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Heads and tall tales

Heads and tall tales

Wayne Rooney's headers, bookings for tall players and staying up with the fewest wins... it's Martin Tyler.

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Jahan Rahman (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, great column as always, As a Man Utd fan what I would like to know how many times have Man Utd won at a cup final and how it contrasts with ther other teams in the premier league? Also, if you can Can you name the 11 players that have played the most amount of games in the premier league for their respected clubs this season with maximum 2 from a team? Thank you, keep up the great work.

Posted 21:43 26th February 2010

Dell Sanders (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Jack (Lovatt) When you use a site like this check your stats before you post any comments. Sky Sports website is the best for all info and thanks to my fellow fans (Aaron & Tom) for correcting your schoolboy error. The record is still held by Blackburn and is now shared with Tottenham. Jack! If you click on the team in question you will find all the info required including goal scorers and time of goals too. Use the site to get your argument verified before making a show of yourself. Have a nice weekend all.....Up the Rovers!!

Posted 10:31 26th February 2010

Kieran Brander (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Martin, i was just going to ask if you could tell me out of all the English strikers in the premiership, who has the best goals to game ratio over the past 5 seaons? i'm pretty sure the likes of rooney, defoe, zamora, bent, agbonlahor are up there for this season. thanks, Kieran

Posted 23:42 25th February 2010

Tom Sumner (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Jack Lovatt - Spurs only beat wigan 3 - 0 in the return game at the DW Stadium, therefore meaning it ended 12 - 1 overall, meaning that Aaron (fellow Rovers fan) was correct in saying the record is now jointly held. I thank you.

Posted 15:59 25th February 2010

Darren Kawonga (Manchester United fan) says...

Tyler's Teaser: Schmeichel, Bosnich and Yorke

Posted 15:58 25th February 2010

Clifford Canty (Burnley fan) says...

Hi Martin Great stuff as always, I am not a fan of the 0-0 draw and wonder what the Premier League would look like if zero points were gained for a 0-0 draw?

Posted 15:19 25th February 2010

Gary Bren (Manchester United fan) says...

eh Jack, Spurs won 3-0 the other day, so it was 12-1 in aggerate, so aaron is right

Posted 14:54 25th February 2010

Ben Merrick (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Martin, Love your column, and it is a great read every week! My question is what goal celebration has been celebration has been seen the most times in the Premier League history? Do opta have stats for anything like this? Id assume Shearer's running with one hand in the air would be up at the top as have seen many other players use that too. Thanks!

Posted 14:52 25th February 2010

Aaron Dickinson (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Jack Lovett - I do believe Spurs beat wigan 9-1 and 3-0 = 12-1 I'd check your resources.. 21 Feb - Wigan 0 - 3 Spurs 22 Nov - Spurs 9 - 1 Wigan

Posted 14:35 25th February 2010

Phil Meese (Manchester United fan) says...

If i am not mistaken the answer to the teaser would be Paul McGrath (1994), Mark Bosnich & Dwight Yorke (1996). I have a question regarding strikers; Andy Cole is the second highest scorer in Premiership history but unlike the man ahead of him (Alan Shearer) he didn't take free kicks or penaties. Who would be the top 10 strikers in Premier League history if we were just counting goals from open play?

Posted 12:55 25th February 2010

Jack Lovatt (Shrewsbury Town fan) says...

Aaron - 7-0 and 5-1 makes 12-1, but Tottenham won 9-1 and 4-0 thereby making it 13-1 overall so the record has indeed been broken.

Posted 09:39 25th February 2010

Rahul Miah (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, im always on the look out for your stats! I was wondering if you can help me with this one. If Manchester United kept Carlos Tevez would we be in a better position. To do this I think you might need to add the goals he scored against other teams to United's results. If only we kept him! Thanks Martin

Posted 09:18 25th February 2010

Bharadwaj Ravi (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin! With regards to England's prospects at the World Cup and the media questioning burnout of Rooney et al, I was wondering what are the stats regarding players who have won the Champions League in a World Cup year and have gone on to lift the big one in June? Cant be that many, can there?

Posted 08:52 25th February 2010

Adeel Malik (Manchester United fan) says...

Howdy Sir Martin Tyler ( i believe you should be knighted for your service to the beautiful game)! Right my question is this, who has the BEST game to goal ratio in their career so far from the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi (The Top 3 In the World)? And also has any club won 4 domestic league titles in a row before, in a league consisting of at least 20 teams? Thanks matey!

Posted 08:18 25th February 2010

Samuel Casha (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin. I have had some arguments with my mates about which team has the most supporters in the world. Could you provide the answers please? Thanks.

Posted 08:00 25th February 2010

Aaron Dickinson (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Hi Martin, It's been all over the news that Tottenham set a new record over Wigan with the biggest aggregate score over the 2 games in a premier league season, However i do believe this record still belongs to Blackburn, We beat Nottingham Forest by the same scoreline in the 95-96 season i think. I believe it finished 7-0 at Ewood and 5-1 at the City Ground. So the record hasn't been broken and still belongs to Blackburn and Tottenham have only Equaled this? Can you confirm this.. Thanks, Aaron

Posted 07:26 25th February 2010

Anupam Deshpande (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, Its a great article again! Really interesting 'factual' fun. I was really disappointed (and bored) to see Man City vs Liverpool game being such a stalemate. I remember at the start of this season there were very few draws and really very few goalless draws. Can you check and let us all know how many goalless draws we have had this season and since the start of the premier league? Also, which team has been involved in the most no. of goalless draws since the start of the premier league (I bet Liverpool will be there somewhere at the top). -- Anupam

Posted 06:50 25th February 2010

Sainath Rajagopal (Manchester United fan) says...

Hello Martin,great column, in the build up to every big four clsh of manchester united ,the press and opposition fans always point to last season and our poor record last season,so,i was wondering which team has the best record against other big four sides since the big four became prevalent thanks,keep it up!

Posted 04:53 25th February 2010

Jonathan Curry (Manchester United fan) says...

David Morris (Fulham fan) says... Great column Martin. Another World Cup teaser for you: Which Premiership player (at that time) was part of a World Cup winning squad without an appearance in the finals? Posted 16:38 24th February 2010 Bernard Lama?? Not that he made too many appearances for West Ham either that year...

Posted 02:08 25th February 2010

Mike Heyworth (Manchester United fan) says...

Peter Schmeichel, Dwight Yorke and Ronny Johnsen.

Posted 01:10 25th February 2010

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