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Transfer debate

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Gulzaar Omar says...

The money being spent on players is just plain stupid. I think that FIFA need to get a hold of this transfer circus and put some kind of rule in place. Perhaps a ranking system whereby all the players in the leading leagues are ranked and given points. These points should be linked to a transfer price which should be capped at say 50m pounds. So if Ronaldo and Messi are the highest ranked players, no matter where they go, they price can't be higher than 50m. As for Michael Owen joining Utd, i think that it could be Fergie's signing of the season provided that Owen stays fit. He is still a class player who needs a good team with regular football and he'll get that at Man U.

Posted 07:05 3rd July 2009

Ian M (Manchester United fan) says...

Michael Owen??? Please NO!!! What an awful move that would be!! Michael (show me a ball and I fall on the floor in agony) Owen, is a HAS BEEN. He was good, but now he has more injuries than your local A&E. Replacing Ronaldo and Tevez with Valencia and Owen is an absolute joke!! We have 80 million!! pleeeeeeeeeeeease buy some big names!!

Posted 04:11 3rd July 2009

Dave Humphrey (Liverpool fan) says...

Id like Liverpool to sign Renato Augusto from Leverkusen play him right or behind torres erm bring back sissoko of Masherano goes as the holding central midfielder sell Kuyt or push him more upfront now and if Masherano and alosno go make sure we dont lose money on them make profit i think Masherano is better central midfielder at the moment so we want big amount off money we should want at least 50 million or swap him for Messi we are losing a big player so why cant barca if they want him that bad

Posted 02:13 3rd July 2009

Mark Malone (Manchester United fan) says...

I think owen would be a good signing. He just needs to stay injury free. I also think sir alex will get the best out of him once again. Patnership alongside rooney i think will boost his confidence and the two of them could gel together and create a great partnership like when they played for england. Give owen a chance at man united sure he is a free agent and some people might just be eating there words. He will score goals. Love to see Robben at united too.

Posted 23:37 2nd July 2009

Andrew Browne (Manchester United fan) says...

Please SAF don't sign M Owen, we're acting desperate if we sign this has been like Big sam said? You know who to sign and its not Owen, we need just one defending midfielder and a quality striker Pato, Ronaldinho, Henry, E'eto, Aguero, you name it but not Owen please

Posted 23:14 2nd July 2009

Ajinkya Deshpande (Manchester United fan) says...

It would be Henrik Larrson like signing. Wellbeck and Macheda are great talents that need to be given a couple of years. Owen can provide that. The fact that he still is a potent poacher is not to be overlooked. I dont understand the panic over Madrid's spree. They need to do it catch up to Barcelona or Man Utd. Besides there is no guarantee that those group of players can play together. I'd rather have Xavi, Iniesta, Messi than Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema Man U could do with a creative CM to replace Scholes. But then again we have Possebon and Ljajic,who I believe is a brilliant player.

Posted 21:58 2nd July 2009

Davie Rettie (Manchester United fan) says...

I personally think the departure of tevez & ronaldo is good for utd. with tevez gone berbatov can step up his game and play well consistantly without having tevez whining we he has to sit on the bench. Ronnies departure opens a massive door for rooney who can now play naturally central and not live in rons shadow. i liked ronaldo as a player going forward but his lack of commitment tracking back simply wasnt good enough. 80 is ridiculos but if they want to pay that then we were right to bite their arm off. As for replacements, we dont need any, but we do need 3-4 SIGNINGS. we seemed to play a formation to suit ronaldo(my opinion) With the addition of valencia we have a winger who will track back and get the ball in the box without a fuss. Fergs didnt want benzema or ribery. too high risk to purchase. Michael Owen would be a good signing, no transfer, wants to play for england at 2010wc so would burst a gut to play well. so what if he's ex-liverpool. Personally giggs scholes,neville and maybe van der sar should call it quits on a high. nani, anderson, rafael and foster need a consistant run in the team. Fletcher is a good squad player but steel is req'd in midfield as hargreaves knee wont hold out for a complete season. de rossi and toure have been mentioned but miguel veloso from lisbon is ideal, joa motinho from lisbon also would add creation vacated by scholes. we have first refusal on pepe rossi and believe we should resign. does anyone agree with me as im sure some will diagree????

