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Real Madrid show personality, but are Barcelona too concerned with Lionel Messi's records, asks Guillem Balague?

Real Madrid show personality, but are Barcelona too concerned with Lionel Messi's records, asks Guillem Balague?

What an old fashioned and fantastic game Levante v Real Madrid was!

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Malcolm Bougard (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi, I am amazed that Barcelona continues to use a brilliant striker like David Villa almost as a super sub! This guy is a natural striker but must be so frustrated at being subbed all the time or coming on as a sub!! His goal scoring exploits put many an international (and more famous) striker to shame and it must be said, his strike rate has put Spain up there as the best footballing nation at present.

Posted 08:57 14th November 2012

Manthane lucas Makhongoana (Liverpool fan) says...

It concerns me to hear that LIVERPOOL are looking for a striker,because according to me we need more than just one striker,We need players who can make an immedeate impact on our play,players who would provide depth heading into the second round of the league.My question is who is most likely to be signed by LIVERPOOL in january?

Posted 15:44 13th November 2012

Phil Lewis (Arsenal fan) says...

I'm not sure about Guillem's use of stats re the Eto'o answer. He says Barca have been unstoppable since Messi went through the middle. Not true at all. Chelsea stopped them, Real stopped them, Celtic stopped them. With Pep on the bench and Eto'o through the middle, Barca won everything they entered. At least Messi finally went wide towards the end of the Celtic match, something Barca should have been trying against parked buses a long time ago.

Posted 13:09 13th November 2012

Marsel Konomi (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem, love to read you every week. Do you think that currently the ideal partner for Messi in Barcelona's attack would be Aguero, something that would provide to Barcelona even a plan B?

Posted 12:17 13th November 2012

Fahim Kahn (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi, one very important question regarding BallondOr is Do individual record Messi is breaking and is continuing to do so will play a major role deciding who the winner is of the prestigious Award and secondly If Messi wins how much it will demoralise Ronaldo??

Posted 11:43 13th November 2012

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