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Jonny Mullins (Liverpool fan) says...

I'm pretty bored of hearing Cruyff complaining about somebody's style of football. It's all very well playing good football but if you can't win anything then what's the point? Holland didn't win in 1974 did they! I know they lost last night but if they had gone out to play good football last night and attack they would have been completely and utterly destroyed by Spain. There is no sense in his comments.

Posted 21:14 12th July 2010

Kenneth Akali (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with Cryuff, Italian football style is different. The Dutch should have maintained thier pattern which i think is closer to and would have better matched the Spanish. Mourinho did not start that at Inter Milan. Italians (clubs and country) play more defensively, with bursts of counter-attack periodically, but the Germans combine both better. Thank you.

Posted 20:48 12th July 2010

Mick Ferrie (Arsenal fan) says...

I totally agree with Cruyff- the dutch team spoiled a great occasion and should have been down to nine men.I dont blame the referee - he was caught in a very difficult situation trying not to spoil the greatest soccer show on earth . At least the best team won.Unfortunately we see the same tactics applied every week in the premier league as inferior teams try to maim players in the Arsenal team- unfortunately they get away with it far too often. mick

Posted 20:45 12th July 2010

Simon Jones (Barnsley fan) says...

True Words

Posted 20:18 12th July 2010

Kei Teay (Fulham fan) says...

Honestly, if I were in van Marwijk's shoes, I would have done the same thing. I wonder if Cruijff would have rather matched the Spaniards pass for pass and end up losing 3-0 or 4-0, or play it much more conservatively but still have a shot at winning in the very end?

Posted 20:04 12th July 2010

Ben Egbeku (Arsenal fan) says...

Cruyff, apart from your football exploits, your comments here make you a legend. We should stop this blind support of our national teams like the English do. Before and during the game yesterday, Spain was clearly the better team. It would have been the greatest football injustice to see Holland win the world cup.

Posted 19:54 12th July 2010

Ivan Wellgreen (Portsmouth fan) says...

I was proud of the way Howard Webb handled this game. Yes he made one mistake,but when you got teams not interested in playing the game,then the Spainish & the dirty Dutch have only themselves to blame. Not the Referee

Posted 19:14 12th July 2010

Tony Bowling (Manchester United fan) says...

I thought Howard Webb did a good job. Yes he could have reduced Holland down to 9 men early on but hundreds of millions of viewers would then have been watching a one sided non-event. Then you have Robben saying Webb was not strong enough. I'm sorry but that makes Robben (and Kuyt) not only terrible losers but blind fools.

Posted 18:35 12th July 2010

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