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New beginnings with Ben Shephard, Hayley McQueen and the England women's rugby team.

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Kim Schoultz says...

I reckin you guy s are doing a magnifcent job at covering the cricket. Keep up the good work always on your side...

Posted 13:05 18th August 2010

Tommy Smith says...

Please do something with Vicky Gomersall, as far as I can see she has not been on a Podcast yet Cheers

Posted 10:03 14th August 2010

Jamie Harrison says...

A question for Shane Warne - "In America, the USYCA is aggressively taking cricket to American primary schools, believing that for cricket to grow in the States, it must start with the children, rather than with adults. Some call this "children first" approach the "Aussie Model." Do you agree with that philosophy as it pertains to America?" - JamieUSYCA

Posted 17:25 16th July 2010

Trevor Woodward (Liverpool fan) says...

Chris Kamara changing his name? I thought it was April fool's day.! What is the point? What is wrong with your own name. All soccer fans & pundits know him as Kammy...! Hope this is just for the world cup and that it'll be changed back to Kamara as soon as England get knocked a few days!

Posted 10:57 9th June 2010

Bijay Malla (Manchester United fan) says...

I am a subscriber to Skysports. I simply love reading all the features. This new one also appears to be good. Keep it up. By the way, is it possible to get some news on Owen Hargraves?

Posted 12:47 21st April 2010

Antony Hanan says...

Very good first podcast. I cant wait to see more, especially behind the scenes because as you said i never knew you presenters had legs.

Posted 18:23 4th February 2010

Adam Dean says...

Love the podcast and the outtakes were funny. and it was intresting to see the presenters behind the scenes of what they doing , more of this please : )

Posted 15:33 4th February 2010

Samuel Ekon says...

It would be something enjoyable and interesting. Though I can only be part of it only my email box due to not having the right facility for it. I love skysport news. Its my daily companion. GOD bless you all

Posted 15:25 4th February 2010

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