Khan to silence the critics

Khan to silence the critics

Amir Khan says he will prove the doubters - including his own friends - wrong by beating Marco Antonio Barrera.

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Ali Khanty says...

Tell the corner to remember the swabs, vaseline, water, the gumshield, Oh! and a bottle of Windolene for Khan's chin !!

Posted 16:07 4th March 2009

James Thomas says...

There is absolutely no way Khan will win this fight. Barrera is regarded as one of the best fighters of all time and 35 or not he will destroy Khan.

Posted 15:44 2nd March 2009

Marc Shaw says...

This lad has no chance against the likes of barrera, if barrera catches him with a clean solid punch, khan wil be in tatters on the canvas and won't be able to outbox barrera at all. In my opinion, it is the wrong time for khan to be taking on someone of barrera's class.

Posted 00:34 2nd March 2009

Lloyd Ledgister says...

Khan is taking on a very, very,very difficult fight. It is a big gamble to take & one I believe is to early for him, Khan will still have the defeat of Prescott still in his system, which will take along time to erode, he will be going into the fight knowing he is fighting a very established fighter who has been their, done it! & got the t-shirt. This fight could erode his confidence if he is beaten severley, from the moment the first bell sounds I believe he will still have the memories of prescott as he moves towards barrera. I cannot see it going more than 3 rounds.

Posted 22:23 1st March 2009

Saqib Rashid says...

Barrera is simply past his best.. People can big this up as a big win for Khan, but everybody who is involved in Boxing will know if Barrera was a few years younger, he'd have too much for Khan.. I hope Barrera wins as he is my favourite fighter of my generation, but I think youth may prevail..

Posted 22:04 1st March 2009

Ed Obasuyi says...

Amir Khan unlike many other boxers who came up the hard way has been so over pampered,the hype he had after the olympics was like no one has ever won it before.Can anyone remember a certain guy named "Fraudley" Audley Harrison?That's a guy who supposedly won gold and was treated like he was greater than joe louis,Mike Tyson,Lennox Lewis & mohammed Ali all combined but what became of him?The fact is where Amir Khan was supposed to be put against certain humble boxers like John Murray & Kevin Mitchel just to mention a few,he was fighting part-time boxers & mechanics to make him look awesome,he was made to believe he is already a star above those guys who came up the hard way.The simple fact is Khan will lose against Barerra no doubt & he will settle for fighting P.E teachers & part-time boxers to make him look like a terminator which he is not.The boy cannot simply fight.

Posted 19:02 1st March 2009

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