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Transfer debate

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Henry Eu says...

Real Madrid are stealing all the stars! They have bought the top league player in England, Italy, France and now maybe Germany also. I wonder if there any big names left to come to the premier league.

Posted 10:03 2nd July 2009

Daniel Scott-walby (Chelsea fan) says...

As a Blues fan I hope Ancelotti will realise that we need more English talent and not look abroad for the likes of Pirlo and Pato who would cost alot of money and Im not sure if they will put the effort in for the cause of the team. Players like Ashley Young, Aaron Lennon, maybe someone like Samuel Etoo who wants to link up with Drogba and is a proven goal scorer would be better options. I also think we should let cavalho, deco, paulo F go, keep the likes of kalou and di santo send out on loan for a year, keep malouda as he has shown he is a better player in the 2nd season just gone. stop playing ballack and keep mikel holding with essien and lampard in midfield. Maybe Tevez would have been a good buy too. come on you blues!

Posted 10:02 2nd July 2009

Harry Morrison (manchester united fan) says...

There's no need for United to worry, Tevez never played & Ronaldo never tracked back. With Valencia already signed we've got a winger who will stay out wide (unlike Ronaldo), has experience in the Premier League & will put the effort & the tracking back that Ronaldo lacked. Tevez on the other hand was a shirt seller really. The fans saw his effort which was Tevez' game, to be fair he isn't a great player, he didn't play enough to warrant a £26+million deal anyway. He did score vital goals but who says them goals can't come from else where? They were hardly mazy runs or 30 yard screamers. I think there's only one more signing we need & that's a striker, though I would like to see more signings maybe another winger, right back & centre mid? but at the least a striker is needed. The best buy I see is former red Giuseppe Rossi. He's been Italy's best player by far in the Confederations Cup & would be a lot cheaper than any other striker we could sign as well as being young. I do believe this squad with another striker definitely can do it again & this is Rooney's season. Ribery I would like to see in the red shirt but looks very unlikely now, Benzema seems to be on his way to Madrid, Villa & Silva seem to be stayin somewhere in Spain as well. Apart from them four there isn't many people i could see fit to wear the shirt.

Posted 03:21 2nd July 2009

Andy Kennedy says...

I'm Absolutedly Sick To The Core Of Real Madrid C.F. What They are doing is so unhealthy for football & taking the enjoyment out of it for us fans. First they buy Kaka, then Ronaldo, & Benzema, Oh I should mention Raul Albiol Of Valencia Who is at best a Spanish Defender with some promise. Every summer it's the same material a candidate is going for the club elections let's buy the best player's in the world for the past 12 months wheter that's Kaka Cristiano Ronaldo or whoever, It never seems to bother the clubs or players it's unsettling. My personal opinion is that if this were an English club Sepp Blatter would have given his woeful and disapprooval a man who let's say is at the helm of Fifa to long & doesn't know a great deal about the game let's be honest. Madrid & Perez in particular can have a wonderful roof on this house they are apparently attempting to construct but as usual with Real Madrid they always never go first for a foundation in a good solid defence & defensive midfielder perhaps. I would appeal to Blatter, Platini another Moron as regards off field knowledge on the laws of the game tp put a transfer caption on all clubs in both transfer wondows so all clubs can only spend up to a certain figure. Fair trade & Common sense is what is needed to stop otherwise it's going into ruin.......

Posted 01:08 2nd July 2009

Carl Nevison says...

Why are Real Madrid buying all the good players like Kaka, Ronaldo etc. Kaka was far the best player for AC Milan & Cristiano Ronaldo scored loaded & brilliant goals for Manchester United. I am a Manchester United fan & i am glad that we bought Antonio Valencia from Wigan Athltic because he is just like Ronaldo running & beats defenders & so. Now i have heard that Real Madrid is trying to sign Karim Benzema, So i have a message for all you Real Madrid fans: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY & NOTHING ABOUT LOYALTY & something else, I will be laughing my head off until the new season of 2010/2011 if Real Madrid dont win any trophys.

