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United win double

United win double

Join the Sky Sports debate on Manchester United's victory over Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League.

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Matt Bartlett (Manchester United fan) says...

Chelsea fans only seem to have seen the final from the point of kick off of the second half!!!! It was undoubtedly one of the closest encounters of the century, but it was an all english final and all anticipated a close match. Chelsea fought back valiantly in the second half, that you can not deny!!!! But Manchester United could have been European Champions after just 45 mins. I've seen numerous claims that Chelsea should have been 3 - 1 winners, however Tevez and Carrick could have killed all hopes had it not been for the heroics of Chelsea's No1!!!! At the end of the day we couldn't be beaten to the title and Chelsea couldn't get over that. Now we've got the European Cup to accompany the Premiership Trophey! Fitting that the Champions of England (and probably the best league in the world,) are now kings of Europe! Maybe next year Chelsea?!?!?!?!

Posted 09:07 23rd May 2008

Luke Day says...

What a game! Very proud of Chelsea, gave it there all. Its a shame that someone had to lose and Drogba had to make a complete fool of himself. As for JT, i can't understand how any England fan could ask for a more passionate guy to lead our team out. The guts it must take for a centre back to step up for a penalty of that magnitude. For me he was our best player out there last night, and will bounce back 10 times better just like he always does!

Posted 23:55 22nd May 2008

Matthew Mcleod says...

Great match last night. Luck is part of football, and it was clear whose side luck was on. However, to insist that Man Utd dominated Europe, or the match that matter is just nonsense. The Man Utd supporters are talking about missed chances, the Chelsea supporters are talking about woodwork. That's a gulf of the difference. The better side didn't take home the trophy. The clearly better side didn't have luck on their side. However, as I said, that's football, and in the end Man Utd have the silverware, and that's all that matters.

Posted 21:37 22nd May 2008

Hashim Razzaq says...

I can't believe that people are still questioning Man United's ability despite them beating Chelsea to both major titles, the stats speak for themselves: we had more possession, territorial advantage, shots on target (Chelsea only had one on target and even that was due totally to luck) and United totally dominated the first half and extra time, and Giggs even got a golden chance to score in the second half. The conduct of the Chelsea players was disgraceful through the whole game, constantly surrounding the ref and Drogba persistently contesting every single decision and deservedly being sent off. I would also like to praise the very young players like Nani and Anderson who bravely stepped up to take penalties when even the likes of Ronaldo cracked, well done lads!

Posted 19:48 22nd May 2008

Cass Rose says...

United were not the better team. Fair enough for the first 30 minutes they should have been 3 up but so should Chelsea in the 2nd half. Chelsea's goal was lucky yes but unlikely not to have scored 2 in the 2nd half if not more. How can Van Der Sar be called a hero... He saved one penalty. He didnt save Terry's as this hit the woodwork. He was all over the shop for the majority of the game. As a Chelsea fan I am disgusted in Drogba. What on earth was he thinking about? This was the biggest game of his life and all the fans were looking to him to pull something out the bag.. He didnt. I couldnt care if he left Chelsea now. Lets hope he goes and Shevy stays - he should have been given a chance.

Posted 11:27 22nd May 2008

Saeed (man utd fan) Hussain says...

As a Manchester United fan i am ecstatic. I felt utd edged it purely because they held their nerve on penalties and played the better football. I have to give credit to Chelsea for makng it a great final. I thought chelsea would play defensive but they had a real good go which made it a interesting game. Utd dominated the first half and should have gone in 3-0 up, but chelsea got a lucky goal on half time and this changed the game. Chelsea had the better of the second half and could have won 3-1. Extra time was again even with chelsea hitting the woodwork again and Terry clearing of the line from Giggs. What a shame that it had to end on penalties. I cant believed how biased Jamie Redjnapp was last night from the start to the end. He wanted to Chelsea to win so bad. i know hes related to Frank Lampard, but thats no excuse. You have to give credit where its due. Did he play for Liverpool once??? lol

Posted 11:24 22nd May 2008

John Reilly (Manchester United fan) says...

Am I the only person that saw Terry spit on Tevez just after Drogba was sent off?? He really is not the professional and role model that people make him out to be. I hope UEFA see it and take action against him. A disgrace. He got what he deserved in the end.

Posted 11:22 22nd May 2008

Tristan Baker says...

Well done Man Utd. So many comparisons with 99, most notably the two shots against the woodwork from Chelsea. But well deserved. Chelsea didnt get enough on target, and to say Chelsea were the better team is wrong...they struggled to break through our defence. Drogba can have no complaints, but Ballack and Makelele could have gone too. The referee did not let the game flow however, making it frustrating to watch at times. But an incredible open game. but united deserved it, and it was always going to penalties. congrats to the greatest manager of all time, and well done scholesy too you deserve it

Posted 11:22 22nd May 2008

Hamzah Rahim (Manchester United fan) says...

