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Real Madrid v Manchester United will show strengths of Premier League and La Liga, says Guillem Balague

Real Madrid v Manchester United will show strengths of Premier League and La Liga, says Guillem Balague

Is the Premier League better than La Liga?

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Fernando Vega (Real Madrid fan) says...

I think Real is a little bit stronger than ManU, however, there is no doubt about EPL is stronger than La Liga. As you can see every weekend for the last 8-9 years, RM and Barcelona only have problems when they struggle to each other. Even for Real fans like me, the spanish tournament is becoming very boring. In my opinion, in EPL every team is able to defeat the best squads. Regards from Madrid!

Posted 17:01 11th February 2013

Kevin Powell (Barcelona fan) says...

To 'Jack Calms (Arsenal fan)', your argument explaining why EPL is better in using Chelsea as an example is ludicrous. Yes they won, but even the cynics would tell you it was a very lucky outcome given the circumstances and as holders, they couldn't even make it out the group stage. So what does that tell you??

Posted 16:42 11th February 2013

James Frost (Newcastle United fan) says...

In fact, Spanish teams have won the majority of matches recently. Real v Tottenham, Real v City, Barca v Man U, Barca v Arsenal, Atletico Madrid V Chelsea, Athletic Bilbao v Man U.

Posted 16:15 11th February 2013

Chris Webber (Real Madrid fan) says...

Jack Calms did you really just say that? Did you watch the chelsea barca match? They didnt deserve to win. How about Athletic Bilbao beating Manchester United? It depends on the match. Dont use one match as a basis for a wrong arguement.

Posted 16:11 11th February 2013

Rob Shiers (Portsmouth fan) says...

Although La Liga has the 2 best teams in the world and the 3 best players (Iniesta being 3rd), the EPL has more strength in depth. Im pretty sure that the mid and lower league teams in the PL could beat those in La Liga quite comfortably overall. Also, the other main difference in my opinion is that PL teams are better organised in defence whereas nearly every Spanish team can attack well but many are weak in defence.

Posted 15:16 11th February 2013

David P (Aston Villa fan) says...

I dont watch enough of La Liga to judge but I think we vastly over-rate the premier league. I am a Villa fan and we have 2 months between wins and yet are out of the relagation zone that shows how bad the bottom 5 are in the prem. The premership should go down to 18 teams and with fewer fixtures we wont have to debate the need for a winter break as there will over the whole season be no fixture congestions and maybe allow big teams to take cups such as the league, fa and europa cup more seriously

Posted 15:14 11th February 2013

Cexar Stone (Arsenal fan) says...

Chealse(top team in England) beat Barca by defending 90 minutes, as Atletic Bilbao(second level team) beat Manchester United with attacking football my dear Jack Calms, so there goes to the drain your argument of the Premier league is better than la liga. And I don't think Manchester will play attacking football against Real Madrid

Posted 15:12 11th February 2013

Luke Millar (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem, although I agree that Madrid are Barcelona are better teams, and have the two best players in the world, I feel that their dominance is what stops La Liga being better than The Premiership. With The Premiership being so unpredictable and playing at such an entertainingly high tempo I don't really how La Liga seems to get all the plaudits from FIFA. La Liga is technically sublime but I find my interest wavering in and out of games because of how tactical it is, it takes a lot of time for something substantial to happen. It's taken years for another team (Athletico) to even legitimately join the title race, and even then they're a long way off Barca. Surely a league should be looked at like a team, better to have 4/5 players who can compete than have a team where 2 players outshine the rest of the team entirely. I know you get a lot of these but i was wondering what your thoughts on this were?

Posted 14:59 11th February 2013

Jack Calms (Arsenal fan) says...

Sorry but the EPL is a tougher overall league than La Liga . In La Liga no doubt you have the 2 best teams in the World. But as we saw last year a 5th side Chelsea beat Barca and i belive this is because the passion is alot better in the EPL and it is this factor that makes the EPL better in my eyes.

Posted 14:39 11th February 2013

Alan Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Is Manchester United really counter attacking only TEAM?? seriously? You must be joking Guillem

Posted 14:13 11th February 2013

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