Posted 23:42 1st July 2009

Anonymous T says...

I don't usually write on these things but is it just my opinion that if an English P.L team was doing what Real Madrid are doing now, buy spending almost 200 mil on 3 players, Platini would be slamming the idea and calling our league a disgrace. As a season ticket holder and a football fan, I hate to say it but im not liking the way our game is turning. Platini is a hypocrit. Wage and transfer caps would mean lower ticket prices and fuller stadiums hopefully. Get It sorted. Just my opinion :)

Posted 23:06 1st July 2009

Sean Mcgouran (Manchester United fan) says...

The Real Madrid situation is a joke to be perfectly honest. I know many may find it funny coming from a United fan but how on earth can Real Madrid get away with this, Kaka, Ronadlo, Benezma. Then Alonso and Ribery waiting in the wings? How can any club bar Barcalona compete with this? The Spainish league will become a farce with only two teams in it. The Champions League will become a farce. Lets be honest basically two teams in it and with the 'Big Four' losing top players and unable to sign top players ahead of Real and Barca. How can UEFA stand by and allow this? And if people complain about United spending policy in recent years. Yes we spent alot but we did not steal the best players in the world like Madrid are now. Barca I have a lot of respect for as it was mainly their youth system with brought the likes of Xavi and Ineista to the world. United always had good youth policies and have always strifed to put young players first. UEFA need to sort this out. Wage Caps, Transfer caps aka the most a club is allowed to spend in close season need to be introduced. It will also only be a matter of time before the US get involved in major transfers and then its football down the tube,

Posted 21:28 1st July 2009

Ben Smith (Chelsea fan) says...

Chelsea need to get rid of a few players and also sign a few to win the league next year. Ferreira, Carvalho, Deco, Shevchenko and Pizzaro should go and they should sign Turnbull, Maicon, Zhirkov, Pirlo, Pato and Sturridge.

Posted 20:29 1st July 2009

John Bowes (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Who will sign Michael Owen? My guess is that a small to medium club, Costing the fans greatly at the gate. He still living off his Liverpool reputation... That dissapeared along with his pace! He is just a name that will pop up now and again when a club is struggling. Should have stayed a red Michael!

Posted 19:41 1st July 2009

Danny C (Manchester United fan) says...

Im sick of all this that United need to sign someone to replace Ronaldo, no we dont need to sign anyone, i would be happy for United to spend all season breaking in some of these youngsters weve been collectring for the last few seasons and givign them a go, even if we win nothing, but i guess United is no longer about the club and tradition and its all about winning at the cost of our integrity. Crying for guys who dotn want to play for us is just not on and degrades my great club.

Posted 14:03 1st July 2009

Cem (gem) Toygar (Atletico Madrid fan) says...

GALATASARAY'S new manager Frank Rijkaard has signed ATLETICO MADRID'S goalkeeper LEO FRANCO! What are your thoughts?

Posted 13:57 1st July 2009

Peter C (Manchester United fan) says...

I would love to have seen Benzema playing for Man utd along side Rooney, but I must admit it doen't look likely now. I really hope the big clubs in the premier league keep there big players because the Spanish league has become so strong that all the big names want to play for either madrid or barca and its getting harder for the likes of Man Utd, chelsea and arsenal to attract the kaka's, ribery's and villa's of european football. Lets hope Fabregas stays at arsenal and tevez doesnt go abroad

Posted 13:46 1st July 2009

Geoffrey (manchester united supporter) Kaichole says...

If the reports are anything to go by, claiming that Real Madred has reached an agreement with Lyon for Benzema, l guess its hard luck for ManUtd. Lets hope we find a striker who will bring us goals, may be Fabio...!!!!

Posted 13:29 1st July 2009

Chris Horsman (Manchester United fan) says...

