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Transfer debate

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Martin Szemis (Celtic fan) says...

In response to John Lawler, David Beckham was only offered an extension until after he signed a pre-contract with Galaxy. Fabio Capello was pushing him out of the team and as he felt an extension was not coming his way, he opted for Galaxy. After that he went on to have the best spell in his entire time at Real, and was second only to Casillas for Real's player of the year, and due to this, Real offered to buy his pre-contract with Galaxy out. I really wish people would learn facts before commenting. On a side note, besides the Ronaldo and Kaka deals, this has been one of the most boring transfer windows in living memory. Tony Mowbray and Celtic need to start pulling their finger out. Little call to Joan Laporta and ask if they have anyone they want to send on loan.

Posted 19:23 23rd July 2009

Paul K says...

I can't see United buying anybody until City have stopped buying. As soon as word gets out that SAF is interested in a player other clubs show their interest and then the price goes up. He'll wait until the spending spree is over and then if a player is still available he'll make a move just wait and see

Posted 20:16 20th July 2009

Morgan Ryan says...

The only teams in the World that I have noticed that are spending big are : 1) Real Madrid (obviously) and 2) Man. City. Real Madrid have most of the best attacking players in the world right now, and I doubt will spend a lot for the rest of the Transfer Window. But, on the other hand Man. City have only really started, and have got the players they have wanted so far especially on the attacking players, and are now focusing on strengthening there defense by trying to sign Joeleen Lescott and John Terry, If Everton are putting a price tag of £30 million on him then Chelsea should have at least a £45 million price tag on him because he is the captain of England and of Chelsea and Lescott can't even make the starting 11. Being Captain of your Country and club has to be at least worth £15 million extra on a price tag of any player.

Posted 15:33 20th July 2009

Alan Gray says...

People are going overboard saying City's defence is bad.... Bridge Left Back, Richards and Dunne Central, and Onouha Right Back... I think they would only need a class right back, but that would hamper Onouha's progression

Posted 13:52 20th July 2009

John Lawlor says...

In response to Michael Stones, get a hold of yourself! Beckham gets paid handsomely by L.A. Galaxy, and he went there not to help the development of Football in the US, BUT FOR THE MONEY!!! He had offers from the Premier League, and also was offered an extensio at Real but turned them down because he was too greedy. Well he's paying for it now isn't he? He turned his back on Galazy to play for Milan on loan for longer than originally agreed and only cares about playing for England. It should be club 1st, country 2nd. Remember who pays his wages, Landon Donovan was right to question him and had very valid points. Also in regard to the Gareth Barry situation, Liverpool offered 15m+Steve Finnan whereas Villa this year sold him for 12m... Which is a better deal? So shutup O'Neill and shutup Barry, well done, you're playing for a team who are trying to buy the league rather than earn it. I hope City finish in the bottom half this season...

Posted 11:37 20th July 2009

Michael Stones says...

I was disgusted to hear that David Beckham was booed by sections of the crowd at his first game back in an LA Galaxy jersey. It says a lot about the calibre of fans they have over in the USA. They need to understand that David Beckham is a consumate professional and has made a massive career sacrifice to play over there in a bid to help the development of a fledgling sport in their country. The Galaxy fans should get over themselves, so what he's been on loan at AC Milan. They are a massive club that allowed David to continue playing at the highest level in order to continue his international career which we all know means a lot to him. If the Galaxy and MLS fans have a problem with Beckham being portrayed by some journalists as bigger than the league itself they should face facts - HE IS !. Come back home David. The fans in England will give you the respect and appreciation you deserve!

Posted 09:35 20th July 2009

Nick Hadges (Chelsea fan) says...

Why do united supporters kepp saying they need more fire power. They have Berbatov and Rooney and Owen coming off the bench i would be happy with that. whats the point in signing Villa when it will just turn into a Tevez situation.

Posted 08:48 20th July 2009

Gregor Thomson says...

Well done Mark Hughes in spneding your Arabian millions. You have managed to acquire a bunch of individual journey men, with no allegiance to the club except £££. Didn't you wonder when you went knocking for the likes of Messi, Kaka, Ronaldo etc that they weren't interested? Yet you end up with Adebayor, Santa Cruz, and Barry instead? Breaking into the top four dominance is almost laughable. Man City are destined for another season of mid table mediocrity, and when the Sheiks get bored with their little venture, the club will go to the wall when they can't continue with the ludicrous wages currently being offered. Glory Glory Man Utd (again).

