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Top Ten: World derbies

Top Ten: World derbies draws up a 10-strong list of top derbies in world football.

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Callum Turnbull (Newcastle United fan) says...

Tyne Wear Derby for sure!!! Its surely not based on what the games are like its the aftermath that makes it the most fiercest derby in England!!!

Posted 21:49 3rd December 2008

William Henderson (Rangers fan) says...

Birmingham Vs Villa? Why would this be before any of the above teams? Birmingham are in the Championship. I've seen a better Derby with Dundee and Dundee UTD and thats bad lol.

Posted 15:37 1st December 2008

James Belchem (Liverpool fan) says...

Well as great as these derbies are only two of them could be classed in the top 10 when it comes to fiercest, thats roma/lazio and river/boca. but instead of all these british ones, you need to be looking towards eastern europe where wars and deaths regular occur from football. Also if you are going to include barca - real, then what about Southampton - Portsmouth haha.

Posted 13:24 1st December 2008

Matthew Darling (Sunderland fan) says...

Spurs vs Arsenal got ahead of Sunderland vs Newcastle! Madness! I think that they have left the biggest derby out of the entire list!

Posted 12:52 29th November 2008

Hamish Fields (Newcastle United fan) says...

You are joking? You include Arsenal v Spurs, but not the Tyne-Wear derby? Seriously? Arsenal-Spurs games are often dull with little atmosphere.

Posted 20:50 28th November 2008

Justin Bryant (Manchester United fan) says...

Not a bad list, but too Euro-centric. Boca-River is obviously huge, but there are several other South American derbies that are way beyond the scale of, for instance, Spurs-Arsenal. Flamengo-Fluminense in Rio, Colo Colo-Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and two other huge derbies in Argentina: the Avellaneda Derby between Racing and Independiente, and the Rosario derby between Newell's Old Boys and and Rosario Central. You'll find way more passion and atmosphere at these games than at the Emirates, that's for sure.

Posted 18:32 28th November 2008

Josh Wright (Newcastle United fan) says...

what about newcastle - sunderland!!!

Posted 16:46 28th November 2008

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