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Becks admits 'crushing' blow

Becks admits 'crushing' blow

David Beckham admitted England's miserable and humiliating defeat to Russia in their efforts to host the 2018 World Cup was 'crushing'.

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Peter Chopyk (AFC Wimbledon fan) says...

England simply did not stand a chance of winning the right to host the WC as it is not about who has the best bid. It is about who can pay more to the executive club of most corrupt sport organization in the World. Russian state/oligarchs paid whatever was required. So did the Qatar. It was a "must have" for Putin as he would not have had a better opportunity to embarrass Britain in front of the whole World taking into account cold relationship between the two countries. FIFA and their executive committee are not accountable to anyone and are the law to themselves. Neither BBC, Daily Mail nor Sunday Times are to blame for what has happened. They were simply doing their job. Lord Triesman was absolutely correct in his predictions and it cost him his job. The only way you can eradicate corruption is by exposing it and taking it head on. We should not stop now and should continue exposing FIFA dirty laundry as it is rotten to the core and can not exist in it's current format.

Posted 23:41 3rd December 2010

Charles Willimson (Stoke City fan) says...

this is world cup not western cup

Posted 22:28 3rd December 2010

Mags 09 (Newcastle United fan) says...

I totally agree with David F in that it is high time any decent federation split from FIFA and organised their own alternative world cup, which would be run on open and honest decision making by representatives from each country, i.e. one country one vote. We as fans should be demanding that our federations make a stance and tell FIFA either change or we form an alternative.

Posted 21:36 3rd December 2010

Iredia Osifo (Manchester United fan) says...

I was confident England would win the bid for 2018. I am sure they lost it due to the indiscretion of the Sunday Times and the BBC in exposing the corruption within FIFA. I think the timing was wrong. The two news media should have waited for the FIFA vote to come first before exposing the can of worms in the world football body. It is a hard lesson for the English media to learn.And England are the loosers for it.

Posted 19:56 3rd December 2010

Simon Cooper (Manchester City fan) says...

I'm writing a book called "The Lost Principles Of Football" and I have more material than I have paper at the mintute. If anyone's got anything they want highlighting please mail me. The World Cup decision stinks to high heaven. Football is like a rotten apple. all shiny on the outside, but deteriorating inside.....very soon the damage will be visible.

Posted 19:04 3rd December 2010

Zep Camilleri (Chelsea fan) says...

I quite agree with David F. I was always of the opinion that England should think about doing it its own way. And once we're on this topic, who is the rightful owner of the game of football - FIFA or the home nations?

Posted 17:51 3rd December 2010

M R (Liverpool fan) says...

FIFA are developing football in new markets which makes sense to me. Russia has never hosted the world cup so it's seems fair that they get the 2018 world cup same principle for Qatar in 2022 but it may be really hot over there! First airconditioned stadia? Lol. England need to concentrate on building a proper team and develop grassroots football before anything else. Look at Holland, Spain what they are achieving. Beckham and co did a great job though. We should stop moaning and be gracious in defeat.

Posted 08:46 3rd December 2010

Robert Brown says...

I dont think we ever had a chance of winning. Russia had bribed FIFA (who are rotten to the core), weeks ago. The very fact that Putin never even bothered to attend says it all. If the BBC had screened the programme now it would seem like sour grapes. They have been proved right and fair. Blatter must go, as should all the other get rich members.

Posted 08:35 3rd December 2010

Steve Chinn (Birmingham City fan) says...

Well well, what a surprise....after being told at the world cup that goal line technology was coming in to find that its now not even on the agenda...should tell the world the level of integrity this tin pot outfit called FIFA are!!! The reasons we lost are simple (Easy in hindsight and taking nothing away from the bid or the team); 1. insecure fifa officials outside of closed doors 2. A corrupt and dishonest organisation 2. A bid that was too heavy handed politically, culturally and socially for Sepp to keep control of in relation to points 1 & 2 4. A costly and misleading alternative 'secret' agenda / policy of exporting the game to 'new' regions No disrespect to these other home nations but maybe a bid from Wales or Scotland or the Faroe Isles would have secured more votes!!!

Posted 08:30 3rd December 2010

David F (Manchester United fan) says...

Would anyone else feel completely unphased if The FA split from FIFA? Lies, corruption, and their Swiss dictator with his medieval ideas make FIFA suck more than their failed World Cup awards do.

Posted 08:20 3rd December 2010

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