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Transfer debate

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Paul Mccafferty says...

i think glen johnson is a great signing for the reds gives us more strengh in defence plus he's great at pushing forward and has a great cross...... we only need 1 more signing a forward or attacking midfielder like david silva.... i honestly think the best thing rafa can do this summer is tie mascherano and alonso to long term contracts we need them there the heart of the team..... welcome back king kenny

Posted 23:36 8th July 2009

Steven Simpson says...

I am a spurs supporter and think we should sign Stephen Hunt from reading he will fill the left wing role no problems and wouldnt cost a bomb!!! Come oh Harry give us a signing to give us hope

Posted 16:10 8th July 2009

Kevin Churchyard says...

Now we have Obertan we have to sign Bordeaux's other hot prospect Henri Saivet. We cant lose out on players lke these, since benzema went to Madrid. We dont want this happening every sumer where we lose out on the rising talent across Europe. What about Ashley Young too,with the cash we have in the bank surely the over priced English talent would be well worth a shot?

Posted 14:27 8th July 2009

Steve Muskett says...

As a Chelsea fan I would be sorry to see John Terry leave the club as he has been a consistent stalwart and ambassasdor always giving 100% with his never say die attitude. However £40 million is a lot of money for a 28 year old who despite all of his positive attributes does have his flaws. John has been a great servant to the club and if he can pick up the reported £300,000 a week and Chelsea get the £40 million transfer fee I think everyone should be happy. Yes he would be a hard act to follow but we have some promising deputies in the shape of Michael Mancienne & Branislav Ivanovic who if given a run in the team could turn out to be more than adequate replacements.

Posted 08:38 8th July 2009

Mark Lardner says...

Why is Gianfranco Zola trying to re-sign Lucas Neill? the club is well shot of this money grabbing mercenary, his agent says 'Lucas is open to a return to West Ham as captain'. i bet he is - where are all these other so called 'big clubs' that were desperate to sign him?

Posted 19:17 7th July 2009

Luke Nother (Manchester United fan) says...

Loving United's signings at the moment and cant wait to see them in action, Fergie seems on the money this summer. I think though we need one more winger to play on the opposite side to nani who will hopefully get games this season as he has great potential. my favoured choice is bastian schweinsteiger great player with top level experiance and is fiery. with the signings of Oberton and Valencia this is more than adequete cover for (sorely missed) Ronaldo. would also like fergie to get one more striker, Huntelaar would be prime candidate and finally some midfield backup just in case Owen Hargreaves doesnt make it back. United should take a punt at Miguel Veloso who is highly rated accross Europe, Strong with a great freekick and vision to pass through defenders. Bring on the new Season!!!!

Posted 15:50 7th July 2009

Anthony Wilkins (Aston Villa fan) says...

Another day no signings !!!!!!!!!!!! all Villa fans know we need about 6 additions to the squad otherwise i feel it will be a struggle this coming season. All the teams know how we play and we won't be surprising any teams this year with counter attacking football !!!!!!!! MON get your finger out and start turning all the gossip into signings................................

Posted 15:37 7th July 2009

Paul Brandon says...

Please please please can you stop going on about Ronaldo - we all know he's gone to Real for a stupid amount of money (and sorry mate but despite your ego you are not worth that amount!) - we had a guts full of it last summer we don't need to hear it again. Can you now concentrate on what the English teams are up to as that is what I'll be following when the season starts. Come on Sky Sports UK - do the UK teams and leave Ronaldo to the Spanish lot.

Posted 02:45 7th July 2009

Jeff Henry says...

My mate was in Dubai last week in the same hotel as Mark Hughes and even had his photo taken with him (its his Facebook pic), Guess who he got to take the photo ? One Joeleon Lescott. Guess who turned up the next day - one John Terry but security would not allow him to take any pictures. Enough said. If JT did not want to leave Chelsea, why fuel the rumours and be so indiscreet ??

Posted 21:55 6th July 2009

Matt White says...

Lucas Neill coming back to West Ham, do me a favour...had a result when he left, unrealistic wage demands for a player that turned into a liability last season. has as much pace as bambi's mum..and tackles like her too.. Zola, DONT DO IT!!!

Posted 16:30 6th July 2009

James Saxton (Liverpool fan) says...

How can people have such bad memories? michael owen was all set to be the worlds best striker when ONLY JUST 22 HE WAS EUROPEAN FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR. Granted he never fulfilled his potential due to injuries, but Shearer is the only player i can think of who hasn't been hugely troubled by injury at Newcastle, best value signing in footballing history.

Posted 14:08 5th July 2009

Ian Hannaford says...

I think that the Michael Owen signing is just another example of a player nearing the end of his career trying to get one more big paycheck. How about paying him a base salary and a bonus for every goal he scores,also a bonus if he can actually stay healthy for an entire season. I feel sorry for the Newcastle fans who see a player get out as quickly as he can.I have been a Chelsea supporter for 40 years and was embarrassed to see the way Damien Duff played for them and getting paid for it,I suppose it was justice to see him score the goal that relegated them just wish it had been in the other net and maybe they could have stayed up.

