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Jamie Moran (Derby County fan) says...

I feel it was right thing to do, Paul Jewell leaving Derby County.I stood by him when he first came to the club and allways said that he should give be given time and the chance to prove himself this year, but for one reason or another it hasnt worked out. The performances have mostly been poor and Just seven wins this season isn't good enough,especially as the current squad consists mainly of his signings. I cant understand why we sold proven championship players like David Jones and Steve Howard who were key to our promotion two seasons ago, if we dont replace them with players of higher quality.

Posted 17:00 30th December 2008

Francesco Lim says...

My immediate reaction was one of shock and disgust. I do not follow championship football too much but i know that Jewell has gone in to a doomed derby team, and continued their losing form. He was never under pressure to perform in the Premier League, and was given all the time and budget to reinforce the team. He practically changed the entire squad, was given so much freedom and money, and he had all his fun. And when things didn't work out, and he couldn't salvage it, he just left. Total disgrace.

Posted 07:51 30th December 2008

Mike Bowness says...

Best thing since sliced bread, Paul Jewell had lost the plot, who would consider Claude Davis or Powell the plank as central defenders? Where is Leacock? Where is Barnes? The best thng he has done is to drop Lily Savage. Get rid of Teale, I have seen more movement from dead chicken wings than he offers as a wing player. We need a manager who will get the players playing with purpose rather than the uncertainty that has enveloped us for the past three months. The best form of defence is attack but we do not have a midfield that supports the forwards even though they are too slow. Seth Johnson and Adam Bolder have never been replaced adequately. Come on you Rams.

Posted 00:19 30th December 2008

Eric Davis (Derby County fan) says...

I believe Paul Jewell has taken the easy way out, The majority of the current squad are players that he purchased. There is one player who was signed and ever since then has been scoring goals whilst out on loan. Why sign the player then let our competitors have the advantage of his services. He has a worse record than Billy Davies as Derby Manager yet the Board kept saying He was the right man for the Job. I don't think it would be a bad thing bringing back Billy Davies and give Him the same kind of backing they were willing to give to Paul Jewel.

Posted 23:54 29th December 2008

Robbie Herd (Liverpool fan) says...

Sad to see another manager leave well ahead of being a decent run to turn a club around. It appears the trend now (and I no money is a factor) that managers are not given anywhere near long enough to actually prove themselves. 2 years absolute minimum should give a clearer indication. Jewel won't be unemplyed for long I'm sure of that. I imagine Derby may end up kicking themselves over this one. A new face at a club is NOT always the answer and in some circumstances can be a financially costly error.

Posted 22:34 29th December 2008

Dean Gregory (Derby County fan) says...

It was time for him to go, other managers with better records than his (for Derby) have been sacked so the board showed some loyalty to him. The players have been woefully poor this season, whether that was down to the manager in part, time will tell. Chris Hutchings isn't the man for the job, as he has shown at other clubs he managed in the past. It appears to me that Derby are now going to try and do another cheap repair job, by not paying good money for a manager and some players. The only bright spark against Ipswich was the return of Green and Davies (Steve, not that plank Claude). I now fear the worst for us, we are not creating chances and the defence appears to be clueless.

Posted 14:29 29th December 2008

Ryan Blackwell (Sunderland fan) says...

I see a few have mentioned Roy Keane - Get real, why on Earth would he join Derby??? He's taken a club from bottom of championship to Premiership why would he go and do it again?? The best choice for you would be Curbishley - he's a great manager.

Posted 13:44 29th December 2008

Ryan Booth (Derby County fan) says...

i think paul jewell has made the right decision. we were playing route 1 football all the time. he falls out with players then says thay cant play anymore. Gus Poyet, Paul Ince or Roy Kean as new manager

Posted 10:22 29th December 2008

Alan Who (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Shame to see him go but thats the way this game is just lately. I bet Derby fans are hoping that the club doesnt give the job to Hutchings after he replaced Jewell at both Bradford and Wigan unsucessfully! With the Nottingham Forrest job available I cant see Jewell being out of work for long.

Posted 07:27 29th December 2008

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