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Martin Tyler on 2009's highest scorers, the Premier League's best of the Noughties and more...

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Kieran Murray (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin, in the last few weeks Manchester United have got hugely over inflated amounts of added time when there wasn't huge amounts of stoppages like 5 against Leeds and 6 against Birmingham probably because they weren't winning. I want to know what is the average amount of stoppage time when they are winning, drawing and losing to see if Sir Alex is pulling strings with the 4th Official or not.

Posted 12:45 10th January 2010

Kieran Murray (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin, as we all know Alex Ferguson has been around for a long time and a lot of current managers once played under him. I want to know what is his record against managers he has managed compared to managers he hasn't.

Posted 12:37 10th January 2010

Martin J (Liverpool fan) says...

Did you know that an English Player has not topped the Premier League scoring charts since Kevin Phillips registered 30 for Sunderland back in 1999/2000? I find that incredible. And in most seasons since, the highest scoring Englishman is a fair way off the Top Scorer of the League.

Posted 17:15 8th January 2010

Lukey Baby (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, In my opinion Dimitar Berbatov gets a lot of unfair criticism and whenever i fight his corner others argue he doesn't score goals and doesn't have enough assists to justify his starting place. That brings me to ask two closely related questions. 1. How many passes before the assist (the final pass before the assist is made) has Berbatov completed at hias time at Man Utd? 2. How many assists would he have made if his team mates had put away their chances? I'm assuming it's almost impossible to find the stats? Thanks

Posted 15:01 7th January 2010

Cain Bradley (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Mr Tyler as an avid Chelsea fan i seem to be outnumbered on arguments so to settle an argument which premiership keeper has conceded the least goals on average this decade every game. Im sure it must be Ccech but my friends think Reina. Another topic of debate is the best right back currently in the premiership, Boswinga or Glen Johnson. So who on average each game is better. (Crosses, tackles, succesful runs, etc)

Posted 13:55 7th January 2010

Ben Flannery (Manchester United fan) says...

Anthony Carlin - that would be, becuase rooney is not a striker, he is a forward. there is a difference, Defoe is a goal scorer, Rooney is more of a creater, who also scores goals. i personally think Rooney would be better off as an attacking midfielder becuase he has such great vision, he likes a tackle and i really think dropping him in with berba off a main STRIKER, like a Dzeko or Eto'o, an out and out goal scorer, would offer united more than the way we play at the moment. but trying to compare Defoe and Rooney is bizarre?

Posted 12:58 7th January 2010

Andrew Workman (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, Fernando Torres broke the record for quickest Liverpool striker to 50 league goals but was 4th in the all time list behind Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and Ruud Van Nistlerooy - I'm curious what the result would be if you were to take out penalties and freekicks from equation as Torres doesn't take them for Liverpool.

Posted 11:31 7th January 2010

Wayne Linton (Arsenal fan) says...

I feel somebody has to mention arsenal as nobody has so far, ive got to tell u that it feels vey satisfying to be1 point behind chelsea providing we win our game in hand against bolton, especially after we where written of as no hopers after chelsea 3 - 0'd us, but one month later we have closed a huge 11 point defecit, baring in mind he have no rvp we sold adebeyor vela and eduardo havent been performing and bentdner is out injured aswell. Under these circumstances i feel weve done vey well indeed, and i know the word 'potential' has been mooted around for many years but i honestly feel that our sqaud will come into fruitation and win the league if not another competion this year.

Posted 11:06 7th January 2010

Alistair Norman (Manchester City fan) says...

Hi Martin, Carlos tevez wason fire for december with something like 8 goals in 8 games. Who has scored the most goals in december in the premier league since its inception?

Posted 10:08 7th January 2010

Mathew Markowicz (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Blackburn and Aston Villa will play each other 5 times this season, this got me wondering, What is the most amount of times two teams have played each other in one season?

Posted 09:16 7th January 2010

John O dwyer (Arsenal fan) says...

I find it funny i saw no Arsenal fan here saying how proud they are to be Arsenal fans at this time.Yes we have not won a league or cup in a few years.But tell me this are we worried .Are we throughing money on signings like Liverpool Man city and winning nothing.Are we playing excellant football.With the age of the Arsenal side when they win the league this season they will be in a position to dominate both medals and finance.Chelsea and Liverpools best players or 30+. Man U miss Ronaldo more than Arsenal miss Toure and Adebayor.So once this generation of Arsenal players win they will dominate and its only a matter of time.The only thing is time patience.....IN ARSENE WE TRUST

Posted 04:26 7th January 2010

Kojo Okudo (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey, Does anyone know which team in europe has the most penaties awarded in thier favour for the decade, the yr 09/10 thus far and of all time...i suspect it is A.C milan? pls get back at me cheers

Posted 01:23 7th January 2010

Blaine Fleet (Chelsea fan) says...

shame about anelka this season getting injured i think if he didnt get injured he would defiantly be up there in the top 3 goal scores also drogba is playing well but is not doing the job as striker at the moment which doesn't help in the climate chelsea are in.Still would put chelsea as premier league winners but will go down to last day united and man city and arsenal wont give up which is not suspected.As a chelsea fan though would still rather win europe then premier league but both would be amazing

Posted 00:52 7th January 2010

Malcolm Mc causland (Manchester United fan) says...

Point to Anthony Carlin. over the passed decade Jermaine Defoe has been involved in 270 premier league matches *roughly* compared to Rooneys 245 . so your point about Rooney playing soo much more couldnt be further wrong mate.

Posted 00:44 7th January 2010

Jamie Pattinson (Portsmouth fan) says...

Hi Martin, just congratulating Portsmouth, as we are offically better than Southampton. Pompey always knew we were, it just needed to be put into text!

Posted 23:37 6th January 2010

Michael Varty (Lyon fan) says...

Hi Martin, Can you explain to me why Louis Saha is stuck on Everton? Why is there not more interest in him? And why do they start Jo ahead of him? 70 goals surely should outweigh the injury issues.

Posted 21:48 6th January 2010

Mike Underhill (Bristol Rovers fan) says...

You have to remember Defoe has been around almost the whole of the decade. Rooney broke through late and didn't score many at Everton. I reckon Rooney would have as good, if not better goals per game ratio than Defoe

Posted 17:17 6th January 2010

Paul Spenceley (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin, Peter Chec has been getting a lot of bad press recently. I would like to know how many goalkeepers currently playing in the premiere league, and how many who have ever played in the top division in England have a better ratio of goals let in per game played than Peter. Thanks

Posted 17:11 6th January 2010

Michael Betts (Liverpool fan) says...

HI Martin, I love your article. I was wondering how many points Steven Gerrard has won for Liverpool with his winning or equalising goals since he first broke into the first team? Thanks!

Posted 17:11 6th January 2010

Paul Sherlock (Aston Villa fan) says...

when villa played arsenal on the 27th december it was over one year since they had last played them (26th dec 08). Is this a one off or have their been other top flight teams that havent played each other for over 12 months?

Posted 16:35 6th January 2010

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