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Dutch courage stuns Brazil

Dutch courage stuns Brazil

Holland showed great fighting spirit to come from a goal down against Brazil after a stunning 2-1 victory to reach the semi-finals.

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Matt Newton (Arsenal fan) says...

WHAT A FANTASTIC MATCH. Best match of the world cup so far. shame this never was a final. =)

Posted 17:51 2nd July 2010

Mark Whitaker (Crystal Palace fan) says...

Still Think Spain will win, I want to see Maradonna cry !

Posted 17:47 2nd July 2010

Imke Goalby (Aston Villa fan) says...

Hup Holland! I didn't think they could do it, but indeed they did. Lets see them finally win a world cup now, they deserve it!

Posted 17:36 2nd July 2010

Antony Cox (West Ham United fan) says...

Its a shame that the England couldn't have shown a little of the "True Grit" that Holland did in beating Brazil - Outstanding result

Posted 17:35 2nd July 2010

Nikhil Baskaran (Arsenal fan) says...

Great to see the Dutch go through...In the past they've played beautiful football but never had luck on their side...they could now go all the way... As much as I enjoyed the Netherlands victory I do feel a little sorry for Brazil....they always try to play great football and are everybodies favourite...

Posted 17:33 2nd July 2010

Yasmin Ahmed (Liverpool fan) says...

I've always supported the Netherlands and to watch the game and support them was my instinct. I am sure Holland will win the world cup after beating "the all time greats".NOW the Netherlands are favourites to win the world cup! C'mon Oranje!!

Posted 17:32 2nd July 2010

Nick Otieno (Chelsea fan) says...

The Dutch were great, skillful and marvelous they will go all the way

Posted 17:26 2nd July 2010

Barbara Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Congrats to the Netherland Team, Finally Brazil is on the way home. Its time for Messi and Argentina to shine all the way to the Trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 17:26 2nd July 2010

Ian Richards (Liverpool fan) says...

well done holland,second half u deserved it melo was very stupid for doing what he did. And an espically big well done to dirk kuyt he was awesome today and that flick on was brillant thinking.

Posted 17:24 2nd July 2010

Joe Harn (Manchester United fan) says...

Why blame Julio Cesar for the first goal? He called out to the defender, and he didn't move. It was a miscommunication between goalie and defender, and the defender sent the ball into the net. The goalie could have done better, but it was mainly the defender's fault IMO for not listening.

Posted 17:24 2nd July 2010

Dennis Swift (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

so pleased the Dutch have knocked out the favorites. For too long Brazil have had this idea that they are the invincibles and their uglier side was on show today. I sincerely hope the other set of fraudulents follow them, come on Germany.

Posted 17:22 2nd July 2010

Konrad K (Bayern Munich fan) says...

Wow, what a game! The coincidental equalizer was crucial and totally undermined the Brazilian game, while Holland gained hope. It is a pity that the better side lost, but respect to Holland, who will most probably be runners up in this world cup. Terrible diving by the Dutch (most importantly by Robben) and a stupid foul by Felipe Melo.

Posted 17:13 2nd July 2010

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