Strauss stars in dramatic tie

Strauss stars in dramatic tie

Andrew Strauss and Sachin Tendulkar both hit centuries as the Group B clash between England and India finished with the scores tied.

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Barry Cashin says...

Brilliant to know we can chase a massive total down like that but Andy Flower's face said it all, total devastation. Only England can squander a chance to win like that. The killer instinct is something we lack in spades and as long as we lack it, we'll continue to be also-rans!

Posted 20:03 27th February 2011

Umesh Moudgil says...

This is what the game is all about, Sachin showed his class and Andrew showed the passion and desire to win the game. The stars of our modern game can learn alot from these guys -- loved it. KP in the role of opening is still not happening for me because he needs to gain more experience and not just be chucked into this role. The only area's England need to look at is the middle order -- Colly is not there, Luke Wright should have been there. Swann needs to come up -- he is so much better. India great line up but today they showed massive weakness in fielding -- no real commitment, bowling options were weak -- spinners were bowling wrong lines and dropping bowls short. Dhoni needs to look how he can use his bowlers differently and show more passion in the field. They should get angry and play for the shirt.

Posted 19:49 27th February 2011

Steve Wright says...

9 hrs of complete bliss,it proves our lower orders a batsman short though,like ive previously mentioned on your page.brilliant entertainment

Posted 19:48 27th February 2011

Barry Buckley says...

I cant understand how the team who lost the least wickets was not the winner by 2 Wickets.Surely that would have been the fairer result exciting though it all was

Posted 19:26 27th February 2011

Alan Kellett says...

At last - as my old cricket captain said, "For real cricket lovers (not fans as in other sports please note) They may win or we may win but the game of cricket must never lose. Having watched an absorbing match between two equally matched sides I can only say "Thank you gentlemen"

Posted 19:00 27th February 2011

Dr raoahmer Yaseen says...

I think England has won the match against india chasing 338 under lights and against 50,000 supporters in the ground WELL done ENGLAND.

Posted 19:00 27th February 2011

Peter Lodge says...

Well done lads especially Andrew Straus and Tim Bresnan, the most exciting days cricket I have ever seen, Good Luck for the rest of the World Cup, I hope you win it.

Posted 18:48 27th February 2011

Shaid Mahmood says...

Absloutly thrilling game of cricket, but just wish that england had gone onto win it. What a great innings by the captain andrew strauss and a great rally at the end by swann and shezad, which made me ponder why didn't shezad go in earlier. Collingwood should be dropped and england are really missing eion morgan behind the wickets and his batting quailty. Hope england go on to win the cricket world cup.

Posted 18:42 27th February 2011

David Craig says...

i hope the i.c.c. corruption team check any unusual betting patterns on england 2 win the game against india today. i have never seen so many very good & experienced players in the same team fielding so badly at the same time in such an important game. it beggers belief the way some of them wear strolling around the field as if they did not want to be there. I DID NOT HAVE A BET ON THIS GAME.

Posted 18:08 27th February 2011

Thomas Blandford says...

Both England and India have massive problems. India are a bowler light and their fielding is mediocre. England share the fielding bug but are a batsman light. In the end, England should still be the happier of the two sides despite nearly throwing it away. They were better than India and understandably should've won the game, but in a game where 18 wickets fell for 676 runs, the crowd and everyone watching the match definitely got their money's worth. In the end, an epic match ending with a tie was the best result possible. As Bumble will say, "Everyone's a winner!"

Posted 18:06 27th February 2011

Rob Riches says...

Two dramtic results from England who are definitely the team to watch for excitement. This was the perfect game - a decision that rested on the last ball of the game, two teams evenly matched and high scores. Yes, I know the forensic experts will be out in force to look at the shortcomings and could-have-beens, but I do wonder, does the presence of a high-sccoring team member adversely affect the temperamental health of the other batters on that team?

Posted 18:00 27th February 2011

Robert Ayre says...

What a game!! England should have won easily but England being England almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Even so at least the team showed they can compete with the "big boys" at this world cup and should take great heart from what was, for the most part a superb batting display. The bowling is a real worry though and Jimmy Anderson looks right out of nick with the ball, this is something England need to sort out quickly. Yet again Sachin Tendulkar showed his class, the little master is just a cut above and has been for the last 20 years or so and shows no sign of slowing down. A true cricketing legend.

Posted 17:53 27th February 2011

Peggy Dale says...

there goes my finger nails!!!!!!

Posted 17:20 27th February 2011

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