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Hammers line-up O'Neill

Hammers line-up O'Neill

West Ham United are ready to sack Avram Grant and replace him with Martin O'Neill this weekend, sources have told Sky Sports.

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Lee Burkwood (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I dont get why they are doing this. The players have said they are behind him and results recently haven't been that bad its so tight in the bottom half anyone could be bottom it's only a couple of points between the teams one win and west are out if the relegation zone. and the way they are doing it is really disrespectal to grant. This is probably how he has heard about it. They really don't know how to treat people. They were just as disrespecful to Zola last season

Posted 10:27 15th January 2011

David Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

this is the best piece of news for west ham for a long LONG time! O'neill is a fantastic manager. he will get west ham out of the bottom 3 no problem he is a proven at the top level. he done a great job at leicester and then took villa from a very poor team to a team that always got in europe letting o'neill go was villa's worst mistake, now look at them! cant see west ham going down now. will even lump on for them to stay up now its easy money!

Posted 10:26 15th January 2011

Lee Sweet (Aston Villa fan) says...

O'Neil is a great move for Weat Ham,you will soon rise up the league.Also you will finish in the top six for three seasons,european football,and probably win some silverware. West ham fans be aware though that if O'Neil doesnt get his own way he will throw his teddy out the pram and walk out on the club like he did at Villa.

Posted 10:26 15th January 2011

B Sadler (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool should not have O'Neill as manager. Have you seen how negative his teams are Alfie?! Is that what we need at Anfield?

Posted 10:26 15th January 2011

David Cloves says...

Please say this is true, we have had too many false dawns, at last a signing to be proud of Lifelong supporter of the Academy

Posted 10:22 15th January 2011

Chris Flicker (West Ham United fan) says...

The Hammers should never have given Grant the job in the first place. All his career he has stepped into the shoes of the last manager. O'Neill is the sort of man that the Irons need. He'll sort us out-plus he shoes so much passion for the game.....even though you never understand his post match interviews!!!!

Posted 10:21 15th January 2011

Charlie Avfc (Aston Villa fan) says...

hiring MON is a bad move for west ham. he wasted loads of money on mediocre players for villa (beye, guzan, sidwell etc) and then jumped ship when he was told he had to spend more wisely. albrighton said the other day that with him in charge it seemed like the same 11 players would get picked every week no matter how hard anyone else trained. if MON manages west ham the same way he managed villa, then look forward to the championship next season

Posted 10:20 15th January 2011

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

alexander oneal would do a better job than that idiot grant

Posted 10:19 15th January 2011

Dimitar Dimitrov (Arsenal fan) says...

Great choice

Posted 10:19 15th January 2011

Jon Perfect says...

who in their right mind would want to work for sullivan and gold do youreself a favour martin DONT go there wait for the liverpool job

Posted 10:14 15th January 2011

Ian Robery (West Ham United fan) says...

Worries me O'Neill coming into a dog fight, good manager but has he the fight to get us out of trouble not too sure

Posted 10:13 15th January 2011

Dave Maddern (West Ham United fan) says...

I hope this happens. O'Neil is a top, top manager, plus he can do it when the odds are stacked against. I dont have any ill feelings to Grant, but all he has really done in football is show that even an average gaffer can manage a top four team. Get O'Neill, get out of danger and then who knows what could happen next season?!

Posted 10:09 15th January 2011

Sharky Ward (West Ham United fan) says...

This would be terrible for the club. Can everyone remember the beginning of the season how west ham had a big picture and no matter what happened this season we would stick by Grant. and as for having a board that stick by their managers you can see they are doing a great job for the club. they need to end all the speculation and get behind the manager and team and start signing some good team players and lose the driftwood.

Posted 10:09 15th January 2011

Freddie Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

This article is a total fabrication. O'Neill would not consider taking on a role where he knows there will not be substantial funds available to rebuild the team and we also know that Grant has been given a stay of execution for the time being.

Posted 10:09 15th January 2011

John Thomas (Aston Villa fan) says...

Dont know what's in O'neill's head at the mo....leaving Villa due to no funds but prepared to take on a role at WHU who have made it no secret they are broke??? How long before he runs off from there from the pressure??? Cant see Sullivan & Gold giving him the purse Randy Learner gave him and to be honest...there was some tat he wasted funds on at Villa. Will be a bonus for WHU while they have him....but when the going gets tough for MO'N....he usually bolts under the pressure.

Posted 10:08 15th January 2011

Arty Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

why all the fuss about Martin O'Neill, as a great manager he hasn't Won a thing at his clubs

Posted 10:03 15th January 2011

Billy Boy (West Ham United fan) says...

Rubbish it will do em good getting rid of a bloke that cant put 3 words of english together, he dont even cheer when we score, sling him out, oneil will be good for us!! Not enough english mangers in the game now, westham need boost and i think now is the time!! Come on u irons!!!

Posted 10:03 15th January 2011

Eyal Bram (Manchester United fan) says...

west ham are making a huge mistake avram is not to blame for the team condition. west ham squad is just poor and without any major signings no manger will be able to save west ham from relegation. avram has tons of knowledge and experience and should be given a chance to buy some players in the transfer window. on top of that hitzlsperger is due to return next month and i think he will be a major boost for west ham. in my opinion west ham should not replace the manger in this crucial time of the season and should keep the system as quiet and stable as possible in order to stay in the premier league.

Posted 10:01 15th January 2011

Richard Evans (Aston Villa fan) says...

Silverware? where was our silverware? Although I do think he will do a good job for you if it does go wrong MON will jump ship quicker than you can say UB40.

Posted 10:00 15th January 2011

Thomas Evans (West Ham United fan) says...

Bad choice of manager in the first place winning a few minor cups around the Med in the sun does not make a great one. Grant has not been around the premiership long enough to prove he is any good, he took over at Chelsea when they were already a winning team then was kicked out, then he went to Portsmouth and could not keep them up, I think he is good at motivating a team for one off cup games but cannot do it for the long haul. If all the West Ham board were going to do was wait and see what he could do until after xmas they should have stuck with Zola at least he did keep the hammer's in the league, all they have done now is manage to upset the team before a big game once again and waste more money on compensation payments. I do think that Gold and Sullivan have West Ham in their hearts and will eventually do the right thing by them but what worries me is Karen Brady with her comments and the timing of some of the decisions they make, let us hope it is not too little too late.

Posted 09:59 15th January 2011

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