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Calendar goals

Calendar goals

Martin Tyler on 2009's highest scorers, the Premier League's best of the Noughties and more...

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Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin, another great column, keep it up! One question for you is which midfielder scored the most Premier League goals in ONE season? By midfielder I mean central midfielders and NOT wingers. Thanks. Happy 2010 to you ad the skysports team from sunny and warm Mumbai!

Posted 15:49 6th January 2010

Andy Larkin (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi, Martin, in the article above you answer the question of which team scored the most goals in the 2009 calender year and also provided the fact that Arsenal lost the fewest number of games. I was wondering if you could produce a league table for the calender as I would be interested in seeing this.

Posted 14:59 6th January 2010

Joe Morris (Liverpool fan) says...

Despite not being the biggest fan of Wayne Rooney at club level due to my red allegiances, I feel the need to defend him. He didn't play for the first 2.5 years of the Noughties as was still in short trousers. He then spent the next 2 seasons playing sporadically for a pretty average Everton team who were never noted for their attacking flair. Fair enough he has been at Man United for the rest of the decade but he's often had to play a supporting role with the likes of RVN, Ronaldo, Saha and Tevez around him so I think his total is about the right level. The fact 3 of the players I named are on that list shows how United share the goals out and aren't reliant on just 1 player - perhaps the secret of their success? Defoe is good but to claim he is a far better striker is laughable. If he was so good he'd have been playing in the champions league by now and would have also been able to break up the Berbatov/Keane partnership

Posted 14:01 6th January 2010

Sean Moore (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

so far i have really enjoyed the 2009/2010 for obvious reasons as a spurs fan i belive the only team who can take the top four spot from us , is tottenham we can be our own worst enemy with silly defeats and draws, we need to carry on doing what we are doing our sqaud is the best its been since 2005/2006 and we have a top class manager , we can score loads of goal(sorry wigan) and shut out teams at the over end, i look forward to rest of the season , Defoe , huddlestone ,lennon dawson , jenas, should be on that plane to south africa ....

Posted 13:55 6th January 2010

Nikesh Mistry (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, Fernando Torres recently broke the Liverpool record for scoring 50 league goals in the fewest number of games. However, he was only 4th on the all time list. What I'd like to know is, who's scored 50 league goals in the fewest number of minutes played (not games), and if Nando is still in the same position in this table? I think on the back of his recent injury record, hes done it in fewer minutes and will move higher up the table. Thanks Martin.

Posted 13:00 6th January 2010

Anthony Carlin (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i find it really funny that rooney has more goals than defoe well 1 more. saying the fact defoe has missed alot more games this decade than rooney, has'nt started as many and dosn take as many pens, defoe is a far better striker and if he started as many games as rooney in a stable championship winning team full of confidence id say he would of been top as he is so so prolific.

Posted 12:02 6th January 2010

Kieran Murray (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin, in the premiership some weeks have a lot of goals and some have very little. I'd like to know which round of fixtures every year averages the most goals.

Posted 11:47 6th January 2010

Kieran Murray (Chelsea fan) says...

8 out of 17 New Year Leaders have won the title. Here are every seasons New Year leaders and champions. New year winners on the left and winners on the right. 2008/09 Liverpool - Man United 2007/08 Arsenal - Man United 2006/07 Man United - Man United 2005/06 Chelsea - Chelsea 2004/05 Chelsea - Chelsea 2003/04 Man United - Arsenal 2002/03 Arsenal - Man United 2001/02 Arsenal - Arsenal 2000/01 Man United - Man United 1999/00 Leeds United - Man United 1998/99 Aston Villa - Man United 1997/98 Man United - Arsenal 1996/97 Liverpool - Man United 1995/96 Newcastle - Man United 1994/95 Blackburn - Blackburn 1993/94 Man United - Man United 1992/93 Man United - Man United Chelsea will make it 9 out of 18 this year.

Posted 11:41 6th January 2010

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