Well done Man Utd! you have again done us proud! This was a perfect advert for english football and I'm sure everyone will agree that the Prem is the best league in the world! i think last nights games proves that! Congrats to both teams for creating such a spectacle, in all fairness United should have buried Chelsea in the 1st half, but credit to Chelsea as they came back strong. The pens were too much for me and I found myself hiding behind the missus! Went to bed at 2:30 start work at 7am today and my blood pressure has finally returned to normal!! UNITED! UNITED!

Posted 08:39 22nd May 2008

Mark Waddington (Manchester United fan) says...

What a game. Both sides can hold their heads up high. Nothing to divide them at all. It was always going to be super tight but it was a game niether team deserved to lose. Great goal from Ronaldo, (Not a big game player I'm told!) and Lampard showed great heart to keep running waiting for his chance. Drogba's stupidity was 1 black mark, but still WOW. Terry, I sympathise, no-one deserves that least of all a player so hard working and loyal, but thats the roll of the dice that is PKs. Unlucky Chelsea, But Congratul;ations Manchester United. Mainly though Thankyou both for showing us just why the Premiership is the greatest league in the world!

Posted 08:31 22nd May 2008

Charles Flores (West Ham United fan) says...

Throughout the game I couldn't help marvelling at the fact that there were SIX ex-West Ham players on that Moscow field - Ferdinand, Carrick, Tevez, Joe Cole, Lampard and Terry (who left at age 14). Only one, the Argentine dynamo, is not a product of the Hammers' famed academy. It must be a record.

Posted 08:12 22nd May 2008

Alan Sucrose (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Congratulations to Giggs! - an amazing achievement, and well-deserved for staying loyal and dedicated to one club. As for the game, Chelski struck the bar twice, and had more possession - just like has already been mentioned, it was fate that Man U. was going to win.

Posted 05:10 22nd May 2008

Cory Shirashi (Manchester United fan) says...

A great game. Manchester overall deserved the win. They created the most and best chances. I have to say that Drogba and Lampard were lucky to make their frame hits. But, regardless, it should probably have been 3-0 before halftime, except for Cech's reactions and disappointing finishing from Tevez. On the whole, United had more possession, and dominated for more of the game. Chelsea had a long spell in the 2nd, but the first half and ET were United. I also want to say that Ronaldo has proved himself as the world's best. Hes played unselfishly, played defense, entertained, scored, passed well, crossed magnificently, and behaved appropriately in terms of attitude, sportsmanship, and decision making.

Posted 04:40 22nd May 2008

Dan Traynor (Manchester United fan) says...

We deserved it in the end, Chelsea had the chance to put it away but failed to take it. The better side won!

Posted 02:36 22nd May 2008

Philip Mcclement (Celtic fan) says...

What a great game, the Premiership showed why it is the best league in the world. I think United were the worthy winnners, close but goals count. Utd had a great first half and as usual Lampard came through after 2 rebounds, thats why he is such a great reader of the game. Although they never capitalised, came close hit the bar and crossbar but that does not win you games.... United held there nerve in the penalties when it really counted and Sir Alex deservedly walked off with his second european crown. United have been immense all through the season and now have the most gifted player in the world. It was enevitable that they should win and deservedley so. The best team in europe won it, in England i support Everton so that takes a bit to say.......

Posted 02:27 22nd May 2008

Vincent Chua (Manchester United fan) says...

Luck finally runs out for Chelsea! They used up too much of the lady lucks during the closing stage of EPL and now they paid for it. Glory glory Man Utd

Posted 02:24 22nd May 2008

Shaun Amos (Manchester United fan) says...

Well Done Man United! A victory not just for United but for football and for fans who like to see the game played in the right way. You could use the old cliche that it was a game of 2 halves. Man United outplayed Chelsea and probably should have put the game beyond them if Tevez could've taken one of his gilt-edged chances. Chelsea came back strong and could have nicked it in the second half, with extra time being quite equal. Penalties are never the best way to decide a match of this magnitude and I feel sorry for Terry but thats football. If people want to be harsh and say Man United didnt deserve it and only ground out a victory in the end then you could say United played Chelsea at their own game...and WON!! A fitting tribute to the Babes and to the legacy of Ferguson, surely the greatest manager of all time.

Posted 01:44 22nd May 2008

Jideobi Onuora (Manchester United fan) says...

The game was intense! I'm so glad it's over... at least until next season. Don't understand why most people are still unwilling to give Avram Grant credit for what he's achieved so far. Good game. Both teams had chances to kill the game off and on failing to take them, it had to be decided by penalties. As a United supporter, I'm estatic but Chelsea fans should be proud of their team's performance. Both team's deserved to win it but I think Man United had destiny on their side.

Posted 01:27 22nd May 2008

James Evans says...

(Man U fan) Well done United! I knew you guys could do it! Fantastic match which we could have won it in the first half! Van Der Sar is the best goal keeper in the premiership! Every player should be very proud of them selves! UNITED!!!

Posted 00:19 22nd May 2008

Mohammad Latif (Manchester United fan) says...

Well done lads!!! great game I think it was great from both teams and penatiles at the end to decied, coz i realy feel that its fare coz both teams was playing so good that it would have been realy heart breaking to have a late goal score...... over all good game of football

Posted 00:13 22nd May 2008

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