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Jeff Stelling blogs on falls from grace for Barcelona and Arsenal

Jeff Stelling blogs on falls from grace for Barcelona and Arsenal

Barcelona are no longer Champions League favourites and the competition would appear wide open.

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Ben North (Arsenal fan) says...

With regard to Barca i have to disagree. They play agaisnt teams week in week out who put 11 men behind the ball and they seem to get through eventually. Barca cant win every game and they are not as invincible as people make out. They are an excellent team who can be beat just like any other club team in history. Barca will beat milan at the nou camp but whether they can keep a clean is another matter i predict 3-1 but an exit on away goals

Posted 15:09 22nd February 2013

Ross Caldwell says...

Barca were lacklustre in Milan on Wednesday and made basic mistakes in defenc, but the amount of sides to successfully crowd their own half and block the route to goal against them can be counted on one hand. The 4-3-3, "tiki-taka" philosophy espoused by Barcelona (and the Spanish national side) has delivered enough success to justify it's continued practise.

Posted 13:54 22nd February 2013

Steven Cool (Liverpool fan) says...

Sorry but I agree mainly but Cazorla is definatly one of the best Midfielders in europe a midfielder should be judged on assists and goals and i know fewer who have more than Cazorla this season and he is playing in a average side.

Posted 13:30 22nd February 2013

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