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Tangerine dream

Tangerine dream

Blackpool in the Premier League? It really could happen on Saturday, according to Peter Beagrie.

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Jack P (Blackpool fan) says...

Come on you Seasiders! We've upset the odds before, why can't we do it again? 2-1 to the Pool!

Posted 08:19 22nd May 2010

Gary Aldin (Manchester United fan) says...

come on blackpool you can do it at the start of the season i had a £20 bet that blackpool will go up 1 last push come on tou tangerine`s? I think you will beat cardiff if you play like you did against forest my prediction (2-1) blackpool

Posted 08:08 22nd May 2010

Stephen Bradshaw (Blackpool fan) says...

Well i am jet lagged after 12000 mile trip but i wouldnt miss this game for anything, win or lose im proud of everything the the seasiders have represented and achieved this season

Posted 07:00 22nd May 2010

Paul James (Newcastle United fan) says...

Good Luck to Blackpool I would love to see them in the premier They have a hard game against a good Cardiff side on their day , they ran Notts Forest in the play offs and if they play like that again they will have no problem going up

Posted 05:54 22nd May 2010

Andrew Cobb (Leeds United fan) says...

sorry blackpool hate to burst your bubble, even though my fathers side are all from blackpool cant see em winning, even if my uncle traved from canada to wembley....cardiff 3 blackpool 1

Posted 05:24 22nd May 2010

Tommy Bullard (Manchester United fan) says...

Come on Cardiff.. and north end to go up next season

Posted 00:43 22nd May 2010

Dale O'neill (Birmingham City fan) says...

come on blackpool would be a wicked away day

Posted 00:26 22nd May 2010

Nathan Davies (Cardiff City fan) says...

I think the whole of England is backing Blackpool, England must really hates us. I dont care, we'll show you how good a Welsh side can be in the premier league

Posted 22:46 21st May 2010

Richie Stokes (Sheffield United fan) says...

good luck blackpool hope u do it.

Posted 22:09 21st May 2010

Carson Heatley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Sorry Cardiff fans but it is the English premership and should stay that way, should be no play off an Blackpool given the place. Cardiff to play in the welsh league or take up Rugby

Posted 21:37 21st May 2010

Tom Ashton (Blackpool fan) says...

the funny thing is you cardiff fans are bragging about ur strength in midfield and more strength attack but the question is who has scored most goals this season out of blackpool and cardiff??

Posted 20:34 21st May 2010

Andrew Nealon (Cardiff City fan) says...

Got my ticket to wembley, from listening to the radio, forums and reading some comments here it's obvious all of England want Blackpool to win, don't forget Cardiff is also a great place to visit, also the Welsh, English thing shouldn't come into it, Cardiff have a lot of english players. You should all be saying may the best team win, I'm getting really nervous, have to be up at 5 am but dont think i'll be able to sleep. COME ON YOU BLUEBIRDS!

Posted 20:12 21st May 2010

Oscar Wakeman (Manchester City fan) says...

C'mon Blackpool would be so great to have an away day down there! plus Hollaway is a Belter, cracks me up, hes like Brown but with some talent! 2-1 Blackpool.

Posted 20:01 21st May 2010

Darren Andrews (Cardiff City fan) says...

I think Chopra is going to love the occasion and he will be too hot for blackpool i get a feeling he is going to be throwing his boots again cause their going to be on fire tom come on boys

Posted 19:35 21st May 2010

Spider Evans (Cardiff City fan) says...

Your all dreamers Cardiff deserve their time in the premier league, we will give the premier a welsh welcome you will never forget.

Posted 19:29 21st May 2010

Klaus Kang (Blackpool fan) says...

I never us to get to the play off final at wembley! ian holloway is god in my book, what a job he has done! i am going to be so nervous come 3:00 on saturday i would obviously go with our style 4-3-3 with our team being: gilks coleman baptiste evatt crainey southern vaughan adam taylor fletcher ormerod dj campbell if you dont agree with my selection please comment

Posted 19:28 21st May 2010

John Woodman (Blackpool fan) says...

Only three years since Blackpool played and won at Wembley. Can this be real? On Saturday we'll all find out. If any team deserve the prize for sheer guts and chutzpah then Holloway and his merry men have to prevail tomorrow. Up the Pool !

Posted 18:19 21st May 2010

Neil Luke (Bristol City fan) says...

Come on Blackpool!! Great manager good team!!

Posted 18:17 21st May 2010

Robin Findlay (Blackpool fan) says...

thanks for all the support from the other clubs...really is nice to see and good luck blackpool,we here in denmark will be watching.. darren coultons post is fantastic...

Posted 17:30 21st May 2010

Jimmy Tennant (Manchester City fan) says...

the best of luck to the mighty tangerine army tomorrow, ollie has done a fantastic job, being a Man City fan living in Blackpool at least one away trip next season could be on the cards.............................COME ON BLACKPOOL

Posted 17:07 21st May 2010

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