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Hammers line-up O'Neill

Hammers line-up O'Neill

West Ham United are ready to sack Avram Grant and replace him with Martin O'Neill this weekend, sources have told Sky Sports.

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Desy Balmer (Manchester United fan) says...

If Martin O'Neill got a royalty for every time he got a mention in the media for a vacant managers post he'd be able to buy his own club. My fellow Ulsterman knows his stuff but surely grant deserves a chance at least until the end of the season. I'd love to see O'Neill or the likes of Strachan back in action and West Ham is a good job for both, but Chris Hughton must be on the Hammers radar too.

Posted 09:57 15th January 2011

Old Jom (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

This will be a short term solution as Martin has signed up to be part of the coolmore takeover at Nottingham Forest.

Posted 09:46 15th January 2011

Bradley C (Arsenal fan) says...

I wish Martin O'Neill was taking charge of Arsenal. If West Ham do get him you'll see them recovering very quickly.

Posted 09:45 15th January 2011

Linda Westham says...

Grant has my sympathy but he never looked like he was going to keep us up. West Ham like managers with passion who can play the West Ham way and still win ! Martin O'neill is a great appointment for us, he will bring the best out of our players. He sorted Reo-coker out in more ways than one! A no nonesence, brilliant manager.

Posted 09:43 15th January 2011

Jack Wimbleby (Aston Villa fan) says...

What an idiot goes to one of our now rivals? Maybe he can sign a load of mediocrity on ridiculous wages for them too.

Posted 09:42 15th January 2011

Gary Sharp (West Ham United fan) says...

To the 'Manchester United fan' who says this is a terrible decision by West Ham, you don't have to sit and watch us play every week. You don't have to sit through awful football, terrible tactics and confusing subsitions. You don't have to watch dull post-match interviews with Grant mumbling "We played well, we have turned a corner" after a 5-0 thrashing by Newcastle or whoever we are playing that week. You see '1 defeat in 7 games' and automatically think we are amazing and Grant is a wonderful manager, but no. The league table doesn't lie and we are bottom for a reason... and unless we make a change now, thats where we will be come May. Except it will be too late then to "make a decision" as you say as we will already be in the Championship!

Posted 09:38 15th January 2011

Colin Cowan (West Ham United fan) says...

great decision - we have been so lucky in recent weeks, wolves, everton, ben foster mistake vs brum. he has been hanging on when he should have been sacked before xmas, hope Martin Oneill asap !!!

Posted 09:37 15th January 2011

Rob (aston villa fan) Sims says...

O'neil is a joke.West Ham are welcome to him.Villa was his first club where he had money to spend,and people seem to forget he wasted millions on players he never had faith in.Randy Lerner then said enough was enough on O'neils reckless instead of staying with Villa proving what a good manager he really is without a massive budget,he throws his toys out the pram and leaves villa in a mess with just a WEEK till the new season started.

Posted 09:37 15th January 2011

Ken Jenkins says...

Sack a manager that has them 90 minutes from a Wembley final and replace him with a manager that walked out of his club just before the start of the season because he didin't get his own way leaving them no time to fill the urgnt needed replacments. Surley not even Karen and her men could be this stupid or then again perhaps a quick fix then stagnation and petulance is what they aspire to after the Birmingham experience.

Posted 09:35 15th January 2011

Ben Lane (West Ham United fan) says...

As a life long west ham fan i can honestly say that i like Grant as a manager, but he's just not the right man for the job, hes a top manager when the resources are in place but not the kind to go out and get them. Have been a big fan of O ' Neill for many years and believe hes the man to lead us forward, he will get huge backing from gold and sulivan when the olympic move goes through with the sale of upton park. Sorry grant its time for you to go

Posted 09:33 15th January 2011

Steve Morgan (West Ham United fan) says...

Usual circus at Upton Park, why wait until the manager oversees our best period of the year and then sack him? we are two points off 15th place, not great season but looks like its getting better. O'Neil is great manager but has the "Ronnie O'Sullivans" about him.... football is lucky to have him, he could walk away at any time. If Grant goes than its good we are looking at quality replacements but Grant is getting there and the players play for him. New Owners said they would keep failth and build the club after last few years of madness. seems to me that have caught the Upton Park lurgy and gone mad, timing is just bizarre!!

