Strauss stars in dramatic tie

Strauss stars in dramatic tie

Andrew Strauss and Sachin Tendulkar both hit centuries as the Group B clash between England and India finished with the scores tied.

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Dips Hathi says...

india would have won if they hadnt been cheated by umpires again, everyone knew that bell was out lbw but the 3 umpires saw it different,england had no other batsmen that would have supported straus

Posted 21:05 28th February 2011

Mark Hickey says...

I cant understand the moaning and groaning about Englands draw against India. As I settled down to watch the game never did I think the game would end in a draw !! Watching India hammer the England attack, I was pretty sure another thumping was on the cards. Bearing in mind India were playing in their own back yard, they must of thought the win was in the bag. England did mess up with the power play but come on lets be honest its the mistake a lot international teams make. But up to the power play England were playing good one day cricket and batted the way weve all been waiting for since the one day hammering we got in Australia. A win would have been fantastic but an entertaining,enthralling game in My opinion comes a close second. I wish more 50 over games were as good as this and not some of the poor/dreadful games I have watched so far in this World cup.

Posted 20:01 28th February 2011

Ranveer Singh says...

..All those people who are sayin' that England should've won it are livin in lala land...their delusion knows no bounds when they say that India and England are two equally matched teams...India is by far one of the best teams in the world and by one of the, I meant one of the top two teams in the world....India should have buried England but I think Dhoni was in a generous mood by setting a run leaking field and by not appealing for obvious out decisions...Fielding has been a problem for India and it was one of our bad days in the field...but the Indian cricket team is also capable of good fielding displays....anyone who follows them can vouch for that after the series in South was just a bad day....all we need to do is get in an extra pace bowler and we'll be unbeatable...To all those who doubt India's credentials well wait for the match against South Africans...everything will be clear when England and India both play against the South Africans....England is good only if they believe in themselves...they lack self belief in the ODI's for the world cup I believe it's a foregone conclusion....India to lift it come the finals...!!!!

Posted 20:01 28th February 2011

Anmol Gupta says...

"Nearest neighbor" i love your comment and agree 100%,in the end it was a fair result because neither Tendulkar nor Strauss deserved to be on the losing side but at the same time neither deserved to win with that kind of bowling and fielding display

Posted 19:42 28th February 2011

Navjit Dhaliwal says...

I love how the controversial two decisions weren't mentioned here, typical bias english media ....Strauss and Bell should've been called out but for some reason the decisions both went against india....shocking refereeing, but a good match nonetheless...india were robbed

Posted 19:01 28th February 2011

Zeshan Nasir says...

even thogh i m nt an english but really hs to say that england played very well .......... aftter frst innings indians were quite confident that they will win that match but strauss proved them wrong ................. england is winner ....

Posted 17:39 28th February 2011

Nearest Neighbour says...

Wait a minute....both the teams deserved to lose the match simply because of the way they played. Rubbish cricket. England bowling(barring Bresnan) & fieding was rubbish to begin with. Only they know how they allowed the score of 338 to be scored. Next, Indian bowling (barring Zahir) & fielding was equally rubbish. Only they know how they could allow England to get to 280/2 at the end of 42nd over. England batting was rubbish(from 43rd over onwards). How could they not win from such a strong position. (one only needs to look at Andy Flower's face after the tie) Dhoni's captaincy was rubbish. Both the teams have a lot thinking about their respective bowling & fielding dept.s if they want to progress into the semis (note: I said semis, not winning the cup). If this is the kind of bowling attack they are going to field. I'm damn sure South Africa, Australia (yes, Australia) & Pakistan will hunt them down like a loin does to a deer. On a side note, both the young chaps, one who goes by the name Tendulkar & the other, Strauss appear to be decent with the bat. I think they have a bright future ahead of them.

Posted 16:49 28th February 2011

Samuel Mayer says...

