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Leeds snap up Schmeichel

Leeds snap up Schmeichel

Leeds have made Kasper Schmeichel their first signing after gaining promotion to the Championship.

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Martin Hilton (Leeds United fan) says...

I think this is a fantastic signing for leeds. I believed we needed a new keeper and what a keeper he is! we need to buy a new striker now beckford's gone and maybe strengthen the midfield and i believe that we could go back to were Leeds United belong. The Premier League.

Posted 22:21 31st May 2010

Roger Smith (Notts County fan) says...

Good luck to Kasper with Leeds, he did a fabulous job for Notts County last season - maybe you could loan him back to us next season if you want to keep him in tip top condition (just a thought). Anyway good luck to Leeds for collecting a real team player - bit of a chip off the old block. To Ian C (Wigan supporter) it could be said your pop at Notts County sounded a little like *Sour Grapes* after our cup win over you - but I agree with your view on the FA not checking thoroughly enough as they did in fact ratify the Munto takeover at Notts as fit and proper - but oh what a crazy kind of chaos season it was and topped off with being champions to join Leeds in Div 1 - I just hope we sign the type of player to help us stay up.

Posted 21:05 31st May 2010

John Sambrook (Leeds United fan) says...

Sad to see angerkren go as i thought he had a decent season. Good to see young casper signing in as i think he will be a keeper to watch in the next few seasons. Defo need a natural goalscorer now becks has gone earnshaw maybe,and a left back with the possibility of another central midfielder(never rated doyle sorry) and a back up for naylor as he,s a bit slow on the pace sometimes. Other than that(he says) looking forward to next season in the championship to see how it goes!! ps: dont play long ball if you haven,t chosen the formation to back it up simon!! remember swindon at home! nuff said!.

Posted 16:25 31st May 2010

Clive Morris (Leeds United fan) says...

Not a bad signing although i think releasing casper ankergren after him having a very good season for us was a bit of a surprize but simon grayson does seem to be trying to build his own squad and kasper schmeichel is at a good age where he can keep learning, shane higgs will have a couple more seasons left in him but this is kaspers chance to learn off him as shane does have about 400 professional appearances to his name. with jermaine beckford now gone we definately need a natural goalscorer to replace him, although i think luciano becchio, mike grella and davide somma could have a good season coming up, a central defensive midfielder is needed unless we sign doyle again, a good centreback to backup richard naylor and patrick kisnorbo is needed. i said once this season had ended that we needed minimum 1 striker, 1 midfielder and 1 defender, and getting 1 keeper in aswell wont do any harm. i think consolidation in championship is key this next season so any finish from 12th or above would be solid and then the season after we can then think about promotion to where Leeds United belong, the premier league!

Posted 22:36 30th May 2010

Lewis "whites" Ward (Leeds United fan) says...

Kasper Schmeichel is going to be a top keeper in 3-4 years. Hopefully will be part of an excellent spine with Paddy, Killer and a top striker, maybe Hooper or bring back Healy. Also heard a rumour of Tom Soares joining on loan with view to buy. Prem in 2 years!! Marching On Together!!

Posted 19:17 30th May 2010

Adam P (Leeds United fan) says...

Terrific purchase and a complete steal! Its good to see the management aiming high again. I just hope they pay attention to the wages this time and dont spend beyond means.

Posted 22:07 28th May 2010

Scott Clark (Leeds United fan) says...

great buy he is a good keeper , just need to bring in another great defender and mid , unless beckford goes l heard talk of hulse , he would be quite a replacement he is a proven goal scorer

Posted 09:34 28th May 2010

David Pearson (Leeds United fan) says...

great signing. shows the rest we mean business

Posted 22:47 27th May 2010

Mike Roddy (Leeds United fan) says...

Fantastic signing for LEEDS hope he can be as good as his dad.keep up the good work Mr Grayson and bring in some more quality MOT

Posted 21:59 27th May 2010

Johnny Moroney (Leeds United fan) says...

This is a super signing for Leeds and hopefully it will be the first of many top class players joining the club. Personally I think we need a left back, centre half, midfielder and of course a forward if Beckford goes. Simon Grayson is a clever manager and he's well aware of what's needed if we are to progress to the ultimate goal of The Premiership.

Posted 21:48 27th May 2010

Samuel Lucas (Leeds United fan) says...

Good first signing, keep em comin Grayson!

Posted 20:29 27th May 2010

Mark Horwell (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wow, Kasper Schmeichel at Leeds United. They've got themselves a little gem there in signing him. I'd have loved him to come to a Premier League club again to see how his skills match up to some of the other young'uns we have (like Joe Hart) but I think he will do a fantastic job at Leeds, and if they win promotion back to the Premier League (fingers crossed) then he will truly deserve it. Good job Leeds: you're going in the right direction at a good pace.

Posted 19:31 27th May 2010

Jason Crawford (Leeds United fan) says...

good signing leeds, now lets get sum more outfield players

Posted 19:13 27th May 2010

Ian C (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

Notts Co is yet another example of so-called rich foreigners buying clubs without any idea of owning a club and leading it into financial ruins....Liverpool, Man Utd, Portsmouth etc Everyone expects an Abramovic or the Man City guys but in reality it rarely ever works out. Besides, Man City, with all the money still can't attract the best players and always pay way over the odds for average players.... Santa Cruz, Robinho, etc. And both clubs are going through managers like they are going out of fashion. The FA and the Premiership have a lot to answer for. They only see the £££ and therefore they overlook doing a proper financial check.

Posted 18:56 27th May 2010

Jamie Oconnel (Leeds United fan) says...

What a signing this lad has a big future im glad Leeds are going to be part of it, a few more signing like this and Leeds are 1 step closer to the Premier League Simon Grayson is a Legend come on Leeds bring on the Championship favorites to win it 2010/2011 season MOT.

Posted 18:21 27th May 2010

David Mc cauley (Leeds United fan) says...

welcome to the club Kasper Schmeichel and what a fantastic signing for the club

Posted 18:04 27th May 2010

Mark Kavanagh (Leeds United fan) says...

What a great signing for Leeds United,i haven't been this excited about a new player for a long long time, Kasper turned down a lot of clubs to join Leeds, Really cant wait for the season to come along now, maybe even Mr Beckford might sign that new Contract.

Posted 18:00 27th May 2010

Graham Bywater (Leeds United fan) says...

Good piece of business signing a young promising goalkeeper on a free transfer and giving him a 3 year contract. He has had some good experience so far and will only get better especially if he is anywhere near his old man Also, I think re-signing Rob Hulse again will be a good move. I like him when played for us previously and he scored some good goals and gave/gives 100% when he plays.. This is step in the right direction even if Beckford decides to stay. More competiion and cover for the Championship as we will need it. Why not Bill Sharp as well?

Posted 17:25 27th May 2010

Thomas Crawford (Leeds United fan) says...

Kasper Schmeichel is a great player! I'm really happy that we got him. I wasn't to sure at first tho if we where going to get him because there was a lot of clubs interested in him from the prem and championship...also outside the english league. I must say that Casper Ankergren did really well for us and i hope a good club gets him because he really is a quality goalkeeper.

Posted 17:15 27th May 2010

Sean Cassidy (Leeds United fan) says...

Not a bad goalie, needs to improve on his overall positional play before he claims the No1 shirt. I fear too much will be expected of Leeds next season - when realistically we should be happy with a top10 finish. Then go for it in 2011/12 season.

Posted 17:02 27th May 2010

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