be worried about him sending you bankrupt!!, but then again he'll do a runner just before that happens so he'll be fine...warning o'neil has no loyalty to his employers or fans..once the transfer kitty runs out.

Posted 11:33 15th January 2011

Tony Burton (Liverpool fan) says...

What a classless bunch of people running West Ham. They treated Zola like dirt and know they are doing the same to Grant. And some of these managers are no better making deals when a guy is still in the job. I don't particularly like big Sam but if it is true he told West Ham he would not talk to the while Grant was still in the job then good for him at least he showed some class

Posted 11:31 15th January 2011

Jon Ditchfield (Aston Villa fan) says...

Get Read for some Long Ball and very depressing displays of football, even though you may just scrape through at 1-0. Thats what Martin O'Neill brings. If you get him, he will keep you up but I can bet money that he wont sign a 5 year deal. He will have a rolling contract like he did at Villa. That is so, when the going gets a bit tough and West Ham have to save Money, he will jump ship, leave you in the mess and then another Avram Grant will have to try and sort it out. Who the fans will think is worse than O'Niell and then he will get sacked, your going down with the Baggies.

Posted 11:30 15th January 2011

Andy Skelton (Aston Villa fan) says...

You've got to laugh how Martin O'Neill has this reputation for playing good football. He is long ball after long ball. Villa fans had to sit through absolute tripe these last few years. He wasted millions in the transfer Market. He has also left a right mess behind in terms of old players of average ability on ridiculous wages. Something he also did at Celtic. His training methods are from the stone age and left AVFC with the reputation that they had no fitness. He also wants to run the club from the very top. I can't see him particularly happy with Sullivan, Gold and Brady!!

Posted 11:26 15th January 2011

Aaron Jenkins (Ipswich Town fan) says...


Posted 11:25 15th January 2011

Chris Edwardes (West Ham United fan) says...

what has this got to do with villa and there fans, this is about grant (who for weeks on end played 4 center backs and then suddenly changed to 3 full backs and a center back and then put upson at full back. he is clueless and has to go, for me i would prefer chris houghton, did a great job at Newcastle and is a hammers fan, but i'm more than happy with o'neil

Posted 11:22 15th January 2011

David Phillips (Aston Villa fan) says...

O'Neill will motivate the players and keep WHU up this season, but then what will be his aims for next season? Can't see him putting up with mid table mediocrity, and as usual he will throw his toys out of the pram leaving WHU in the lurch, like he did for us!

Posted 11:21 15th January 2011

Mark Robinson (Chelsea fan) says...

Chelsea got to the CL Final despite of Grant not because of him! Football we played under him was nothing short of C**P. Gives nothing to the team tactically or in motivation. WHU now have a chance of staying up, though not a fan of O'Neil either. Get you to a level but won little except in a 2 horse league taking turns to dominate.

Posted 11:11 15th January 2011

Kevin Szabo says...

Definately Grant to go & let him take Carlton Cole with him.We should have appointed someone like George Graham years ago who would have started by sorting out the defense first that would have stopped the years of going 1 or 2 goals up but still having the feeling of never having the game sown up because we always know that our defence is capable of numerous mistakes and giving away silly goals.This stems from the Redknapp days when he used to just buy every player going hoping something good would happen just like he's doing at Spurs now!

Posted 11:08 15th January 2011

Matt Mcaleese (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

"getting rid of a bloke that cant put 3 words of english together, he dont even cheer when we score, sling him out, oneil will be good for us!! Not enough english mangers in the game now" Ignorance is bliss eh? Since when has Martin O'Neill been English?

Posted 11:03 15th January 2011

Big Tone (West Ham United fan) says...

Haha about time we started getting Managers with personality back in the league. Where did all these boring blokes come from, Hollier, Grant, Hodson etc... bring on Ian Holloway, lol. At least O'Neal is animated and he'll have plenty to get animated about.

Posted 11:02 15th January 2011

Lesley Mackintosh says...

If this is true, then I think the board at West Ham are disgusting! How can you behave in such a way? I don't think Grant deserves to be humiliated in this way. For everybody to be aware that it is his last game in charge is disgraceful. The board definitely won't get the prize for knowing how to treat their employees. I also don't think that Grant was ever given a fair chance, but for the board to do this before such a big game as the one against Arsenal, is nothing short of dumb.

Posted 11:02 15th January 2011

Jim Thornton (Chelsea fan) says...

He hasnt won a thing at his clubs? Wycombe Wanderers 1990¿1995 Winners Football Conference ¿ 1993 FA Trophy ¿ 1991, 1993 Division 3 Play¿Off Winners ¿ 1994 Leicester City 1995¿2000 Winners First Division Play-off Winners ¿ 1995¿96 League Cup ¿ (2) 1997, 2000 Runners-up League Cup ¿ 1999 Celtic 2000¿2005 Winners SPL Championship (3) ¿ 2000¿01, 2001¿02, 2003¿04 Scottish Cup (3) ¿ 2001, 2004, 2005 Scottish League Cup (1) ¿ 2000¿01 Runners-up UEFA Cup Runner-Up ¿ 2002¿03 Scottish Cup ¿ 2002 Scottish League Cup ¿ 2002¿03 SPL Championship (2) ¿ 2002¿03 , 2004¿05 Oh just them then? Oneill would be great for west ham, just look at villa without him.

Posted 10:59 15th January 2011

Steve Littlebury (West Ham United fan) says...

This is good news for all hammers fans. Grant has been a dead man walking for 2 months now! The board will have to back Oneill with some cash. He must have insisted on this before he agreed to take over. He can motivate players which is what we need right now hopefully Carlton cole will benefit on some one 2 one to get him going. I for one think this is a great move for the hammers- well done the 2 davids!!

Posted 10:59 15th January 2011

Over land and Sea (West Ham United fan) says...

Arty Davies; what do you mean he hasn't won anything with the clubs he's managed? Two league cups at Leicester, the treble in his first season at Celtic with three league titles and cups overall! Have a word with yourself, mate. I think getting O'Neil on side is a massive result for the board, however, I can't see him employing the tactics West Ham fans want to see. His teams are traditionally direct and we don't want that - it didn't work for Curbishley and it won't for him. I can't see O'Neil being at the club long term either, surely it's only a matter of time before he spits his dummy out as he did at Villa - if you don't like the board selling your top assets, then West Ham isn't the club for you, Martin.

Posted 10:57 15th January 2011

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