Posted 09:32 15th January 2011

Ziggy Seagroatt (West Ham United fan) says...

Avram Grant has no passion and never understood the fans passion,, Martin O'Neil is the man the fans want and need to lift thier spirits. Watch the differance with a proper manager in charge who the whole footballing world respects.

Posted 09:31 15th January 2011

French Leigh (Aston Villa fan) says...

This will only work if the chairmen are happy with having a manager that will throw his toys out of the pram is he doesnt get what he wants. There is no integirity in a manager that leaves when he did and I hope he gets what he desrves, relegation. Won't do MON any harm if they go down it wont be seen as his fault, but yet another set of fans will see frustrating selection polocies and alienated players.

Posted 09:30 15th January 2011

Geezer Ydc (West Ham United fan) says...

Hope you've seen this Michael (Villa fan). O'Neill will be perfect for West Ham, a great motivator,self belief with a will to win. He's the best manager available out there, and I'am surprised Liverpool did'nt come in for him! Being a West Ham fan I really hope this materialises. 'IRONS'

Posted 09:28 15th January 2011

John Knox (Aston Villa fan) says...

MON is not the man the Hammers need.The style of football his teams play will upset all hammers fans ! as they like the pure game.HE made ttwo v.good sighing at villa young and millner,Mr Leaner gave him millions what a waste could go om about his bad transfers.well with mr gold ect expect dull times MON only tactic is shout from dug out,Liverpool and any top side should keep away

Posted 09:26 15th January 2011

Sean Kington (West Ham United fan) says...

Sorry when anyone loses their job, but the decision was made long ago. Given the choice beyween Fat Sam and Martin "motivater" O'Niell thank the lord the board have actually made a decent decision. Kets hoe its the first of many. As good as the quality we have is, time is running out we need to get on a run and soon. No better man than O'Niell. Delighted with the news, now lets celebrate against the Arsenal this afternoon!

Posted 09:24 15th January 2011

David King (West Ham United fan) says...

Woke up to this news this morning,if this is true it would be absolutly fantastic for us hammers fans.If o neil comes on board he has very hard job ahead of him just to keep us in the division and if the worst happens and we do go down who better to get us back up and push on would be martin o neil. Also in the transfer window i am quite sure players will want to play for o'neil and come to our club rather than grant,but martin o neil has an unbelevable track record and don't forget he worked under the legend Brian Clough. Fair way to the board if this news is right.

Posted 09:24 15th January 2011

Stephen Mcdowell says...

Shame on you West Ham What a way to treat a person - a senior source texting a journalist at 01:30 in the morning to inform the world of their the words of Neil Warnock...he is a sewer rat! I just hope Mr Grant and his family were already aware and have not found out by watching Sky. They now deserve to be relegated

Posted 09:23 15th January 2011

Tim My (West Ham United fan) says...

COME ON! I can understand what people are saying about people being behind Avram Grant, but I have a season ticket, and every game, it looks like no one cares about Grant. Players are constantly having arguments with him on the pitch, nobody was happy with him. His tactics were terrible and we should of should of changed a few weeks ago. But then compare him to Martin O'Neill, he took Villa from pretty poor, hovering above the relegation zone to 3rd in the league with about 10 games left. 2 straight seasons in 6th. At the moment we can only dream about that at West Ham. Great choice, and hope that Sullivan and Gold give him money to spend, because we needed O'Neill.

Posted 09:19 15th January 2011

Martin Speller (West Ham United fan) says...

Don't get me wrong I would love Martin O'neil as West Ham manager but now is not the right time. Although Grant hasn't done a spectacular job at West Ham, the players are behind him and the results have definietly picked up recently (bar the Newcastle game). I thought we were having financial difficulties, how much is it going to cost to sack Grant? A couple of months ago I would have said this was a good decision but bringing in a new manger now in my opinion is not the solution to our problems. The owners should be focusing on improving the playing staff, including a striker and wide midfielder, we're only a couple of points from safety and all three relegation places could go right down to the wire, give Grant a chance to keep us up and then review it at the end of the season.

Posted 09:10 15th January 2011

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