Posted 21:46 2nd July 2009

Shaun Mckenny (Manchester United fan) says...

great move. Owen will make a difference, maybe a bit part player but 10 important goals will make us CHAMPIONS again!!!

Posted 21:33 2nd July 2009

Nick Zajac (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with Dale on this one....... for me, we need one of two players out wide being either ashley young or Robben. Both would provide attacking flair and decent crossing that would definitely pry open defenses. We also could use a midfielder (seeing that Hargreaves is basically lost and scholes is getting old) as well as and additional center back and possibly a full back. All in all, I still have complete confidence in Fergie to mastermind something for next season.

Posted 21:27 2nd July 2009

Matthew Elliott says...

Why are all the utd fans starting to panic?! OK, so missing out on Benzema is a gutter and I think Sir Alex will be a as gutted as many of the rest of us. But, if Fergie isnt happy to risk that amount on him then that is that. How much we have to spend is totally irrelevant!! We all know that Fergie will have a plan B, C, D.......... We still have one of the best back fours in the country and Rooney and Berbatov up front!! A midfield warrior to follow the Valencia signing and maybe another forward (maybe even Mr Owen on a free!!) will be good enough. Lets also not forget a certain Owen Hargreaves as he is a class act when fit!! Save the cash until we actually need it!!!! Come on Utd!

Posted 20:44 2nd July 2009

Big Dave (mcfc) (Manchester City fan) says...

Now Man U have lost the best goalscorers they had, it's goodbye to them and hello to us. MCFC is now the premier team of transfers, it was OK for the top 4 to spend big, now it's our turn.We are able to compete financially and on the pitch, there will be more than a top 4 this coming season and we will be in the top 4. Watch out .

Posted 19:55 2nd July 2009

Bob Carolgees (Arsenal fan) says...

How funny is it to have a Chelski fan say that Real Madrid are ruining football by spending so much money on players :) Hilarious.. Our football clubs have dominated Europe in recent years by, guess what, spending more money than the other leagues so now Real have adopted the same approach, as they did in a previous time, getting 180 million in debt to have it written off by the City of Madrid!! Football is a a time when people are losing jobs and homes, idiot fans want their teams to spend 100 million to compete for a trophy, not realising that the same fan wont be able to go watch, or pay for Sky cos he wont have a job!! Get a brain. Football should implement a salary cap scheme, like the NFL, which allows more competition and helps emphasize coaching and player development rather than who has the largest wallet. All you out there screaming at your team to spend money, dont start moaning when season tickets go up, merchandise trebles and the bank call in your loan, not your football clubs, cos you created it. Let your managers manage and get better over time instead of wanting instant success.

Posted 19:32 2nd July 2009

Chris M (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with the opinion that Rossi would be a great signing for us. I don't particularly want to see us going for Ashley Young, no offence but signing him because he is young and English is wrong. Moutinho from Sporting would be a lethal signing along with maybe Douglas Costa. Anderson should play more games next season, I hope anyway he's a work horse and can be world class in a couple of years. I think rafael should be given the RB spot next season also. If we could sign a young GK like Asenjo or Neuer I would be happy. James McCarthy from Hamilton is one to watch as well. Please Fergie spend the cash, all of it.

Posted 11:50 2nd July 2009

John Lawlor (Liverpool fan) says...

Its frightening to think of Real Madrid's forward line next tear... Ronaldo Rul Kaka' Benzema Thats not including Higuain, Huntelaar, Wesley Sneijder, Rafa Van Der Vaart, and if they sign him Franck Ribery! But what about them defensively? Pep is a complete loose cannon, Raul Albiol isn't a regular in the Spanish team, and will their be room for either Diarra's in the team with Los Galactico's the 2nd running riot? I would love to see Real win European Cup #10, but they're going the wrong way about it. It should have been either Kaka' or Ronaldo + maybe Benzema. I don't think that the team will gell in the first season, that Pellegrini will be given enough time, or that they will be as good as Barcelona in midfield and attack as regards fluidity, but we'll just have to wait and see... P.s. Can Liverpool have Higuain on a free???? =P

Posted 11:41 2nd July 2009

Mark Garland (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal need stephen taylor he would add the strength and determination to the defense and team as a whole, I see him as a future Tony Adams. As for midfield Cana looks the key but would like Song to step up this season in the same role. Up front it has to be Huntelaar to replace Adebayor although with Real signing Benzema I do worry that Man Utd will now be favourites to get him. anyone agree?

