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Tangerine dream

Tangerine dream

Blackpool in the Premier League? It really could happen on Saturday, according to Peter Beagrie.

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Tony Blue (Everton fan) says...

Have been watching more and more of Blackpool ever since Seamus Coleman went on loan there. Like Everton, Blackpool have played some lovely stuff in the last few months and have a cracking manager who people can't help but like. I'll be supporting Blackpool all the way tomorrow and I fancy Coleman to get the winner!!! We'll want him back next season though, he will be an excellent player over the coming seasons for Everton and RoI.

Posted 16:39 21st May 2010

Phil Gates (Swansea City fan) says...

Theres a part of South Wales that shall be hoping Blackpool win and reach the promised land,from all Swansea City Fans good luck Blackpool ....Swansea on loan striker Dobbie to get the winner

Posted 15:57 21st May 2010

Chris R (Manchester United fan) says...

If Cardiff get into the prem then you might as well invite Celtic and Rangers down - hey, how about bringing in Barca, Real Madrid, Inter, AC, Lyon, Bayern, Benfica etc. Sorry my Welsh Cousins, its an english prem so big up the Blackpool!!

Posted 15:40 21st May 2010

Alan Clay (Stoke City fan) says...

To me it looks as if this game is financially more important to the Bluebirds than the Tangerines. Is this another Portsmouth in waiting? if so Blackpool (on the face of it a properly run club) should be promoted by default as we do not want to see another Premiership club applying for administration (although this may probably happen again). There should be a way that clubs are checked for financial stability prior to their 'right' of being in the play off final. Whats to say that Cardiff would not spend beyond their means in the Premiership as they have done in the Championship?

Posted 15:26 21st May 2010

Ryan Powell (Cardiff City fan) says...

Come on City - Wales is behind you, make us proud

Posted 15:15 21st May 2010

Peter Tunstall (Leeds United fan) says...

I for one wish Blackpool the best of luck. It would be too sorry a day if Mr Ridsdale got back into the premier League. He nearly finished both us and Barnsley.

Posted 15:11 21st May 2010

Stokie Bloke (Stoke City fan) says...


Posted 15:07 21st May 2010

Tangerine tate Tate (Blackpool fan) says...

Now we went down to the sea To see the Blackpool FC I went down to the shore Don't want to go home.. Don't want to go home.. Don't want to go home.. This is the best trip I've ever been on."

Posted 15:05 21st May 2010

Jon Rob (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Ive watched both sides play in each of their two games against their prior opponents, Blackpool look by far the more convincing side to initiate any demolition of a team, as for Mr Matthews post???! remember Blackpool mullered Notts Forest under pressure and I wouldnt be suprised if they conjured up something of a similar sort come the wembley showdown. Cardiff on the other hand, half decent squad, but its not like they breezed past leicester city with flying colours is it now?! Luckily they had the winning lottery ticket when it came down to penalties. I wish both teams the best of luck....but Blackpool in the premier league? Would be fantastic to see!

Posted 15:01 21st May 2010

John Gunn (Arsenal fan) says...

Come on Blackpool, hope your self-belief holds because you deserve it!

Posted 14:58 21st May 2010

Alan Matthews (Cardiff City fan) says...

I'm affraid you're all wrong so far.Cardiff have too much strength and depth and will beat Blackpool with ease.My prediction,a 3-0 win for the Bluebirds!

Posted 14:15 21st May 2010

Sheelagh Mccarthy (Blackpool fan) says...

I can't believe it, the biggest game of my life! I appreciate all the optimism but I prefer to expect the worse. However I will be flying my Tangerine flag high on Saturday and looking forward to a season in the top flight.

Posted 13:27 21st May 2010

Fintan Doddy (Manchester United fan) says...

seamus coleman, what a man, honest and hard working, sadly missed from the showgrounds, fantastic to see him doing so well, a great sligo rovers player, flying the flag for us across the pond. Great things to come in the future.....

Posted 13:21 21st May 2010

Richie Jones (Newcastle United fan) says...

Good Luck to the Seesiders on Saturday,see you in the Prem next year.

Posted 13:20 21st May 2010

Nathan Hull (Newcastle United fan) says...

Come on Blackpool! Great support at SJP, play some lovely stuff and Holloway is a top bloke. Looks a much better away day trip as well!

Posted 13:16 21st May 2010

Ian Dorren (Arsenal fan) says...

I'd love it if Blackpool went up, would be a cracking away day. Go on you Tangerines!

Posted 13:12 21st May 2010

Darren Coulton (Manchester United fan) says...

My dad passed away this season and the last time Blackpool were in the top division was my birth year 1971, dads ashes are laid at bloomfield road and im convinced hes been the 12th man ... could this be the year ... depends if you believe in fate :D im there for you tomorrow Bill x x x

Posted 12:35 21st May 2010

Gary Patton (Manchester United fan) says...

If Blackpool get promoted at least one team with the word pool in the name will have great season. Ollie will get you there..

Posted 12:32 21st May 2010

Jamie K (Hull City fan) says...

Good luck Blackpool from a Tigers fan. Hope Big Ben Burgess comes off the bench to score the winner for you.

Posted 12:25 21st May 2010

Eddie Binns (Blackpool fan) says...

Blackpool in the Premier League sounds amazing! The buzz around the Lancashire town is incredible and to come this far is already a sensational achievement! It is almost crazy to think that Blackpool supporters could be disappointed on Saturday afternoon if they don't manage one of the most unbelieveable promotions in history! Figners crossed that there is a fantsy ending to this fairytale season!

Posted 11:02 21st May 2010

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