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Keeping clean

Keeping clean

Which keepers have never conceded? Which team has the most own goals? Martin Tyler's here...

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Adrian Sequeira (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, great column, I'm a big fan of the same. As a United fan I was wondering how many ex United players play for different clubs in the Premiership?

Posted 15:17 14th January 2012

Sainath Rajagopal (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin! Great column! My question for you is ,which manager currently with a club in the league has the maximum number of former clubs in the league? For example,with Mark Hughes being appointed as the QPR manager,he now has Blackburn,Fulham and Man City as former clubs in the league. Also,who holds the record for this feat?

Posted 15:33 13th January 2012

Will Langdon (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Dan Marsh, where would Spurs be with injuries? How about just fine? Past few weeks have been without Parker, King, Gallas, Sandro and VDV and Lennon at times. And what happened? Dawson returns to the back, Livermoore is proving himself as a great player and was more then capable filling for parker, before Sandro was injured he too was a great replacement for Parker. Defoe is a brilliant sub and could easily start every game but having VDV and Ade make that a touch decision, in fact he has scored 5 in 6 of his last games. How you can say our squad lacks depth is beyond me. We havent really had an entirely full strength squad for the past 2 or 3 weeks and coped just fine. Parker injured, Sandro replaces and performs, Sandro injured, livermoore replaces and performs. King injured, Dawson replaces and performs. Even Pienaar who has only just returned from injury showed some promise when he came on. We just matched Man United for points at joint 2nd without Parker and much of our regular defence. Thats a lot better than 5th...

Posted 14:34 12th January 2012

Dave Morreale (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Martin, as always a great article - As a nervous Spurs supporter i am worried with the return of Michael Dawson thats our defensive record will fall to pieces - Im convinced he gives away penaulties and currently we havnt given away one this season - Any chance of clearing up our penaulty record with/without Michael or whats our best centre back partnership? Thanks

Posted 11:13 12th January 2012

Ganas Govender (Manchester United fan) says...

When a player takes a throw and it throws it back to his keeper. If the keeper picks up the ball with his hand, is this a foul or not?

Posted 12:59 9th January 2012

Akinto Tope (Chelsea fan) says...

Hello Martin always enjoy ur commentary on any england game cos am a fan of england team nd also the barclays premier league. My question is are u on twitter so as to quickly get stats from u. Cheers

Posted 16:11 8th January 2012

Russ Gardner (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Hi Martin, Love the column and your commentary nad insight during games. My question is regarding hat-tricks and more. Jordan Rhodes has scored 4 league hat-tricks for Huddersfield Town and an additional hat-trick forScotland U21's. two of his hat-tricks have included scoring 4 (against Sheff Weds) and 5 (against Wycombe) my question is how many other players have scored 3,4 or 5 goals in a game in the same season? Rhodes will be a premier league player next season but it wont be with us we''ll be in the Championship!!!

Posted 13:24 8th January 2012

Zuber Jeewa (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Martin. You always offer such great reads! I was wondering which team this season has beaten more teams that are above them in the table on the day that they played and how many times did the team do it. Also which season and which team holds the record for "puching above their weight" . Thanks

Posted 01:16 7th January 2012

Greg Bishop (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin. As a Liverpool fan, I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard Charlie Adam called a 'set piece specialist'. However, I'm certain I'm not the only Liverpool fan who is yet to see anything to back that up. So my question is this: Has Adam suddenly lost his touch, or do the stats suggest he was being wrongly built up as a set piece specialist based upon highlights packages, which only showed the successful ones? What percentage of his set pieces (particularly corners) have resulted in goals each season, and how do they compare to the average?

Posted 17:28 6th January 2012

Dan Marsh (Arsenal fan) says...

What a year Van Persie has had. Frustrating all the Tottenham fans say where would Arsenal be without him though.. Where would Tottenham be if they had simular injuries to us..? Take out their fullbacks, their star midfield.. Possibly parker? Or van der Vaart? They'd be doing alot worse than 5th lol. Also you need a good team and players to support the player to score goals, without them Van Persie wouldnt even score goals? A team with good passing and creative play can make it look like many strikers are world class players. Of course the striker has have huge potential in the first place.. BUT you get my point. To Tottenham fans - You all better prayer that you don't suffer from many big player injuries as your first team is very strong but you have no strength in depth! Bring it on when we've got wilshere, gibbs, sagna, henry walcott in the squad we you lot come to emirates!

Posted 15:13 6th January 2012

Rohit Krishna (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin ! Love your column and commentary . With the January transfer window now open , I have a question . Can you tell us from which country the most number of player signings have been done in the premier league ? Also what percent of the signings have been done in January ? I'd be really happy if you could answer this . Cheers !

Posted 11:34 6th January 2012

Kyle Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, just read your blog, as Demba Ba has scored against Man United home and away, I decided to ask, how many other players have also completed this in the Premier League era?

Posted 22:55 5th January 2012

William Muir (Portsmouth fan) says...

Hi Martin, with players leaving for the African cup of nations, I was wondering how much influence (probably in terms of total amount of goals) have African players contributed since the beginning of the premier league. A list of the most influential would be great as well. I am thinking Drogba will be topping the list.

Posted 22:18 5th January 2012

Russell Harper (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Granted RVP has had a phenomenal season and thats from a Spurs fan,but without his Goals this season where would Arsenal be in the league?Also which player in PL history has gained the most points for their team in a single season.

Posted 20:38 5th January 2012

David Dyke (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Martin, awesome column as always. I quite often use your stats to set my friends questions on facebook. Anyhow, I was given a question the other day that was, Can you name the only player to score an EPL, CL and FA Cup hat trick? I finaly got the answer but along the way I came up with what seemed feasible answers. My question is, was this question correct? Is there only one player to have scored a hat trick in these 3 competitions? Thanks MT and Opta

Posted 20:36 5th January 2012

Marc Stamp (Hull City fan) says...

Hi Martin, good to see you back again in 2012. After seeing the stoke vs wigan game where Ben Watson is brought on as a substitute to score a penalty i thought that may be the quickest goal scored by a sub, could you check to see if this is true, im definitely thinking it will be one of the quickest Thanks

Posted 19:49 5th January 2012

Dan Sheridan (Manchester United fan) says...

Josh Barton Ill answer your question now for you....its everton. They also have the most losses in premierleague history. This is because they have spent every season in the premier league and have been caught up and a few relagation battles in that time. Having said that they are not the worst team to play in the premiership because they have the most losses. Derby managed only 1 win and an all time low of 11 points all season.

Posted 18:04 5th January 2012

Josh Barton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Martin, I understand that spurs are one goal away (at the time of writing this) from being the first Premier League Team to concede 1000 league goals. Who else in Premier League history has conceded the most goals in total?

Posted 15:29 5th January 2012

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