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Ken you believe it?

Ken you believe it?

Kenwyne's woodwork woe, Carlos' favourite foes and Emile's best bosses... Martin Tyler's here!

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Kay Balo (Liverpool fan) says...

Mikel has actually scored for Chelsea in a Cup game. He has 1 goal for Chelsea but not in the Premier League

Posted 09:58 30th September 2010

Scott Newcombe (Aberdeen fan) says...

Hi Martin, I would like to know which player has scored the most Premier League goals, without scoring more than 1 goal in any game. Thanks!

Posted 09:06 30th September 2010

Deano Hep (Hull City fan) says...

Lets not get all sentimental about how hard done to Arsenal are at the moment. Lets be honest, over the years they''ve dishonestly won more than their fair share of penalties!! Wots that saying, "what goes around comes around".

Posted 08:16 30th September 2010

Peter Smyth (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Hi Just a wierd thing i''m interested in. Blackburn started the season scoring exactly 1 goal in each of their first 5 games, until Bret Emerton wrecked the run by scoring the 2nd against Blackpool. So, any idea what''s the premier league record for scoring the same number of goals consecultively?, except scoring zero. that doesn''t count.

Posted 20:39 29th September 2010

Carl Speakman (Manchester United fan) says...

As I recall Darren Bent scored a pen and missed 2 (both saved) against spurs last season

Posted 15:54 29th September 2010

Maurice Cooper (Hercules fan) says...

Danny Murphy, Leighton Baines, Steven Gerrard. Dont know the Welsh boys.

Posted 15:19 29th September 2010

Jeff Warren (Chelsea fan) says...

I was listening to the Chelsea Marseille commentary last night and the issue of Mikel''s lack of goals. He has not scored for 152 games? Even Makele scored a penalty follow up goal but that was after 90+games. What is the record in the Premiership for an outfield player not scoring?

Posted 13:28 29th September 2010

Pranav Byatnal (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Martin,I absolutely love reading your column.As an Arsenal fan I am very much concerned about the penalties being awarded against Arsenal.I mean 2 at the weekend and 2 again in Serbia.last week u gave a stat as to the no. of penalties gone in favour of the EPL teams.If I am not wrong then Arsenal were 2nd on that list but I think they are no.1 in the penalties going against.Am I right?(Arsenal Fan)

Posted 12:48 29th September 2010

Joe S (Portsmouth fan) says...

Martin, I can''t beleive that you have not mentioned the fact that Martin Palermo famously missed a hat-trick of penalties fr Argentina a few years back!

Posted 11:14 29th September 2010

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin, has any side drawn their first 3 away games and gone on to win the title? Utd could do it this season! Cheers from a scorching hot Mumbai...

Posted 05:09 29th September 2010

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