England back on track

England back on track

England claimed a thrilling six-run victory over South Africa in Chennai to get back on course for the World Cup knock-out stages.

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Garrick Harding-male says...

What a bunch of chokers. Can't believe I got up at 3:30 am to watch such a collapse. The game was in the bag. Need Boucher back.

Posted 11:33 8th March 2011

Carl Smith says...

get in there my en ger land at it again well done lads as a pom living down under for 27 years and the last result hiccup it will shut the aussies up cum on collie get off them biscuits we need u out there with that northern spirit go get them boys

Posted 07:16 8th March 2011

James Smith says...

England have been pathetic ever since their Ashes win.

Posted 13:12 7th March 2011

Matt Ward says...

Fantastic performance in the end ! It was never a good pitch to bat on and it was obvious that it would come down to who could do more with the ball ! Lets just hope they keep it up.

Posted 12:22 7th March 2011

Brian Tompkins says...

ok, England did not beat South Africa. South Africa lost this game. If you have ever followed South Africa you will have noticed a trend that they have which is whenever they have a low total to achieve they do not go about getting it as fast as they can, they decide to go as slow as possible and pase themselves. This always backfires and leaves it to the lower order to sort out, which in most cases they do not do. England do not have the bowling attack to win a WC in the sub continent, besides Swan who bowled ok. Although SA are known as the chockers of international cricket i do think that this will be their 1 loss and will go on from here and win everything. Well i hope!!

Posted 08:58 7th March 2011

Andrew Cole says...

What I saw from watching this match is that if you get South Africa's top 4 out, there's very little to come after that(especially without Mark Boucher). Also that Michael Yardy is a very poor bowler, 1-46 off 9 overs when conditions are very favourable for spin bowlers. Where's Adil Rashid? This is a very open world cup, hard to pick a winner

Posted 05:12 7th March 2011

Jack Padotan says...

Once again SA lives up to the tag as CHOKERS!!!!!

Posted 04:29 7th March 2011

John Gardner says...

Why is it that when England lose , it is because they were bad but when they get a decent win it's because the opponents choked? I had SA up with Australia and India as favourites and England have just bowled out a side with Amla , Smith , Kallis , De Villiers , Duminy .. in it for less than 170. Superb bowling performance , even if it was a bowler friendly pitch. Maybe a bit harsh , but i think Yardy has gone off the boil with both bat and ball. Think Treadwell should replace him , otherwise what's the point in having a 3rd spinner in a 15 man squad if he'snot called upon when one of the spinners is underperforming? I hope KP is ok to stay on , but if injured it'd be great if Morgan can come back. It'd be great to have both players but to have neither would be a real blow. Esp as our best 1 day batsman Tres won't play for England

Posted 21:36 6th March 2011

Brewer John says...

Great Game! I can't take this kind of stress, but they produced an astonishing comeback after the irish game.

Posted 20:45 6th March 2011

Luke M says...

Great response to the Ireland defeat bowlers put the South African batsmen under pressure and they couldn't cope. All of the England matches so far have been great viewing. Batting performance wasn't as good as in previous matches but that was probably due to the type of pitch and the spin that the SA bowlers found which deceived the batsmen.

Posted 19:01 6th March 2011

Eric Tough says...

Thank God I have Sky! England's games have been really exciting and watching it live is superb. A lot of us Scots are supporting you England and want you to go on and lift the trophy. Good luck!!

Posted 18:29 6th March 2011

John linovan Loofsong says...

Great play england and great captaincy by strass..England is back with a bang

Posted 17:13 6th March 2011

Mark Riley says...

I think its so harsh that i hear South African folk seem to think theyre chokers, its only them that think it, theyve 3 of the best batsmen in the world at the moment, however 3 that arent good enough all the time, i - as an Englishman would like to see them win it if we dont. England can win the world cup, i thought it after seeing that smoke screen series of one dayers in Australia and i thought it after the Ireland match, i have never thought it before but this side is good....even when theyre bad. theyre going to peak and beat all of them, they should have beaten India easily and have beaten the best side in the world today.

Posted 16:47 6th March 2011

Ian Bell says...

Where have all the doubters gone now, eh? England to win the World Cup, we've shown we can match the two best teams in this tournament and that's without even being at our best with bat and ball!

Posted 16:45 6th March 2011

Narasimhan Rangarajan says...

Epic game!!! lucky to watch it live at the stadium(my first ever game)turned out to be a memorable one .... come on ENGLAND!!!!!

Posted 16:35 6th March 2011

Peggy Dale says...

the england games should come with a GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING... well done the lads.

Posted 16:20 6th March 2011

Ross Needham says...

It may well be a stress to watch England during this world cup! But they been in 3 of the best 5 games of the tournament so far. Quality, lucky, call it what ya want, it's epic watching.

Posted 13:22 6th March 2011

Marky Mark says...

What a cracking game! Well done to strauss and the boys!!

Posted 13:17 6th March 2011

Richie Wyldbore says...

as a south african,i totally agree that the sa cricket team are clomplete chokers,we were cruising to victory

Posted 13:01 6th March 2011

Owen Morgan says...

Lots of people saying england havent been playing well but they have either matched or beaten what the wicket had dictated. No side has performed a task better than them in a match, so come on the boys!!!

Posted 12:48 6th March 2011

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