Ronaldo - I deserve awards

Ronaldo - I deserve awards

Cristiano Ronaldo believes he deserves the 2008 Ballon d'Or and Fifa World Player of the Year awards.

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Matthew Lloyd (Peterborough United fan) says...

There can be no argument that Ronaldo deserves this award. One Liverpool fan said that he has done nothing since May. Well, I wouldn't say scoring at the European championships and a few times this season is nothing but ignoring that, for the whole of last season he was phenomenal. He didn't go more than two games without either scoring or putting in a quality performance. Why do people think Kaka and Messi are better? Ok, they might be more skilful but that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is the number of goals/assists you get as an attacking player and Ronaldo blitzes them on that front. Kaka and Messi are both outstandind dribblers who have tremendos passing ability as well but Ronaldo has those things, plus he is much stronger, better in the air and has more of a goal threat. What did Kaka do against Arsenal? Nothing. What did Messi do against United? A few clever passes and dribbles but end-result - nothing.

Posted 10:10 25th October 2008

Scott Tilley says...

Ronaldo was the best player by far over the last 12 months,scoring goals and creating them for fun,but you just have to look at how mean our defence and midfield was,it give's our forwards so much freedom and Ronny has benefited more than most.WELL DONE EVERY PLAYER LETS MAKE HISTORY THIS YEAR!!!!

Posted 16:24 24th October 2008

Kyle Ws (Manchester United fan) says...

Let's be serious there is NOT another player who did what he did last year, he led from the front the entire time and kept it that much as anyone may dislike him you have to "give Jack his jacket" and this time around "Jack" is that boy RONALDO!!!

Posted 16:00 24th October 2008

Hiten Mandalia (Manchester United fan) says...

Ronaldo deserves both awards by far. It was like Kaka and Messi went missing over the last 12 months and I'm sure everyone was in awe of Ronaldo last season. He may be a bit arrogant, but then again, I'm sure everyone has a bit of arrogance inside them..

Posted 14:37 24th October 2008

Stuart Cullimore (Liverpool fan) says...

Ronaldo is an arrogant scum bag who would have walked away from United had Ferguson let him, great player but no loyalty he's interested in two things...himself and money.

Posted 13:07 24th October 2008

Sam Weston (Chelsea fan) says...

No player can boast the goal scoring record and assists that ronaldo supplied man united last term, but why be so arrogant and already declare himself as the supposed winner. going back down the lines of the greatest european players to win the awards, none of them acted this way at all. they all still took the award as a great honour with element of surprise. ronaldo has probably already made space on his bedside cabinet to fit the two awards on.

Posted 13:06 24th October 2008

Petrit Loshaj (Chelsea fan) says...

Ronaldo may deserve the award for his style of play but his arrogance is so much for man u fans to handle that's why so many people hate manchester utd

Posted 13:05 24th October 2008

Nik Joshi (Manchester United fan) says...

I have to say Ronaldo has been outstanding in the last year, winning the Champions League and scoring 42 goals, when he's not even a striker. He definitely deserves the reward, but he shouldn't self-praise himself, be complacent or be so confident as there are others that should challenge him. My top eight : 1st Ronaldo, 2nd Messi, 3rd Fabregas, 4th Torres, 5th Diego, 6th Adebayor, 7th Sergio Ramos, 8th Kaka.

Posted 12:21 24th October 2008

Daniel Babalola (arsenal) says...

Yes, a bit arrogant. Most players would say such thing too. If it was based on last season, then he deserves it. Am an AFrsenal fan and i ll say the fact. I think he would be crowned Euro best player but he might not get Fifas world best because its so glaring, Ronaldo cant still be compared yet to Messi or Kaka. He has to prove his mettle for seasons consecutively before wining Fifas best player because this time around, it an all over the world award but for europe, he sure was the best last season so he deserves that.

Posted 11:47 24th October 2008

Davey Boy (Liverpool fan) says...

Ronaldo was absolutely phenomenal last season, and yes scored 42 goals in all competitions, but these awards are for the past 12 months, and he's done basically nothing of note since May. Ok he's been injured but you can't give him the awards on the strength of the past 12 months. He was ordinary at the Euro's and has been even more so since coming back from injury. Torres has come to a new league, scored a hatful of goals, then won the Euro's for Spain, then came back and scored more goals. On the basis of the last 12 months Torres and even a few more can lay a better claim than Ronaldo.

Posted 11:46 24th October 2008

Mabel Alionye (Manchester United fan) says...

Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be handed the 2008 Ballon d'Or and Fifa World Player of the Year awards

Posted 11:46 24th October 2008

John Nelson says...

He would be one of 3 for me but I think he deserves it overall for his individual performances that lifted the team to the heights it achieved throughout the entire season.

Posted 11:35 24th October 2008

Jason Hunter (Arsenal fan) says...

At least he's modest!... thats ridiculous, I hope he doesnt get it... how many of his 42 goals were penalties?? and how many opportunities did he waste by trying to shoot from 30yards when he couldve just crossed it into the box? and when he wastes time doing stepovers that dont trick anyone and then he just passes it off to someone else when he couldve made the same pass 10 seconds earlier? People are just hypnotised by his fancy footwork... its football not dance class... Fabregas or torres for the award, torres did well to settle in and score a lot of goals in his first season. And im a bit biased but Fabregas is better than any other midfielder at the moment and he's only 21.

Posted 11:20 24th October 2008

Alex A (Manchester United fan) says...

Yes he is arrogant but he has a point what else does he need to do on the pitch to prove he was the best over the last 12 months 42 goals and many assists ect. He must win it! Sure his attitude could improve but the award is all about footballing performance.

Posted 11:19 24th October 2008

Ed Burke says...

Ronaldo may deserve to be FIFA world player of the year but he shouldnt come out saying that he is going to win it. This just shows how arogant ronaldo really is.

Posted 11:05 24th October 2008

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