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Taylor slams Fifa insult

Taylor slams Fifa insult

Gordon Taylor believes it is 'something of an insult' that Fifa overlooked England's World Cup bid.

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C B (Sheffield United fan) says...

Because we got knocked out in the first round of voting after presenting the best bid - we are the motherland of football

Posted 21:13 2nd December 2010

Dio Mac (Rangers fan) says...

England should be applauded for their efforts in bidding for the World Cup, as should all the other countries involved, but Gordon Taylor seems to discard the latter. With arrogant statements such as "it is something of an insult for us not to be considered as serious contenders", it's no wonder England appear to be 'out of favor with the game's major decision makers'. As the England team found out to their cost at the last World Cup, no one has the divine right to be ahead of anyone else taking part. Gordon Taylor should look to his Spanish counterparts on how to accept the bid decision graciously.

Posted 21:03 2nd December 2010

Amjad Ali (Arsenal fan) says...

Yeah its sad we lost the bid but on serious basis its good if mega event is taking place in a new country . Hope Russia will manage to organise it properly .

Posted 21:00 2nd December 2010

B Jezierska (Manchester United fan) says...

It appears that FIFA's decision was an act of revenge and a result of not more than bickering within this stale organisation. To show their authority FIFA ignored all western european countries with strong football tradition and chose the country with an appaling human records. Can FIFA guarantee that British and other journalists will be able to report freely events in Russia?

Posted 20:41 2nd December 2010

Z Jakri (Woking fan) says...

You guys seem to forget that England is often viewed abroad as "the European USA" and who likes the USA? England seem to think that if they put out a team on the pitch they win. They also think that if they place a bid, it is their given right to get it. Times have changed guys, wake up.

Posted 20:37 2nd December 2010

Tommy Burke (Liverpool fan) says...

Why can't they just be gracious and congratulate the winning bidders like Spain have.

Posted 18:37 2nd December 2010

P K (Arsenal fan) says...

How could they not give it to England. Best thing we can do now is not go

Posted 18:28 2nd December 2010

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