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Heads and tall tales

Heads and tall tales

Wayne Rooney's headers, bookings for tall players and staying up with the fewest wins... it's Martin Tyler.

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Rahul Sharda (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, great column think the answer's are, Mark Bosnich, Dwight Yorke and Peter Schmeichel

Posted 23:43 24th February 2010

Andrew Harker (Manchester United fan) says...

Zambrotta in 2006 with Italy and Barcelona?

Posted 22:26 24th February 2010

Peter Edwards (Arsenal fan) says...

Mark Bosnich, Dwight Yorke and Paul McGrath?

Posted 21:26 24th February 2010

John David (Manchester United fan) says...

Dwight Yorke, Peter Schmeichel, Mark Bosnich

Posted 20:11 24th February 2010

Adam Kennedy (Newcastle United fan) says...

Dwight Yorke Peter Schmichael Mark Bosnich

Posted 18:43 24th February 2010

David Taylor (Manchester United fan) says...

hi i was wondering all this fuss about jack wilpshire bein a class player at the beginning of the season and bein tipped for an england call up yet he has hardly gripe is that wenger let him go to strugglin bolton on the return that he wud play but coyle doestn seem to play him...surley with someone of wilpshires talent he shud walk straight into the bolton team and give them somethin else in midfield yet hes been sat on the bench for the last 4 games and reduced to a few minutes on the pitch...surley if your a bolton fan you wud be mad as the results dont seem to be goin boltons way...

Posted 18:18 24th February 2010

Momento Suarez (Arsenal fan) says...

fabregas should win this season's player of the season because he's been the only consistant player out there, 9-10 rating performances whether won or lost

Posted 18:08 24th February 2010

Bob Jones (Hull City fan) says...

i exactly agree with this comment from "Neil Grant (Liverpool fan)" ferdinand has only played 6 games and is now out again, i would also like to add that with the pressure been added on to john terry in recent weeks, he has shown he cant play a decent game and chelsea awarding player of the month to him is simply a confidence boost, personally i feel he shouldnt go to the world cup if he keeps up this poor form(e.g. trying a scissor kick on the edge of his box) and i only hope for englands sake that he gets his form back.

Posted 17:58 24th February 2010

Fret Ghide (Manchester United fan) says...

Hello Martin, I can tell you that the three players who have both played for Manchester Utd and Aston Villa and have won the league cup are; 1, Mark Bosnich. (Aston Villa 1994) 2, Peter Schmeichel (Manchester Utd 1992) 3, Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa 1994) Thank you.

Posted 17:58 24th February 2010

Stuart Gee (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

My gut instinct is Dion Dublin, Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich.

Posted 16:59 24th February 2010

Mark Lambert (Manchester United fan) says...

I think the words "THANKS FOR COMING" are in order after Bruce from St Albans' question. So the "one man team" will still be second in the Premiership ahead of Chelsea even without Rooney. Being a United fan, hearing "your just a one man team" is a similar jibe we get every season. Ronaldo, Nistlerooy, Keane, Beckham, cantona even going back to the famous comment "you'll never win anything with kids" Do your homework Bruce, we'll still be there at the end of the season hopefully with a 4th consecutive title with or without Rooney. Good Luck on Sunday lads

Posted 16:55 24th February 2010

Kevin Martin (Sunderland fan) says...

answer Paul McGrath, Mark Bosnich, and Dwight Yorke.

Posted 16:48 24th February 2010

David Morris (Fulham fan) says...

Great column Martin. Another World Cup teaser for you: Which Premiership player (at that time) was part of a World Cup winning squad without an appearance in the finals?

Posted 16:38 24th February 2010

Ben Chia (Arsenal fan) says...

Three League Cup winners who have played for Man U and Aston Villa: Mark Bosnich, Dwight Yorke, Peter Schmeichel.

Posted 15:17 24th February 2010

Daniel Thornton (Derby County fan) says...

The three players are: Peter Schmeichel, Mark Bosnich, and Dwight Yorke. Also, here's another question Martin: which current Premier League player has been on the winning and losing sides in a Championship Play-Off Final, as well as playing in the Champions League?

Posted 15:14 24th February 2010

Robert Sherry (Chelsea fan) says...

Mark Bosnich, Dwight Yorke & Peter Schmeichel

Posted 15:14 24th February 2010

Tom Brennan (Manchester United fan) says...

I was thinking anelka in 2000 cause real won the champions league and france won the euros, but deportivo won la liga I 2000. So to summarise I have been absolutely no help

Posted 15:07 24th February 2010

Avinash Chhetri (Everton fan) says...

I guess one guy who comes close is Bixente Lizarazu. He won the World Cup with France in 98 and the European Championships in '00. Then won the Bundesliga,UEFA Champions League and InterContinental Cup with Bayern Munich in 2001 and capped it off with FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001 with France.

Posted 15:04 24th February 2010

Eoghan Murphy (Everton fan) says...


Posted 15:03 24th February 2010

Hamid Suleiman-garba (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin Tyler is absolutely the best!!! I absolutely love hearing his voice on TV and in FIFA 10!!! He does the best post-match interviews (Fergie is always enthusiastic when he's answering Martin Tyler's questions!), he does the best commentaries and his voice is an absolute beauty to behold!

Posted 14:51 24th February 2010

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