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Alastair Trickey says...

I don't think the ticket prices are that bad. To see a final in most sports its £50 and you are getting to see the best athletes in the world. I am not rich but I am saving and have saved money for tickets. We have known about the olympics for ages so give over complaining you should have saved, we all knew that they were not not going to give the tickets away, they have to charge to make the olympics viable.

Posted 00:29 16th March 2011

Lisa Woods says...

Makes me laugh, the country is in a shambles, everythink rising in price, people losing their jobs, wages staying the same, an they still expect you to pay them prices, What an event me an my family of 5 would have loved to have gone to,,,,but not at them prices,,,,,,,one big JOKE!

Posted 20:18 15th March 2011

Daniel Platt says...

In this time where we are being asked to do things for nothing why not give out tickets for voluntary work. Also i thought we were suposed to be tightening our belts to pull us throgh these hard times, spare cash for tickets will have to go higher food, fuel and living costs Mr Camron etal.

Posted 18:42 15th March 2011

Anthony Tibbs says...

i would not pay to see it its only for the well off io hope it flops when thay sell the every of will that money go back to the lottrey. top sport people will not come for les than £50,000. give it to people who need the money give the money to kids hospels and save them

Posted 18:25 15th March 2011

Rob Smith says...

I want to see some of the boxing finals but its a joke £95. Way over priced. You cant see any finals for cheaper than £30. The big finals like Mens 100M, Swimming all start at £50. Thats more than what i pay for a ticket at Arsenal. Rich will be fine but the poorer have no chance to see the big events. I think its shocking how poor the pricing has gone. Also £725 for the best seat for the 100M is what they call a 5star joke get a grip.

Posted 17:44 15th March 2011

Wilson Cruickshank says...

Games o/k if you live in london...Seb sayes games for all whos he kiding with all his lackys telling us they will be wonderfull and good for the Country which part ..the south.NO GOOD IF YOU LIVE IN THE NORTH .. HOO i forgot we will have the pleasure of the ladies football at Hamden BIG DEAL thank you SEB and all your lackys enjoy....

Posted 16:12 15th March 2011

Kelly Hammett says...

I think some of the prices are reasonable provided you research which sessions you want. I've applied for my family of 4 to see the tennis at wimbledon for 2 days. If i'm successful it will cost me £160. It would cost considerably more if I wanted to go to wimbledon to see the usual annual competition!!

Posted 13:20 15th March 2011

John May says...

Hey guys, I really think it's unfair to say these events are overpriced. £20 tickets are cheap in terms of sporting events. You can't expect the tickets to be cheaper than that considering how much it costs to have the games. Just don't go to a final and it's very cheap. There are also free events such as the marathon and even coming to London for the day will get you amongst the atmosphere. Getting to London is so cheap these days as well. Just do an internet search for cheap coach and train tickets!

Posted 12:11 15th March 2011

Don Drew says...

I am a disabled person and unemployed and would love to have seen some of the cycling at the velodrome but at those prices, just cannot afford it. Sport for all, I think not, only for the privileged few. Thanks Seb.

Posted 11:56 15th March 2011

Ralph Anderson says...

This ballot is a nonsense. There are supposed to be £6 million tickets on sale, £2.8m registered and £58 million people in this country. You do the maths. I have applied for 3 events and a family of 4 for these events is £208 plus £6 delivery. Welcome to the FAMILY Olympics.

Posted 11:52 15th March 2011

Tracy Elwell says...

Alot of them are overpriced. My daughter is a 7 year old elite gymnast and really wants to go. The only way its possible is for me to apply for a ticket for the two of use, even though my husband would love to come we could not afford it. I would prefer to take her to a final, but cannot afford to, its not fair! This is an ideal time to encourage children to see sport and maybe fire a love for a certain sport and its not affordable!

Posted 10:42 15th March 2011

Paul Helme says...

So Lord snob coe & his chums have out-priced 90%+ of the population who don't live around london, no surprise there then! No doubt him and his "associates" will be given a free pass to every event, MP's 'n all. The public have to spend.. but never get to attend!! Good to see nothing has changed.

Posted 10:42 15th March 2011

Alan Hicks says...

Wanted to go to some of the swimming events but the cheapest tickets are £50, It's a complete joke, There's no way i can afford those sorts of prices, Was really looking forward to going but now so dissapointed!!

Posted 10:38 15th March 2011

Reg Smith says...

@Clare English are you been serious? I've just applied for Football Quarter Finals tickets at Old Trafford for £20 per ticket, thats cheaper than going to see Wigan! Regards

Posted 09:51 15th March 2011

Clare English says...

Overpriced !!!!!! How can families afford to go.

Posted 13:30 15th February 2011

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