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Tangerine dream

Tangerine dream

Blackpool in the Premier League? It really could happen on Saturday, according to Peter Beagrie.

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Robert Blair (Leicester City fan) says...

Good luck Ian and DJ ,sorry it was not with Leicester sometimes crowds can be very short sighted always want instant results-

Posted 19:56 22nd May 2010

Russ B (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

well done blackpool, im glad that we dont have to face you next season. good luck playing arsnel, man u, liverpool and chelsea, apparently they only teams in prem. good game today just like against us you was the better team.

Posted 17:03 22nd May 2010

Tom Bailey (AFC Telford United fan) says...

Blackpool have done great this season and deserve to be in the prem because they were on the brink on relegation and now theyre on the brink of goin into the prem

Posted 15:10 22nd May 2010

Dean Jenkinson (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I like Blackpool and the manager like to see them down the molineux again in the prem good luck today 2-1 blackpool

Posted 14:52 22nd May 2010

Julie Richardson (Blackpool fan) says...

Come on you pool!!!!! You can do it.......Good luck boys.......

Posted 14:04 22nd May 2010

Sid Longley (Bradford City fan) says...

good luck blackpool , if you do go to the promise land dont make the same mistake as us....... ouch its bleak down here

Posted 13:37 22nd May 2010

John King (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

good luck blackpool, it will be great to see you in the premiership.. i have spent many happy times in your town. have a great day.

Posted 12:59 22nd May 2010

Dave Mort (Cardiff City fan) says...

reall disapointed at the amount of people saying cardiff shouldnt win as they arent english ,what happend to lets kick racism out of football .live and let live bluebirds for the win

Posted 12:50 22nd May 2010

Marion Mcbride (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Come on Blackpool one final push you can do it, give your all today. Another local away game for us. Prediction 2-1 to Blackpool what a Great manager Ian Holloway is,

Posted 12:15 22nd May 2010

Emanuel Farrugia (Blackpool fan) says...

Come on Blackpool. You can do it. The Blackpool supporters want it, the Board of Directors want it, the Coach wants it. Please do it for the memory of Sir Stanley Matthews and Sir Stanley Mortensen.

Posted 12:01 22nd May 2010

Dave M (Leeds United fan) says...

Cardiff fans .. the reason everybody hates you is because you`re welsh .. and shouldn`t be playing in english league .. plus your chairman Slimy Grimsdale .. He shouldn`t be allowed to be the tea lady at any club never mind chairman .. He ripped off Leeds and Barnsley .. and nearly did it to you .. Come On Pool .. Marching On Together

Posted 11:57 22nd May 2010

Seth Ryden (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Come on Blackpool! if you get promoted, you will be my second team!! Although, i also think it would be a good thing to have a welsh team in the prem, and maybe the big two from would be like the home nations cup every week!!

Posted 11:31 22nd May 2010

Wayne Mailer (Newcastle United fan) says...

Will be a huge game for both sets of players, however the famous Wembley pitch could give a huge swing in Blackpools favour as they have a pretty poor pitch at home too.

Posted 10:33 22nd May 2010

Ally Grange (Everton fan) says...

Good luck for today, just make sure you give us Coleman back haha

Posted 10:02 22nd May 2010

Steve Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

2 things to consider here,blackpool deserve to be in the final on merit by what theyve achieved with little income...on the plus side,theyll enjoy the premiership experience and the extra revenue next season should they win.on the flip side,teams will be licking their lips to play them next season,and passionate as any home supporters are, an average home gate of 8 thousand wont save them.cardiff have a new stadium,and the welsh will get behind them alot more,although swansea fans would obviously say otherwise.finally although theplay offs are fun.forest should of gone up on merit.the 3rd place team rarely ever goes up after all their efforts over a season.

Posted 10:01 22nd May 2010

Tom Thomas (Swansea City fan) says...

Good Luck Blackpool - all of Swansea is behind you!

Posted 09:21 22nd May 2010

Kinkladze Danny (Manchester City fan) says...

Come on you pool. You have nothing to loose and all the pressure is on the welsh boys. good to see you in the prem and will be a cracking day out.

Posted 09:07 22nd May 2010

Dave Mort (Cardiff City fan) says...

its going to be a fantastic day i wish blackpool the best of luck but today is cardiff's day. bluebirds to win

Posted 09:04 22nd May 2010

Sparky Parkinson (Burnley fan) says...

Good luck Blackpool hope you take your chance. We Dared to Dream last season & lived the Dream (albeit for a season). We the Dingles know you can do it. Go Pool!!!!!!! Just think how sick our neighbours at Deepdale will be if you do it.

Posted 08:27 22nd May 2010

Scott Mcclymont (Manchester United fan) says...

Come on the Tangerine Army! The town is buzzing and what a fantastic season Holloway and his lads have had. To think they have only spent £850,000 + juggled with loan players and look where they are...simply amazing. 3-1 to the mighty pool !

Posted 08:25 22nd May 2010

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