Is anyone else fed up of Real Madrid? I have always been against people saying money ion football is ridiculous but i think Madrid are just going too far. If one of Englands top sides were spending that amount of money i'm sure Blatter or Platini would have something to say about how the Premier is ruining football. I can remember Blatter saying about Premier league teams finances out of control but then he backs Madrid spending £60m on Kaka. Also, Platini saying the Premier laegue benn too predictable yet when asked about Lyon winning the french league 7 years in a row he had no answer. To say these two figures of football go on about fair play etc. they same to favour anything other than the Premier League.

Posted 13:04 1st July 2009

Andy Waddington (Manchester United fan) says...

At the moment Real are picking and choosing whoever they want. Only Villa said no but then they move onto Benzema. He was next on the list. By the time Ribery goes aswell then Sir Alex will have problems signing the players with the skills to please te fans. It is a very fast moving window at the moment and those who wait and play the long game might miss out on the key players. I think all any supporter wants is to have an announcement from their club saying we have bought this certain quality player and then the butterflies and nerves can stop. Sooner the better.

Posted 12:59 1st July 2009

Paul Cook (Fulham fan) says...

The transfer market this year has been stupid the crazy prices people are paying for players is in my eyes way to much especially real madrid. This is becoming a serious problem in the game and needs to be sorted out straight away maybe with some sort of cap on transfers and a limit to how much you can sell one player for, say 30 mil is the limit to what you can sell and 70 mil to how much you can spend all together as its taking the fairness out of the game and the smaller clubs are struggling to get anyone as a 5 mil player is being boosted up to 10 mil and a 10 mil to 15 and so on. People arnt realising if this doesn't stop soon football as we know it will change and not for the better.

Posted 12:51 1st July 2009

Simon Harris (Everton fan) says...

Everton need a right back and a striker, other than that strength in depth. Right back Micah Richards I think would be allowed to go for fairly cheap, striker Jo on loan again, and would like to see Wagner Love in a blue shirt but only on loan initially, Man City paid a lot of money for Jo and it didn't work out for them, Everton are not silly enough to get stung like that. We were linked with Saviola heavily last January, would love to see someone like that play for the toffees.

Posted 12:43 1st July 2009

Avinash Aunaruth says...

It is obvious that Liverpool will make no bigger deals than Johnson this year.Simply put, the top stars we need are too expensive.Villa 50 M Silva 35 M and the list goes on.The club has no money and to make a big buy despite what they say, Alonso or Mascherano will have to go.I think if Rafa got 40 M for either of them, he would be stupid not to take it. Don't count on Gillett.Despite selling the Montreal Candians, he will not spare any money from that deal to LFC because he has too many debts to cover in North America as it is. I feel Manutd have made some bad business on the whole. Selling Ronaldo might have been for the money but not signing Tevez was a grave mistake.Valencia will never be able to replace Ronaldo and Tevez will be sorely missed.Manutd will miss a lot of goals from these two come the new season.SAF will regret a lot. Mancity can offer silly money but they are no Real Madrid.If i was Tevez, i would go to Chelsea and if Eto'o had some sense, he would not go there either.

Posted 12:38 1st July 2009

Jake Rossiter says...

I can't wait to see Valencia in action for United. Would love to know the reasons behind Tevez leaving. Something dodgy going on there. Would like to see Michael Owen at Aston Villa. Thin that would be a great addition for them. Can't wait to see how Mowbray and Martinez get on with Celtic and Wigan.

Posted 12:25 1st July 2009

Dwaine Crawford (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Manchester Utd need to look far and wide for a proven goalscorer. Last season Tevez and Ronaldo won alot of games for us. Tevez against Wigan when we was 1 down to Rodallega strike comes to mind. We have lost 30 goals a season with departures and i dont see Valencia filling that void. 3 goals last term. I think a punt on a free and hopefully fit Michael Owen would be a decent peace of business. Dont waste the money because we have. Sign quality not reputation.

Posted 11:28 1st July 2009

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