Posted 16:27 19th July 2009

Davie Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

Alonso is defo leaving, but Rafa has to have someone coming in straight away, Silva is goin to be Alonso's replacement, but ive got a feeling there will be another big name to follow, there is 15 million to spend plus alonso's cash, Silva and Villa would be amazing signings. cheers Xabi, you've been outstanding, good luck

Posted 13:27 18th July 2009

Alan Robins (Southend United fan) says...

reports again that Man U closing in on the signing of Douglas from Gremio...... could be a big gamble, especially for 20mil.... kid has apparently a lot of talent but very inconsistent, can be briliant and lousy in same game. And has an attitude to match..... work with a Brazilian guy so we have checked out the local press. Think Gremio would bite Man U's hand off.. Douglas slated in local press not just by media but by manager too. Douglas recently dropped, came on as sub and sent off in 20mins sort of thing. Know SAF has good rep at handling difficult players, but do they really need another one

Posted 09:00 13th July 2009

Vivek Joseph (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Arsenal has enough players now.Because many of the injured players are coming back and so are some of the loaned players.I think our defense is good right now as we bought Thomas Vermalean.We also brought back Philipe Senderos and Armando Traore.I think Senderos might have improved after his loan spell at AC Milan.Traore can be an extra player but if Arsene Wenger thinks he has to be loaned again then its still ok.Also the finding of Kieran Gibbs can add an extra strength to the squad.It can also let Alexander Song Bijong be a defensive midfielder.And I think Emmanuel Eboue should be played as a defender as I think he defends well.The attack is very good.And Arsenal scored 67 goals last season despite not scoring much in the first 20-25 matches.The returns of Tomas Rosicky would be good for the midfield department.But it would be much better if Nasri is trained as a CM.Abou Diaby can be used as a defensive midfielder.Andrey Arshavin and Fransec Fabregas can be used as the playmakers.It is evident that Arsene Wenger didn't buy many players because of this.Had he bought about 3-5 players then the midfield would be overrowded.There are also young players like Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey who can play well in the midfield.There might be a room for one new midfield player if he finds a solution to make sure that overcrowding won't happen.There are also many good reserve players which can be an extra steel to the squad.The 4 main strikers that Arsenal have are good.Carlos Vela is also a good striker.Any sudden unavailability of strikers can be solved by using Arshavin or Theo Walcott as strikers as both of them can play that position as well.Van Persie's ability to play as a winger is also good for Arsenal.Manuel Almunia is a good goalkeeper and with good coaching Fabianski can also be a good goalkeeper.So practically the Arsenal squad is ready and they should aim in winning all the matches with clean sheets.

Posted 19:07 12th July 2009

Marc Draper (aston villa fan) says...

Why are we still waiting for signings??? As usual we are leaving it til late to sign the leftovers that nobody wants. We are being linked with so many players but there is no action. We need quite a few players to carry on our push for Champions League football, if we get Bentley, Tuncay, Downing, Jenas, Berg, Upson and Richards maybe Wes Brown then I think we would be in with a chance!!!!! But we need to start signing them before its too late. I know its being quite optimistic but maybe even Carvalho. He would be the perfect replacement for Laursen and he is unsettled at Chelsea. We do not need Peter Crouch, he aint a patch on Carew or Heskey, so I dont understand why he is beoing linked with us!!!!!! Come on Mr O'Neill lets see some action!!!!!

Posted 13:49 10th July 2009

Paul Scanlon (everton) says...

Rafa is really panic buying now. Everton will finish above Red scum this season. Liverpool are on a downward spiral now. Oh by the way, will Torries wear another Girly headband this season. This next bit is official... Some premier league defenders last season said they could smell perfume on Torries when they played against him/her.

Posted 13:35 10th July 2009

Fernand Zarabosa (Manchester United fan) says...