In my opinion, England picked the wrong bowler in Zahir Khan to attack, he is a very difficult bowler to hit out of the park. Strauss and Bell should have waited untill the spinners came on, they would have had a much better chance of clearing the rope with them bowling. Also, Why is Tremlett not playing, he was one of England's best bowlers, down under, a few wickets from him could have changed the course of the match.

Posted 09:17 28th February 2011

Jeffrey Ingham says...

An amazing tie considering the poor selection.Could have been so much better with a different sqad, we could have been in cotention for the main prize. After wasting all the ODI's in Oz,the selectors have finally admitted SOME of their errors. The sqad should be,in batting order...Strauss Davies Peiterson Trott Bell Bopara Broad Swann and or Yardey Tremlet.Anderson. N.B.This gives Trott Bopara Broad Swan/Yardley Tremlet Anderson the bowling. Out goes Prior Collingwood Shazad. Wake up selectors this sqad could challenge any one even RSA and Aussies

Posted 09:09 28th February 2011

Norma Read says...

Please can someone tell Ian Botham that he is not in his local pub but that millions are listening to his commentary world wide. He chews his words - then mumbles and slurs them. Give me Nasser Hussein any day.

Posted 09:00 28th February 2011

John Lison says...

what a great game of cricket and well done to 10 of the england team you were great, but Jimmy Anderson has to go in the odi,s he nearly lost us the game against Holland and it was only some brilliant batting that saved us against India you cannot have your so called main strike bowler going for 91 runs after going for around 80 runs against the Dutch his body language does not look right lets hope Broad is fit and he can come in for Anderson, come on lads we can win the world cup.

Posted 08:12 28th February 2011

Asif Khan says...

graet game it was

Posted 07:14 28th February 2011

James Best says...

Brilliant knock by Strauss & Bell & great to watch a four from every over. Petersen also played his part in taking the game to the Indians right from the start. I think to say England made a mistake with the batting power play is a red herring. Bell should have taken a runner when he got cramp instead of trying to be a hero & throwing away his wicket - England seemed to have stuck to the game plan but they lost momentum and focus right there in that over and never recovered - its a shame as they were on course to a great victory. Looking forward to the rest of the tournament as England's batting line up looks on form - if they can just keep focused..............

Posted 05:57 28th February 2011

Bill Maclean says...

Let's just be realistic about the result...England LOST the game from a comfortable, winning position. If they could'nt finish off the Indians after this, then they have little hope of beating Aus/Pak/SA etc.

Posted 00:36 28th February 2011

Farrukh Nawaz says...

England should have won this match. England should replace Collingwood with Luke Wright. In sub-continent you need someone who can hit sixes. Even Yardy was not able to deliver with bat and looked shaky although he is still good option as bowler.

Posted 23:43 27th February 2011

Mark Riley says...

Absolutley fantastic display by England today! In the face of some truley great batting by one of the real "great" talents of the modern game. That said, the best chance England have of winning it are Eoin Morgan, Stuart Broad and the young forgotten S.A wicket keeper..nuff said England are a great side waiting to happen. India are dreadful apart from the great man, none of them are capable against good bowling ..Steyn, Lee, Tait , Gul , Akhtar etc...Pakistan are a proper good bet ;)

Posted 21:55 27th February 2011

Hashim Wadiwalla says...

wel done england

Posted 20:58 27th February 2011

Col Critch says...

What a great game of cricket..

Posted 20:42 27th February 2011

Mike Mitchell says...

Unlike most experts opinion, i feel we left it far to late to take our powerplay, i was screeming out at my tv when Struss and Bell had the Indians on the run, take it now their heads were down and looked beat, if, as it looked likely another quick 30/40 runs would have brought the run rate right down and even if we lost a couple of quick wks the incomming batsmen would had time to play themselves in.

Posted 20:28 27th February 2011

Howard Pemberton says...

Absolutely enthralling cricket, the game was the winner. Bodes well for another summer of more of this.

Posted 20:18 27th February 2011

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