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Taylor slams Fifa insult

Taylor slams Fifa insult

Gordon Taylor believes it is 'something of an insult' that Fifa overlooked England's World Cup bid.

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Niall Murphy (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I was actually surprised how absolutely gutted I am by this decision, and I agree with Mike the Leeds fan, we should try not to be too bitter about the result. However something doesn't seem right with either result and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I also cant fathom why or how Jack Warner has so much influence over World Football? Answers on a postcard please? The head of CONCACAF, a football association with powerhouses such as Canada and Guatemala as members! Or am I being grossly unfair to the Cayman Islands National Football team? Clearly pandering to Trinidad & Tobago with almost endless meaningless Cricket tests was a complete waste of time. Rant over

Posted 04:37 3rd December 2010

Yajuman Manandhar (Manchester United fan) says...

I would have loved to see England host the tournament and the final being held at the Wembly. The next thing we can do we can do is build a strong squad for next tournament and proved the everyone else that we are capable of winning something...

Posted 02:35 3rd December 2010

Michael Thompson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Why do the english always feel that its there right to win everything ? Iam english and we we should take defeat like sportsmen and stop moaning ! We will never win the world cup as a team either, as long as we have too many foreign players playing in our league. How many foreign players did we have in our league when we dominated european football in the 70's and 80's, very few is the answer !!!!!!!! Give our young players a chance !!!

Posted 01:24 3rd December 2010

Philip Boulton (Birmingham City fan) says...

So Russia gets the vote, so no one will be allowed in to the country to watch , if they get in they will be arrested as spies the mafia will have all the tickets and with a bit of luck Blatter and Platini will get sent to workcamps in siberia and not be seen again, thus ending profiteering in F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A. and fair play will come back to football in general, and common sense will rule again.

Posted 00:50 3rd December 2010

Joe G (Celtic fan) says...

Give it a rest. You are so arrogant. The statements made here are stupid. Talk about sour grapes! You stole this once before, you have the worst fans in the world, a team to match and you expect the world to welcome you? Get a life! Try to find an Englishman to coach your team before you get carried away!

Posted 00:42 3rd December 2010

Ashley Brown (Newcastle United fan) says...

We created football but it is ruled by foreigners who do everything in the power to go against us, JOKE....Slepp Blatter out!

Posted 00:40 3rd December 2010

Barry Bethal (Morecambe fan) says...

I think we all know deep down Russia were going to be given the vote as Fifa see themselves as some footballing messiah that can give nations new stadia etc. The thing that riles is that we all know how corrupt Fifa are, Russia is expensive, too large (flights required), old stadia, racist fans and dangerous but hey ho they win. You would think, 'ok, they've never held it so fair enough' . . . then - Qatar?!! WTF?!! Read someone put it best 'where next? Greenland if they discover oil?'. The other thing that riles me is why are we so hung up about the Panorama investigation, if people are going to change their votes based on a tv programme then that shows how fallible the people who vote are! Don't get me started on Jack Warner - some no-mark from Trinidad who wields all this footballing power - how?! Who gets his level of power next in Fifa - some retired fisherman from the Faroes?

Posted 23:53 2nd December 2010

Paul Mcevoy (Celtic fan) says...

Just shows you how much England are hated around the world. Maybe if they were more humble about the game and not exuding arrogance they might, just might win some friends.

Posted 23:44 2nd December 2010

Graeme Kilminster (Manchester United fan) says...

I would love to see the big football nations break away and start their own version of FIFA but that won't happen and its obvious that they are anti English. I'm not English but do think they deserved to win soley because it's the no1 football nation at this present time. Better start saving for Russia because it's way too expensive for a holiday. Russia winning- corruption at it's best!! Qatar now that is a joke. I've worked there several times and all i can say is - they will have to change their alcohol and dress code rules to enable people to enjoy the event as part of a holiday. 50 dagrees - air con stadiums? They can afford it and again another rich country makes me think some palms mush have been greased with gold. Australia should have won the vote for many reasons which i won't mention. Well i won't be going to Russia or Qatar and i really hope someone finds out that there has been some dodgy business going on and then some peeps may take some actions regarding those FIFA dudes

Posted 23:41 2nd December 2010

M G (Manchester United fan) says...