Manchester United are looking a lot weaker than last year at the moment. The thing with Owen is that even though he's a proven goalscorer I don't see how he will fit in with the 4-3-3 system, where Rooney must play centrally. Playing 4-4-2 up front may be great for Owen and Rooney but we lack the quality in midfield. Overall, we need more character in midfield and a lot more proven flair up front. Joao Moutinho may be small but has bags of character. A young holding midfielder in the Makelele/Keane mould is vital for us with Hargreaves looking so injury prone. Douglas Costa is a must and a left sided winger like David Silva would be helpful although he does lack physical presence. Ideally, Franck Ribery would be perfect but he's on his way to Madrid. Liverpool will be the team to beat next year provided they buy a quality striker (why don't they buy eto'o?) and the Spanish League will overshadow the Premier League for the next decade.

Posted 13:06 10th July 2009

Bertie Bassett says...

Dean Lewington should listen to his Pops and make the big move to the Premiership. Fair play to him for being committed to the Dons, but he may not get another chance. Do it Dean. Maybe you could even wangle £75k p/w from the mugs at Man City?

Posted 09:27 10th July 2009

Manfred Coverdale (Hull City fan) says...

This has been an exciting transfer window. Clearly Real Madrid have dominated the market but I'm sure that won't mean that they'll dominate Europe this year. United¿s decision to bring in Owen was a good move in my view, however, the loss of Tevez was an unnecessary loss and could cost them big time, especially if he stays in the premiership. I still believe that a big name will come in to Chelsea and that Arsenal still need to bring in at least 1 more player. ..Tevez would bring a new dimension to their play. Hull really need to bring in a new striker or two, I really want them to avoid the drop again this year but after losing out on Owen, Fortune and now Jason Scotland, it's looking tough for them. Hopefully they will bring in Campbell from United and then either Zamora or Herewood...then I can see them doing well. Com on the Tigers!!!

Posted 17:46 9th July 2009

Richard Gallon says...

How can Rafa Benitez say he expects loyalty from Xabi Alonso when last summer he tried endlessly to get rid of him to generate enough cash for Barry from Villa? Alonso pleaded last summer that he wanted to stay at Anfield and Benitez was having none of it and was stuck with him when the dust settled, then Alonso puts in great performances consistantly throughout the season and Benitez questions his loyalty to the club because a bigger football club want to sign him? How two-faced can Rafa Benitez be? He's so fickle.

Posted 16:11 9th July 2009

Keith Allen (liverpool fan) (Liverpool fan) says...

The Liverpool squad was excellent last season ,but we need another forward alongside Torres. Just gotta wonder who Rafa has in mind. We need to hold onto Alonso, a player at his level would be surely missed and difficult to replace.

Posted 13:31 9th July 2009

Luke Hili (Liverpool fan) says...

Well, after all the debt speculation I can't really say I expected a lot of hustle-bustle concerning transfers at Anfield, however the signings Benitez are after aren't the occasional average players on whom you have to take a great gamble on; Rafa is after quality and the Johnson signing shows that. We have signed an English gem and to be honest I was just as happy as when LFC bought Torres after I heard of Glen's acquisition because he's an exciting player which will take on a vulnerable role in LFC's team even though Arbeloa's good. I'm thinking Liverpool should buy a good striker or attacking midfielder, we should seriously think of David Silva, Wesley Sneijder, Kun Aguero and not give up on David Villa. However, there are other decent players like Zidan who I can't believe still plays in the Bundesliga and Jozy Altidore who proved he's a force to be reckoned with in the Confederations Cup. The gaffer's also gotta keep Alonso and Masch; they're just too important and I believe then we'll have a solid team to challenge next season. We need arrivals not departures. If the team remains intact with a few more signings we'll be in the race again. Hopefully this year we'll win it; we have the belief. YNWA

Posted 10:51 9th July 2009

Richard Smith (west brom) says...

Right, The Michael Owen signing is a brilliant bit of business, not just for Utd, but for England as well, I just hope that he and Rooney forge a good understanding together that will carry thro to the 2010 finals, but with our long and arduous season, will Owen stay fit ?. Thats the question,. changing the subject, as a West Brom fan may i wish Roberto Di Matteo the best for next season, Boing Boing Baggies Baggies...!!

Posted 10:05 9th July 2009

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