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Game of one half

Game of one half

Is RVP on a drought? What would the table look like if games ended at half-time? Martin has the stats...

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H. woodrow Wilson (Manchester United fan) says...

Thanks Martin, for those great stats, really a nice re-debut after quit a long time out; but I've this question for you, is Fabrice Delph of Aston Villa the first player to score an own goal as his first in the EPL against his team fighting relagation? It is my pleasure to be reading your column, please keep it up!

Posted 17:08 13th April 2013

Michael Tennekoon (Manchester United fan) says...

Hello Martin, To echo the sentiments, your column is absolutely fantastic! I love reading up on all the stats! I just have a quick question about Man United. To me it seems that this season we have conceded a ridiculous amount of goals in the 15 minutes after half time (i.e 45-60mins). And this happens in all competitions! Am I just imagining this? If there was a league table based on games ending at the 60 minute mark, I wouldn't be surprised if we were closer to the bottom 3 than the top 3!

Posted 14:57 10th April 2013

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