As a Canadian living in a city that just hosted one of the greatest sporting events in the world - the winter olympics. I feel that it is selfish of Russia to even consider a bid as they have the olympics in 2014. With that in mind the same line of thinking goes with the World Cup bid. However, I feel that the deplorable state of living for Russian citizens combined with the constant rumor of corruption leaves me scratching my head. Does FIFA feel that they, as the controller of the greatest tournament/sporting event on Earth, have a unspoken role has a human rights leader? Do they feel that by giving the tournament to Russia that they might clean up their abuse of civil rights? I don't speak for FIFA but I do speak for myself. I feel that this tournament belonged in Europe in 2018 and certainly not Qatar in 2022. I strongly support an investigation into FIFIA official's decision making process and I also support an investigation into what swayed voters to pick a nation with a storied history of corruption and human rights abuses. I do fear for journalists and tourists who will travel to the tournament as they will make for easy targets for those who continuously struggle to put food in their mouths.

Posted 23:14 2nd December 2010

Dave New (Liverpool fan) says...

FIFA have always been anti-English football so no surprise. A lot of my fellow USA based fans are upset by the decision for 2022 but as I've told them, every cloud has a silver lining. Hope Russia and Qatar are up to dealing with all the terrorist problems coming their way. In my opinion both England and the US have dodged a big bullet.

Posted 22:55 2nd December 2010

Mike L (Leeds United fan) says...

Hope we don't make fools of ourselves now with too much "sour grapes"; but I do feel that if FIFA's objective is to take the tournament to new countries they should be upfront and honest about it. A lot of time, money and effort has been wasted with a bid that was apparently destined to fail from the start! If the FA does think the system is corrupt, then they should abstain from any future bids until they feel otherwise.

Posted 22:51 2nd December 2010

Daniel Harbottle (Manchester United fan) says...

People accuse FIFA of being corrupt. Well the Premier League are not very ethical themselves as their are sold to the highest bidder. I mean tickets prices reaching £100? That is many people's food spend for a week! English football needs to take a long hard look at itself and stop hemorraging so much money and English players getting talked up more and more and doing worse and worse at tournaments. Get some Barca or any decent coaches to train English lads the technical side of the game and not so much physical. The Netherlands are a smaller nation and still always produce technically brilliant players. It is not that England lacks talent it is that talent is wasted. Same with the resources, there are always resources but they often get wasted.

Posted 22:27 2nd December 2010

R Daniels (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

to be fair i think gordon is saying it is an insult we didn't get past the first round of voting, which after being labelled as having the best technical and most profitable bid with the best presentation is hard to understand

Posted 22:22 2nd December 2010

Kevin Teece (Liverpool fan) says...

I'm all for the approach of spreading football around the world and giving the World Cup to countries that have not staged it before but Qatar give me a break.I am bitterly dissappointed at losing out to Russia,especially the amount of votes that we received but you can see the logic behind the choice.Qatar what will that achieve and Australia who are a growing country and achiever in football and have never staged the World Cup were also humiliated by the farce of this FIFA charade.When a nobody from Trinidad & Tobago also has a major influence in where the GREATEST tournament in the World is played then no wonder shambles like this happens again and again in football.No wonder Blatter wants to bury his head in the sand over any accusations of bribery and bung taking.

Posted 22:07 2nd December 2010

United We stand (Alloa Athletic fan) says...

We are starting a break away association which is anti fifa who wants to join us? We are sick of this corruption and who is with us as true football supporters. Join us and help us take OUR game back, to the REAL people. The football people. It's our game.

Posted 21:43 2nd December 2010

Patrick Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Let's face facts. Blatter, at Fifa and in particular Platini have a total dislike of The English Premier league. Simply put we have best stadium (No crowd trouble) best players are attracted to the end to end football. So therefore we are not suitable because 1) We are not Technical enough! 2) We have too many foreign players (although Uefa reduced their quota of foreign players years ago). 3) We have too much money. 4) Too many countries watch Premier league. A) Perhaps Jack Warner wanted larger allocation of tickets B) We wouldn't/ could't give Brown envelopes. C) Cameron wouldn't change visa requirements for FIFA officials. (according to Dutch) According to Wikileaks Russian Government is totally corrupt and terrible trouble with racism and Hooliganism? And country run by Russian Mafia. You can't trust Uefa or FIFA

Posted 21:39 2nd December 2010

J R (Liverpool fan) says...

The decision for Qatar was also unbelievable, where next Greenland, if they find oil. Can we breakaway from Fifa

Posted 21:23 2nd December 2010

Mark Vine (Leeds United fan) says...

Yeah we should be gracious and not moan about losing, but i do agree with with PK we should same to fifa and uefa are clubs and country are not playing in your competions any more till all the corruption stops and is totally transparent, as for Taylor saying getting a team capable of winning that will never happen while we have foreign managers in charge of OUR national team.

Posted 21:22 2nd December 2010

D Loader (Liverpool fan) says...

What else did we expect from FIFA.

Posted 21:16 2nd December 2010

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