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Jarvis admits 'dream' call

Jarvis admits 'dream' call

Wolves winger Matt Jarvis admits it is a 'dream' to have been called up to the England squad.

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Rob Nixon (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Well done Jarvo, nothing other than deserved and perhaps should have been in the squad ahead of Aaron Lennon, SWP and co. Nothing short of awesome for us this season and justified for his and our run of form over the last 5 or 6 games. Fabio - pick him from the start!

Posted 15:38 21st March 2011

Edward Cowen (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I'd like to second George Harper's comment, it has been a long time coming! An old fashioned winger with loads of pace who simply hits the byline and gets his crosses in! something the left side of England has been missing for a while now! Congratulations Jarvo!

Posted 15:33 21st March 2011

David Cunliffe (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

well done matt its a long time coming now lets see you go and get them jarvo for england about time

Posted 12:46 21st March 2011

Gary O'brien (Manchester United fan) says...

Im Delighted for Jarvis a very good player good to see someone from non top four getting into the squad a long time coming for him and hopefully score against Wales on Saturday.

Posted 10:26 21st March 2011

Brett Finch (Liverpool fan) says...

Well done mate it's great to see some decent winger getting produced for england, your More worthy of a start than some of the donkeys in the squad!!

Posted 10:15 21st March 2011

Phil L says...

Great news! Nice to see that players playing for one of the so called little clubs getting the credit they deserve! Alot of the player in the England squad don't know what battling for a result is all about! Hope he gets some minutes on the pitch! Also nice to see Capello starting to understand we need natural width on the flanks, not just playing Gerrad there just to squeeze everyone in!

Posted 09:51 21st March 2011

Djkeizer Booy says...

I am djkeizer i am a fans of man united i say something for jarvis he is a good player he scored at villa part he work hard for his team walves he is goodman

Posted 07:01 21st March 2011

George Harper (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Well done Jarvo! A long time coming and much deserved. Hope you manage to get some time on the pitch. All the best..

Posted 00:33 21st March 2011

Ian Sheward (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I'd just like to say well done to Matt, not only on a personnal level but also to represent the Wolves on the international stage. Good luck for the Wales game, wonder what the odds would be for a debut goal hmm................................

Posted 00:28 21st March 2011

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