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City complete James coup

City complete James coup

Bristol City have secured the surprise signing of former Portsmouth goalkeeper David James on a one-year deal.

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Jim Coleman (Bristol City fan) says...

Great news for the reds. I am very happy. Roll on Millwall next week.

Posted 17:00 30th July 2010

Chris Rackley (Bristol City fan) says...

He may be nearly 40 but as we all saw at the world cup - hes the best keeper england has to offer at the moment. Fantastic signing and hopefully it will encourage a few more to follow! Shows what Coppell can attract, Johnson could never have pulled it off!

Posted 16:43 30th July 2010

Clark Milkins (Bristol City fan) says...

What a great signing for us!, we have had good 5 signings so far, David James, Nicky Hunt, Damien Stewart, Adomah, Cissie, apparently linked up with john stead, see you in the future prem teams ;)

Posted 16:31 30th July 2010

Jamie Moss (Bristol City fan) says...

Thank You Steve Coppell! That is a great signing...we also have bought in Stewart and Hunt, which shows our continuing ambition to reach the Premier League! I am still in shock, but very pleased with all the signings made so far. Pitty that Stead refused to join but theres plenty more players that would love to play for Bristol

Posted 16:30 30th July 2010

Freddie Wells (Manchester United fan) says...

Wow, I''m pleased for Bristol City but I wonder what Fabio Capello is thinking right now. James is Capello''s No. 1 shot-stopper but I can''t see Capello picking a player in the second division of English football. Now the squad announcement for the Hungary game will be all the more interesting.....

Posted 16:24 30th July 2010

Daniel Turner (Liverpool fan) says...

Great signing for Bristol City, and a big shock for me that James has opted out of the SPL and EPL, but then again perhaps it''ll be an ego booster being the star man at a club. As for his England career - well, he''ll be 42 at the next major competition, with Hart getting 2 years more experience he may struggle anyway, but it won''t effect his chances now he is in the championship. He was still playing for England when he got relegated with West Ham, and with more games and more open games of football, James will have a number of opportunities to impress. I would rather have an England Keeper who spends every game being tested to the max than a keeper who spectates 38 games a year!

Posted 16:17 30th July 2010

Paul A (Reading fan) says...

Really pleased for Steve Coppell in particular on this transfer. Great manager and looks like has another chairman to support the way he likes to manage. All the best to them this coming season (except the two games verses the Royals).

Posted 15:58 30th July 2010

Jason Lovell (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

James said "The South West has not had a club in the Premier League and that needs to change." Sorry David you''re obviously forgetting about Swindon Town 93/94.

Posted 15:54 30th July 2010

Colin Draper (Bristol City fan) says...

This is great news just shows that Bristol City fc is a club on the way up,so he''s 40 who care''s he was England no1 come on CITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15:50 30th July 2010

Peter Chains (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Have to agree, did not see this coming. James is a great Keeper. Def a single of intent by Bristol, well done.

Posted 15:46 30th July 2010

Jeff Stelling (Newcastle United fan) says...

@ Tom Errington - he is twice the player of our newcastle keepers, pitty james would have suited the surroundings of black and white in the premiership

Posted 15:44 30th July 2010

Andy Horsman (Bristol City fan) says...

Awesome news!!!!! Steve Coppell and our brilliant chairman, Steve Lansdown have raised the bar again. Very proud of my club securinga player of David James'' calibre and experience.

Posted 15:41 30th July 2010

Shaun Mcdermott (Swindon Town fan) says...

"The club is ambitious and that''s what I am. The South West has not had a club in the Premier League and that needs to change." Think you''ll Find the mighty Town have been there and done that!!!!!! hope you dont have to many howlers playing for city...honset i dont!!!

Posted 15:40 30th July 2010

Danny Beresford (Bristol City fan) says...

Absolutely fantastic, after the disappointment involving the new stadium and not initially bringing in new faces, the last few days has done alot to improve my mood. England No.1 playing in goal at Ashton Gate, wow! Congrats Lansdown & Coppell.

Posted 15:40 30th July 2010

Sean Whale (Aston Villa fan) says...

Good signing for Bristol. I can see them doing well this season and maybe grab promotion to the premier. Tom Errington what are you on about he is a class goalie and can easily still play in the premiership.

Posted 15:36 30th July 2010

Matt Warner (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

Horrendous step down! Plymouth next season? lol

Posted 15:35 30th July 2010

Simon Gibbs (Manchester City fan) says...

Good signing for Bristol City - this shows ambition. Alsogood move for David himself - money isn''t everything! He''s doing it as it''s a better move for his family. I wish you all the success.

Posted 15:22 30th July 2010

Rob Illidge (Manchester United fan) says...

Great signing!

Posted 15:19 30th July 2010

Jonathan Curtis (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Well Done Bristol City, vast experience and nice to also see James sign to a club for reasons other than money from Celtic....

Posted 15:19 30th July 2010

Tom Errington (Newcastle United fan) says...

He''s finally found his level.

Posted 15:11 30th July 2010

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