Stuart Barnes looks at whether England can afford to lose to Wales again

Stuart Barnes looks at whether England can afford to lose to Wales again

Stuart Lancaster thinks the result of Sunday's game at Twickenham will have no bearing when England and Wales next meet there in a World Cup pool match.

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Jonny Boy says...

Matt, your not an englisher by any chance. I do believe that your talking out of you ear. Cheating my foot, perhaps its you looking to cheat. Seeking to put ideas into the heads of the officials in the knowledge that the english front row (without Cole and Corbs) is far inferior to that of the welsh and are going to get smashed. England didn't drop the scrum against the irish firstly because they didn't know how to do it and secondly when they found a way to drop the scrum the irish front row were far to strong and knowledgeable to allow the english to do it. Suck it up mate, it's a fact.

Posted 15:44 6th March 2014

Helen John says...

No room for James Hook in Welsh set-up? What are pundits view on the waste of his talent and Gatland's refusal to play him?

Posted 14:23 6th March 2014

Bryn Mullett says...

Matt, talking through his rose tinted beer goggles,we will see on Sunday if Wales are cheats, think you would be better off watching junior rugby..

Posted 13:30 6th March 2014

Dave Kerwin says...

hey Stephen Theophilus maybe I don't know anything because I'm from Canada but at the same time i've probably watched at least 30 + internationals since the 2011 world cup but everytime I see Gethin Jenkins scrummage the scrum goes down, I can't recall a single time where he actually contests and the ball comes out? Adam Jones is a good scrummager but I find he constantly slips his binds and then drives inwards and down, imo the whole welsh forward unit effectively collapse the other teams scrum without taking blame it's in their game plan, this is a huge reason why this game isn't growing in my country and I have to pay extra money to get these channels

Posted 18:56 4th March 2014

Stephen Theophilus says...

In response to Matt Graham's comments about Wales being cheats at the scrum. Obviously he does not know the finer arts of scrummaging. I think there is a sign of desperation with English supporters when they write comments like this, the fact is Wales demolished England in the scrum last excuses.

Posted 22:21 3rd March 2014

Archie Rich says...

I have a hunch that England are just going to scrape a win on Sunday. Something they won't lack is self belief despite having lost to Wales in the past two years. England have the belief that they can beat any international team at HQ. They will also be desperate to bury the nightmare of Cardiff last year. Despite this all Wales look dangerous and will be full of confidence after destroying the French. It's going to be seriously close. I think Lancaster needs to include Tuilagi in the 23 shirt he could cause a lot of damage to a tiring welsh midfield with 15 to 20 minutes left on the clock. I do have slight concerns with the English scrum, Ireland and Cian Healy got the upper hand last week. Lets hope Dave Wilson has sorted it out.

Posted 13:59 3rd March 2014

Karen Williams says...

David Short It was GETHIN Jenkins who got sin binned and just about everyone other than the referee acknowledged what a dreadful decision it was. He was sent off with his French opposite number and neither of them deserved to go to the bin. Allain Roland proved again what an awful referee he really is - so glad he's retiring. And as for Wales having a very average pack - I really can't understand where that's come from. They were dreadful in Dublin but deserved full credit for the way they turned that around in two weeks. I am a Wales fan but that doesn't prevent me from criticising them when I feel they deserve it and recognising their weaknesses. But no way was the Welsh pack 'average' against the French. For me the main weakness in the Welsh team in Rhys Priestland who's kicking game is erratic to say the least. Just wish we could produce another set of great half backs - then we would be stronger force in world rugby.

Posted 12:17 3rd March 2014

Matt Graham says...

Dear stuart wales v italy = scrum collapses ireland v wales = scrum collapses wales france = scrum collapses England v Ireland = no scrum collapses Englands first scrum was smashed by ireland but they did not collapse it, the scrums after that were solid went forward and back but stayed up. Why can't the IRB with all the technology of today build up a comprehensive dossier of serial scrum cheats, i believe it will be the same usual suspects every time. There are not that many front rows in elite rugby so it would not be difficult to achieve and the refs could annalize the footage and findings gathered and have a greater idea of the shenanigans. the IRB could even go as far as to warn the culprits, show them the finding and let them know that the "games up". to me its the same group of players every time." and no! its not artfull or kiddology, its cheating and spoiling a great game.

Posted 12:03 3rd March 2014

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