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Heads and tall tales

Heads and tall tales

Wayne Rooney's headers, bookings for tall players and staying up with the fewest wins... it's Martin Tyler.

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Anon Ymous (Arsenal fan) says...

"Remarkably, if you take Cesc Fabregas' 12 goals away from the records, Arsenal would be just one point worse off " You're forgetting to take away his assists as well (and the assists of the other top scorers)

Posted 14:45 24th February 2010

Neil Grant (Liverpool fan) says...

You say the Ferdinand has only played in 6 matches for Man U but he has been selected as England captain. how many games has Michael owen played in and how many goals has he scored? maybe someone can ask Capello how he can select a non playing captain but says Owen must play regularly to be selected is this not double standards?

Posted 14:33 24th February 2010

Ryan Karlsson (Arsenal fan) says...

Paul McGrath Peter Schmeichel Dwight Yorke :P

Posted 14:08 24th February 2010

James O'neill (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Peter Schmeichel Dwight Yorke Mark Bosnich

Posted 14:06 24th February 2010

Jonny Mclaughlin (Manchester United fan) says...

Dwight Yorke, Mark Bosnich & Eric Djemba-djemba.

Posted 13:59 24th February 2010

Tommy Nolan (Manchester United fan) says...

Rooney to get player of the year on this form,drogba I respect but he comes second.

Posted 13:54 24th February 2010

Christian Stergaard (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin. Im a big fan of Man Utd and I follow them closely. Yesterday i saw Michael Owen score a goal from the bench and afterwards I checked out his statistics. 8 goals from 30 appearances (all competitions) but a whopping 20 of those have been from the bench! Is it possibel you could give us his goals pr. minute from all competitions and compare it with the other English strikers hoping for a ticket to South Africa - the likes of Bent, Defoe, Agbonlahor, Cole, Crouch and so on. Thanks.

Posted 13:50 24th February 2010

Chirag Patel (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin, got four to your teaser - Yorke, Bosnich, McGrath, Schmeichel

Posted 13:41 24th February 2010

Mo Khan (Manchester United fan) says...

All in 1 season Hi Martin great column Greetings from Joburg, S.A .i can't wait for WC2010 to kick off in our beautiful country. Been thinking of this and need your help, which player/s have won their respective league title / champions league and world cup or Euro champs all in the same season.I guess some Italians would be in there somewhere. Mo Khan

Posted 13:38 24th February 2010

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