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Jose Mourinho may have lost some of dressing room, but only wants Real Madrid to win, says Guillem Balague

Jose Mourinho may have lost some of dressing room, but only wants Real Madrid to win, says Guillem Balague

It was interesting to watch the body language between Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid skipper Iker Casillas during their 4-3 win over Real Sociedad.

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Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

guillem, i love the premier league but love spain even more. i watch nearly all games on sky, not just the barca or real ones. and im getting sick of this myth that the EPL is better from people who either watched little spanish football or only the ones with barca/real in them.. lionel messi is the best player ever. he doesnt need to move league. look at michu anyway hes only 2 goals away from equalling his best record for any club he had in spain in the space of 6 months at swansea. what do you make of the shambolic defending of the EPL. no team in this league is good enough defensively so do you see barca taking back their champions league trophy?. keep up the good work. best football expert out there. and loving the passion you showed in your "rant". legend!

Posted 01:21 8th January 2013

Abdoulie Jagne (Arsenal fan) says...

where is cesc fabregas and does he not play for barcelona anymore

Posted 22:49 7th January 2013

Moh Aslam (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hi Gulliem, do you feel the recent tactic of Mourinho to drop Casillas to the bench had anything to do with making Ronaldo the captain? Also do you feel Mourinho is not suited to Madrid because no matter what he wins his playing style will always be disliked by a huge part of the fans opposed to in England (Chelsea) where the fans would not mind their team's playing style.

Posted 21:58 7th January 2013

Benjamin Hamidekhoo (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Considering the 16 points gap between barca and real , i think the league title is almost for barca, what are the chances of real madrid in champions league , do you see them as a side than can compensate the loss in uefa champions league ? or it's again barca !

Posted 19:43 7th January 2013

Ahmed Ali (Barcelona fan) says...

I think what's happening now in Real Madrid is like a dispute between Perez and Morinho, Morinho intentionally makes troubles looking for the sack and Perez from his side trying to compromise morinho's power in real madrid pushing him to quit, at the end who's gonna win, isn't this true Mr Guillem?

Posted 18:31 7th January 2013

David Fullam (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hi Guillem If mourinho leaves in the summer who do you think will get the job will it be carlo ancelotti , rafa benitez,or marcello lippi . Do you think there is any chance of del bosque coming back to real madrid? Thanks David Fullam

Posted 17:37 7th January 2013

Sav Christou (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Rumours that Luka Modric is unhappy at Real Madrid are picking up pace. Surely he wont be moving anywhere during January? Do you think his form has been affected due to the dressing room unrest at Real?

Posted 16:55 7th January 2013

Wayne Crowe (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, In the current economic climate, Is there any major financial risk to the Spanish league that could see the likes of Barca and Real selling some of their key players in the next couple fo season. I've also heard that other teams in La Liga are seeking a bigger share of the tv revenues.

Posted 16:24 7th January 2013

Steve Ade (Manchester United fan) says...

I really think Messi at some time in his career, should leave his "comfort zone" i.e Barca and try another major European league. Ronaldo did it so why can't he? The Barca team is custom-made for Messi; let's not delude ourselves. Like was previously said in another post, perhaps he can be classified as the "greatest" ever by winning a World Cup. However, don't people want to see what Messi is capable of doing when outside the comfort zone that is Barca? We have seen what happens when he is outside it i.e when playing for Argentina whereupon a Xavi, Iniesta or Alves is not around. Just my thoughts and I am in no way downplaying Messi's current achievements; they are phenomenal but try playing for another team in the same league or in another major European league and let us see if you can recreate the magic there.

Posted 16:21 7th January 2013

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