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Getting Real

Getting Real

Who will replace Mourinho? Could Messi cope in England? Guillem Balague talks La Liga...

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Sam Gamgie (Liverpool fan) says...

Guillem, do you not think Ronaldinho at his best equalled, if not surpassed, Messi? That is a view I support, I believe the main difference between the two players, is that Ronaldinho plays for fun, he has never put himself out to improve. Whereas Messi, on top of being incredibly talented, works hard to develop his potential. Had Ronaldinho been a hard worker, I think he would have stayed the king of Barcelona and of the world for quite a few years.

Posted 07:20 15th January 2013

Darren Mcauley (Manchester United fan) says...

Guillem, if the spanish an english leagues merged, in what order would the top six places go do you think? Also, whats the opinion of spanish people of the premiership? strengths weaknesses an things like that? last one, how is michael carrick rated there, he is one most divisive player in the league here. cheers!!

Posted 05:24 15th January 2013

Toby Millard (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem, What transfer business do you think Barca will look to do in the summer? And do you think Valdes will renew his contract? Thanks!

Posted 00:53 15th January 2013

Saqab Mahmood (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I love the spanish league even though my team is Liverpool so I watch both Liverpool and watch spanish football only when Barca or Real play. Ok, as you know Manchester United are against Real Madrid, do you think this is Interview Job for Jose Mourinho or will we see a challenging Real? Saqab.

Posted 23:33 14th January 2013

Liam Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem. Just wanted to quickly ask you for your thoughts on Michael Carrick and what the Spanish media/press make of him? As a Manchester United fan i feel he is vastly underrated in this country as he is not a Gerrard/Lampard goal scoring type of midfielder. I think if he was Spanish or even just played in Spain he would be valued a lot more in England than he currently is. Also how do you see the Manchester United/Real Madrid tie going? Thanks.

Posted 22:38 14th January 2013

Dipo Lawuyi (Liverpool fan) says...

Villa is about 30years old,would he want to take a gamble to come to d premier league? would be nice to have him at liverpool, do you know if liverpool fc have a spanish scout?

Posted 22:11 14th January 2013

Dan Joseph (Manchester United fan) says...

I will take you up on the poor defense debate. If you look at Man Utd you see their defenders are all very good footballers in terms of playing from the back and dealing with technically gifted teams. What they do not have is when Vidic is injured is that physicality. I think teams deliberately attack their weak points and physically bully them which is fair enough. I honestly think the Barce defenders would suffer a similar fate as obviously teams would not be able to out football them. In Spain most if all the teams play good football. Obviously sticking to a philosophy. You see Barce are able to outplay Man Utd because Man Utd try to play football again them. You can actually see that from the games where Barce gain just over 50% possession of the ball. Where as they struggle against a team like Chelsea because Chelsea do not care much about losing the ball and are very physical going forward. I watch several la liga games every week and I think you are generally quite biased in that sense. Barce's best form of defense is ball retention. However whenever teams attack them (which is rare) we see the defense generally isn't very good. But that's just my opinion.

Posted 21:10 14th January 2013

Michael Cloon (Celtic fan) says...

Hola Guillem, now that David Villa appears to be leaving Barcelona, and Barcelona are implementing a more direct style to compliment Pep's style of play, do you think Llorente would be a target for Barcelona to further adapt their play? As a free agent surely he would be an ideal target to both replace Villa and offer a Plan B to use against teams who park the bus against them?

Posted 20:13 14th January 2013

Callum J (Manchester City fan) says...

Hi Guillem, As a City fan i'm quite excited about the prospect of Jose Angel Pozo. But what I want to know is just how good is he, and how highly rated is he in Spain? I've heard many people within the club speak very highly of him and Mike Rigg (former city technical director) describing him as one of his proudest signings while at the club. Thanks

Posted 17:53 14th January 2013

Tom Dunne (Barcelona fan) says...

I agree with Guillem ,Messi could play in any league,as for the tough tackling in the premier league I suggest that contributor watches a Classico or the Catalan derby.Most weeks Messi is assaulted and gets little protection from the referees .I do worry about Messi's influence at Barca if he has a character change it could spell big trouble for the club and as a Barca fan of many years I believe no Player should be bigger than the club.I like Villa and it saddens me that he is being sacrificed to keep Messi happy.I love watching Messi he is a great player and role model I hope that doesn't change.

Posted 17:01 14th January 2013

Vaibhav Kulkarni (Barcelona fan) says...

I have heard that Victor Valdes is not going to renew his contract.After a huge dip in form this year is he the keeper for barcelona in the coming years?

Posted 16:28 14th January 2013

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