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Corner flagging

Corner flagging

Villa's corner woes, Adebayor's assists and West Brom's away days... Martin Tyler has the stats!

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Richard Ekman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi, Martin! Love the column! My question i about Barcelona. I know you focus on the Premier League, but I'm really curious about this one. When was the last time they didn't dominate posession? In the league or in the Champions League.

Posted 01:04 17th February 2012

Dan Cocker (Everton fan) says...

Hi Martin. As an avid Everton fan i was wondering who holds the record for being the lowest top premier league scorer for their team at the end of a season. I only ask as we are half way through February and Bainsey, Anichebe, and Osman are the top goal-scorers with 3 each and i can't see anyone going on a run right now. Cheers. Dan

Posted 16:12 16th February 2012

Josh Parry (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi martin i am a manutd fan but my question is about chelsea. i was wondering what position chelsea have ended up in the last time they where in 5th at this stage of the season.

Posted 15:12 16th February 2012

Demetris Michaelides (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Martin. Love your column. I have a question for you since Arsenal failed to score at Bolton but hit the bar twice with Van Persie. How many times did each Premier League teams hit the woodwork this year? I know that Liverpool are top on this.

Posted 09:52 16th February 2012

Greg Bishop (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, got a question for you! As a Liverpool fan I've had to see statistics about how awful our conversion rate is for rather a while now. However, I can't help but wonder how good the chances are compared to other sides' ones. Is there a statistic that measures quality as well as quantity? A statistic for 'good chances created', perhaps, and if so, how do the Premier League sides compare in terms of amount created, and amount converted?

Posted 22:10 15th February 2012

Jonny Harding (Newcastle United fan) says...

Hi Martin, following the 5-0 win at the weekend Tottenham have now scored seven goals against Newcastle this season. It has occurred to me that the first six were all assisted by Adebayor, and the seventh was scored by him. So my question is, has any player before Adebayor ever been involved in (ie assisted or scored) every single one of a teams goals against a particular side when they have scored seven or more. Many thanks, keep up the good work.

Posted 21:13 15th February 2012

Kudzai Mudekunye (Chelsea fan) says...

Hey martin! Thank you for this very informative column. I'm a very fond chelsea fan and think we have a good squad but feel like we have some rotten apples who aren't good enough to play for chelsea or at least haven't been good enough this season to play for chelsea. My question to you and the guys at opta is, how many goals has chelsea conceded this season due to mistakes, either losing the ball or being positioned badly or misplacing a pass, by bosingwa, malouda, or mereiles. Thank you for your help!

Posted 17:35 15th February 2012

Ravindra Zanjurne (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, Great Column. always love to read it! Love your commentary & your voice! United's Saturday's win against Liverpool saw them use none of their substitutes. Has this ever happened previously with United in Premier League era. Also has this ever happened in History of Premier League with all teams. Cheers!! Ravi

Posted 17:29 15th February 2012

Elliot Fish (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, fantastic column! Before Man United's two early second half goals against Liverpool last Saturday, I've noticed that United seemed to condede a lot of goals within 5-10 minutes of the restart this season, have you got any stats to back this up?

Posted 16:57 15th February 2012

Chris Atty (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Hi Martin, interesting column as usual. Bolton Wanderers captain Kevin Davies has only started 15 of Bolton's 25 Premier League matches this season. My question is, what's the lowest number of games a Premier League captain has started in a premier league season (excluding when they are injured) and how does Kevin Davies compare? Thanks.

Posted 16:49 15th February 2012

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