Posted 01:21 5th July 2009

Freddie Wells (Manchester United fan) says...

I personally think Michael Owen is a great buy for Man United. Whenever he wasn't injured at Newcastle, he scored goals, and we have him on a free transfer, which means we can buy more world-class players like him. An added extra and smart move by Sir Alex is that apparantly Owen only gets paid when he's fit so if he gets injured, he doesn't get played which is brilliant. I look forward to seeing Owen and Valencia in action andam looking forward to what looks like its gonna be an amazing season. On the topic of who United should sign next, I would like to see maybe Jack Rodwell arrive at Old Trafford.

Posted 22:04 4th July 2009

Joe Gilbey says...

(Liverpool Fan) I have heard that Liverpool will only sell Alonso for 30mil or 20mil and Hugian. I think that would be a good sell for 30mil then we can buy David Silva (20mil) and a midfielder to take Alonso place. Then if any money spare buy backups.

Posted 19:53 4th July 2009

Rick H says...

I must say I am shocked that Fergie has taken a risk on a player that only clubs in the bottom half of the table were interested in. I think he could be a good signing but he is very risky for obvious reasons. Still I am not surprised that Fergie has gone for someone on a free, is it me or am I the only one that seems to be questioning whether the transfer funds available are actually in the £80m mark? Isn't the club in masses of debt? I know there was originally an apparent £30m kitty for transfers at the end of the season, so there's still around £13m left, but I don't see the Glazers and/or anyone else involved in the club or the lending of the current loan allowing the £80m to be spent on anything but the massive debt. After all we are in a recession, which banks are going to re-finance £600m + in this climate? I would be surprised if there is actually any big money signings at old trafford this pre season.

Posted 01:44 4th July 2009

Alex Gibson says...

Fergie should hang onto his money for another season. Madrid have bought half a first team that have never played together and Ronaldo will find it difficult playing in a team that isnt geared round him. I doubt Kaka etc. will tolerate his tantrums and lack of tracking back (and the temptations that the Madrid ladies will hold for him) and Im sure that the Madrid team will implode within the next twelve months without a strong and consistent Manager. Over the last couple of years they have bought several players SAF was looking at (Huntlaar, Snieder etc) and now these arent good enough??? Wait for Madrid to 'need' the next round of superstars and then wait for the yard sale. We have a good enough squad. Berba could drop into an attacking midfielder with his touch and vision (he was awesome in the Bugaria game a few months ago + he seems to dislike getting into the box enough to be an orthadox striker). Hargreaves or Fletcher would have balanced the Euro final somewhat so CM is reasonable with Carrick as back up. Unless Nani pulls his finger out then we do need a midfielder. Joe Cole would be a great addition as none of the Spanish seem to like to play anywhere that isnt on the sea. Give Raphael a chance at right back. We have been excellent in Europe for two years apart from the last final so no need to panic. Barca just raised the game with the speed that the midfield needs to play at. Im sure with focus we can attain that and at the end of the day Barca suprised us. Doesnt mean it will happen again!!!!

Posted 00:30 4th July 2009

Mark Askew says...

I dont see peoples problem with the owen signing at all. First of all he will cost us wages alone, and im sure fergie will reduce his massive newcastle wage and include some kind of pay as you play clause. Owen will be happy to be back at a top club and will gladly settle for being back up to rooney and berba, and coming off the bench he is guarenteed to score goals. He has one of the best strike ratios around at every club he played for. Fergie is not sure he will give owen a rigorous pre season to get him up to scratch and owen will put his all in with the world cup coming up. I predict that many people will be surprised by owen and i think he will hit the 20 goal mark next season. Top quality striker for no money, which gives fergie around 60 mill left to get a left winger and maybe a centre mid and right back. Good bit of business in my mind.

Posted 20:08 3rd July 2009

H S says...

So Owen signs for Utd. I didnt expect any different from the man who lost the respect of every Liverpool fan years ago. From day one he chose money over anything else in the game & today showed us all what a total low life he is by signing for them. You had a chance to be hero but you chose money everytime...enjoy sitting on the bench.

Posted 19:36 3rd July 2009

Ameer Majidiasl says...

michael owen? hmm.. i dont think he is a good signing, but to be honest i can see him scoring 15-20 goals in the season 09/10. he will be surrounded by the class of rooney, anderson, giggs, berbatov etc, so i do think he'll get the assistants he needs. If i was sir alex, i would buy wesley sneijder!

Posted 19:22 3rd July 2009

Lee Richardson says...

Surely Madrid are only doing what chelsea were doing a few years ago, when again everyone was complaining that because they had the money they could buy whoever they wanted and pay them a massive wage. If you want to be successful you need to have the best players, however you also need a decent manager, Madrid have had them, but because they don't win the league, CL every season they get sacked. I also find it hard to accept man utd fans complaining about Madrid when they have done the same to other teams. As for the money situation i believe Madrid get considerably more income from tv rights and son than any other team in europe with the exception of barca. So as long as they can balance the books at the end of the year, with tv rights, merchandise, gates etc they will continue to spend what they want on who they want.

Posted 18:12 3rd July 2009

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