Posted 11:23 2nd July 2009

Jack Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Absolutely gutted about Benzema, he'd of been a huge star at Utd, the next Cantona in my opinion and his playing style would of really complemented Rooneys. That is one big big missed opportunity and I can't see anyone of his talent that would be as much of a success. Villa is apparently staying in Spain, Aguero is a big risk at that price as his consistency is questionable, and I don't think Fergie will break the transfer policy of signing young developing players so that would rule out the likes of Eto'o and Fabiano. In that case we should look at buying real quality in the MF so Rooney and Berbatov get some quality service and are able to shine. Maybe one of the dutch Real players Sneijder or Van Der Vaart. In a dream world I love to see Iniesta but I'll keep on dreaming cus that aint ever happening! We lack a little bit of cutting edge now Ronnies gone and Scholesy and Giggs are on the way out, we need to get some back in. Come on UTD!!! Pull one out of the hat Fergie!!

Posted 11:17 2nd July 2009

Anthony Wilkins (Aston Villa fan) says...

Come on Martin !!!!!!!!!!!! very worrying that we have not made a major move in the market yet. We have been linked with Bramble and i hope thats a lie !!!!!!! Our neighbours across the city are looking better prepared this year. Give us fans something to get excited about and soon......................

Posted 11:15 2nd July 2009

Zvi Zerem (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What Spurs need is not another random European striker who nobody has ever heard of. And leave the central midfield alone. With Palacios, Jenus, Huddlestone even O'Hara and Modric as well as, for the moment Zokora we have a wealth of talented midfielders. What we DO need is cover for central defence and a left winger. A decent one. Not a crocked Downing or an ancient Robben. A Maxi Rodriguez, A Joe Cole. Sell Bent if you want but Palyuchenko did alright in his first season. Shows he has strikers instinct, unlike Bent, and CAN play off Keane or Defoe. And please please get decent money for Zokora, Bentley, Bent and alas Hudd if he has to go. They are worth SOMETHING. COYS

Posted 10:48 2nd July 2009

Seany T says...

Anybody getting a little bored of players so called commiting themselves to their clubs and the fans when Real Madrid show interest and come calling, then the next minute bags are packed even before a transfer deal can be done, also with clubs one minute stating that players are not for sale at any price then the next the players sold. I mean come off it I know Real need help,what with working on their bulging trophy cabinet from last year (mocking & sniggering) but surely they would have learnt that having the best players in the world is one thing but making them gel and play as a team is another as Chelsea unfortunately found out with Sheva. But I feel if Chelsea can get there skillfull winger or playmaker and clear out the deadwood then this season could just be a blue one, but also my unbiased side says that if Liverpool can keep Alonso and by an additional playmaker they too will be up for it this year. Too be honest I agree with Dwaine, I feel that Berbatov is not in the same class a Tevez and United would have been better off with Tevez staying. They have now lost two of the threesome that have been deadly over the past two years and I think they will not be able to find anyone to fill those shoes this season and unless they get someone in before pre season friendlies to start adapting with the team they will find themselves back in the lowly depths of 3rd (where we were unfortunate to be last season) Arsenal I dont see getting any better unless they sort out a strong centre mid to work with Fibreglass, and they can keep RVP and Eduardo fit.

Posted 10:21 2nd July 2009

Ross Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

As a United fan, I'd love to see Huntelaar brought in. He would score 30+ goals for United a season with great assists from the right with Valencia and great service from the middle in the form of Carrick. I see him as the ideal partner fro Rooney. He would possibly be better than Van Nistelrooy because he is younger. Also I'd like to see us invest in a proven centre midfielder because scholes just doesn't have the legs anymore. Someone in the mould of De Rossi or Yaya Toure is what we're missing in midfield. And lastly we should definately invest in Sergio Asenjo, the young keeper from Real Valladollid. He was great for Spain in the Under 21s Euros and he saved a Milner penalty. He would be an ideal replacement for Van Der Sar and I could also see Ben Foster leaving this summer because of the World Cup coming up next year. Any thoughts on what I have said?

Posted 10:13 2nd July 2009

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